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I have a leak from rear main. Is there anything else that can be done to slow it down or correct. If not what does that typically cost?

For about 6 months now when I first start the car and go to take off the stability light with wrench comes on along with the traction assist light, if I turn the car off and restart it the light will go off, the last few days it will just come on while I am driving. I have read some post that talks about the steering wheel sensor may need replaced, is this a possibility, how do you know for sure and how do you change the sensor, I have found the sensor at autozone for about 120.00

i have a 700r4 trans out of a 92 yukon will this trans work in a 94 yukon that had a 4l60-e in it . i know it will bolt up just need to know abt the computer and the lock up converter on it and how to make it work .

I had an oil changed 2 days before that happened Im wondering if there is a iink


Have a 2002 Volvo S60 with Code P0785 only. Is this an easier fix or possible c

My Haynes manual shows a diagram of the fuel line and disconnect fitting, but doesn't give any hint how to disconnect it. It shows a line labeled "disconnect tool" but I can't tell what that is or how to proceed.

opened my cargo door today (8 above zero) to put groceries in and now the door wont shut. latch will not latch.

i've been told nothing is wrong with car

Case is broken , I have to put another one in.

vehicle also lurches,especially when cold or when wheels are cranked to either side. does not make noise when wheels are straight going forward or reverse.

The rubber is deteriorated all around the steel on one end. I was wondering if i let a few more days go by till the weekend, when i can get it fixed, will i be fine? When i do accelerate though i hear a click from under my hood. That only happens when i apply the brake and then again the gas. I can depress the gas n lay off and depress again and won't hear the click. I am also getting my brake pads and rotors done along with my rear suspension. If have any suggestions that would great! Any ideas would be great also!

just need to change spark plugs after 40000 miles

check engine light on, dealer charged over $300. to replace oxygen sensor.

If we use remote control or overhead controls it just pops open few inches. Then we open all the way manually. From inside van @ sliding door if you try to open at door handle it feels like nothing there.. Like door lock is missing.. What do you call this Part? Could It be a semi-easy part to replace? For someone that is somewhat mechanically inclined? Thanks for any info...