Apparently there is a body leak. Where does one look, and where does one go for repair at what cost.

i have just replaced the valve cover gasket for the 2nd time in 6 months. upon removing the old on this time i noticed the person who did the last installation did get all of the old and very hard gasket off. i removed that piece but the leaks seems worse. i have a new oil sending unit but have not installed it yet? 2nd problem is my coolant is disappearing but i can find not visible leaks?
any ideas on the possible solutions.

The car prior to turning off gives no signs at all of any trouble. I have taken it to the dealer and they cannot findout what is wrong. The only thing that turns on on the dash when it happends is the check eng lite and the battery lite. This occurs while i'm driving and the car is moving,not when the car is stopped.

the instrument panel indicates that it's a problem with a fuse.i need to know which fuse could be preventing my 2005 dodge neon from starting.this is the first time i have encountered this problem.could it be the ignition fuse ?could it be the starter motor fuse?

Does the Mercury villager have fuse or relay to keep it from shifting?

need to replace

i have put a sensor, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, distributor cap and rotary button on it. i have been to 3 garages. it still sputtering, popping and dont want to pull when giving it gas.

Son in an accident requiring hood, fender, bumper,windshield, and air bags at minimum. Will the cost of the airbags alone be cost prohibitive?

Cranks but wont start, added gas, no gas smell, no sound of fuel pump with key on

How long does it take to replace

If I accelerate slowly, it doesn't seem to come on. Does it indicate low brake fluid?

first the door locks didn't work, now the radio don't work either

the car shuts down and looses all electronics when shifting into reverse

After oil change at Victory lane in Monroe, MI, oil leak discovered. Returned to oil shop and was informed of 3 hairline cracks near drain plug. NOT an issue before oil change. They claimed it was due to a heli coil that probably caused the damage when technician drained oil. They would not accept responsibility, and told me to go to repair shop and get a new oil pan.

When initially shifting in to gear it won't go but if you wait a few seconds it goes in easily. Its even worse after reversing and then trying to go into first.