my tail lifgt is not working yet my turn signal is.I have changed the bulbs and still have this problem

Blows fuse when heater is turned on.

2.4liter auto trans


it takes about a dollar fifty before the pump clicks off, ive been told its a purge valve sylnoid, or the charcoal canister is full of fuel from over filling the truck, anyone know any cheap fixes for this? or if there has been a recall? callmedusty504@aol.com

This just recently happened.

When I try to start my Nissan the entire dashboard every light comes on and stays on for one. I don't believe it is my battery cause the radio comes right on as well but its making an AWFUL SOUND when I attept to start it. A sound I have never heard before in my life. Its not your basic ticking sound as if it were the battery either. It's not even close to that sound so I am confused. I know the basics with auto repair but again I have never heard this type of sound when attemping to start a vehicle. I just listened to it again and it actually sounds like a zapper sound an electric zapping sound then when I stop trying to start it then it sounds lower sound but still zapping for another 5 secs. I'm guessing its the alternator. Am I right?

I have a 2000 S70 with over 203000 miles. Yesterday my transmission light started blinking and now it feels as if the car is starting in 2nd or 3rd gear from a stop. There are 4 codes: P0753 - Shift solenoid A circuit electrical, P1332 - Manufacturer control ignition system or misfire, P1618 - Manufacturer control auxiliary outputs, and P0013 - Camshaft position actuator B Bank 1 circuit malfunction. What do these mean, and how can I fix this problem? I had to replace the ABS module less than a year ago, and I'm pretty sure the camshaft sensor has been replaced. It's also burning about a quart of oil a week out of the tailpipe, but I'm not sure if that's related or not - I think that's the turbo.

headlights dont stay onat night time when i unlock the car

I have a trans from a 98 cavilar and i want to use it for my 95 sunfire. is it possible

I replaced a heater core, now I'm getting cold air blowing out. I'm getting it from all vents when I switch for the different positions.

I have been hearing a humming sound for one month. The sound appears to be coming from the front of the car. It gets louder as I reach higher speeds and stops at rest. I have recently gotten a tune-up and fuel injection cleaning. What could be causing the problem?

windsheild wipers only operate on the fastest speed. all speeds were working yesterday. does the motor did replacing? Where can I obtain step by step instructions to replace? Many thanks.

When I am slowing down/braking as I go over a bumpy area, the brakes do not "catch" - otherwise they work fine. Does something need to be fine-tuned?

What makes the fuel indicator bounce around and not keep an accurate indication of the amount of fuel in my tank?