I may have a coil pack going bad and was informed it could be #3 or #6 cylinder

Latley when i stop at a red light it starts to shake when i have the air on or not what should i do? Also i have changed my gas to supreme was that a good idea to switch gas like that?

can't locate leak, although engine looks a little moist drivers side back, and front part of engine near belts (mostly in back). no visible hose leak, much pressure in return hose to radiator after car is stopped. no fluid is sucked into radiator from reserve tank when antifreeze is low. no water in oil, no abnormal exhaust. new radiator. changed thermostat and found a piece of rubber, perhaps part of a rubber gasket...found another piece floating in radiator. no leak when at rest or idling (that I can see)THANKS!

DTC - P1451

What repairs do we need to do? Any idea how much to put it in good running order again? Do you know a good place for this? 94566 area. Thanks


When I turn the turn signal to turn right or left both rear tail lamps blink in emergency mode. The front turn signals work fine. I checked the emergency flasher button and it is was not turned on.

i need to replace my window motor but is there a way to do it without taking off the entire regulator assembly as well?

when the van is idling and tune the heater on that's just idling the temp goes up and up then when i am going about 35 or faster the temp goes down.
I have checked out the coolant it is full and I did flush it out very good. But when its working it works very good i just don't wont to over heat it gets that hot. A/C work very good and the fan is working on all speeds.
Thank you if you can help me Bryon

leaking oil

took car to locate ford dealership to have a programmable key made, got car back and it wont go in gear, 20 minutes later we were back at dealership and they claimed the pats was bad, replaced that, it wasn't problem, now, we are trying to replace the pc module and they say it wont install,3 weeks later we are waiting for our car

i pulled up to work and put the car in park, then i went to pull off by putting it in drive the car began to drag then i stopped and put it in park and then back in drive the car would not move at all, i check the fluid its up to par and a check engine light is on what seems to be the problem?

have replaced distributor cap and button also plugs,wires,timing belt,water pump,and gasket kit. i haev also checked timing at top and bottom end

i have 80,709

my CTS seat module crapped out, seats can not be programmed and seat functions are locked up. what is the life of such modules. It seem to me they should be functional for the life of car and should b covered by GM.