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My turn signal lamps all worked fine until my car told me my left blinker was out. It flashes really fast all the time to tell me it's out but the fuse and bulb are fine. I went to an Auto Parts store to see if they c...
new alt new battery , charge not getting to battery , goes dead
i have 3 codes showing c0267 pump motor open circuit c0265 electronic brake control module motor relay circuit c0223 right front wheel speed signal erratic whatdo i do
I have a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII 67000 miles real good shape. The problem is that the air suspension system in the front does not stay inflated, the front end goes down when the car is off or at speeds exceeding 50 mp...
why does my little toyota vibrate so bad? is there a common cause for this
How hard is it to replace trans cooler line in my sebring.
Where can I get online pictures of the drivetrain assembly so I can identify the damaged parts on my vehicle.
turned on the heater but nothing happens. Does not blow or make any noise. Does not seem to turn on at all
new alt and battery , charge not getting thru to battery , had alt rechecked its good and battery is new and also good
Had my '94 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3L V6 right-rear wheel cylinder reviewed & after leaving mechanic shop (10-15 mins) later my entire HUB was dismantled while driving. Wheel tilted to one side. Towed car to shop for repai...
other than clear old codes, is there anything you have to do to a replacement passenger side computer to get it to start the car? We have tried THREE and none of them would turn the car over. (two were close matches t...
need to find out where my fuel pump is located
cruise control not working???
Hey people.. I just got new Buick enclave last month and ice possible drive with care signs just pops out everytimes ... Can anyone tell me why this sign is appear.. ??
I have alredy detect no power to fuel pump relay on a 94 BMW 530i How do i jump the relay