Dash buttons for trunk and gas cap release don't work.
Nor does remote garage door overhead operate. checked relays
and they still have continuity. Don't know which fuse provides power????

a 1991 D 250 2 wheel drive with a cummins engine to convert the 2 wheel to a 4 wheel drive.

When floor heat is selected, doesn't seem to work well at all. In fact, more heat comes out of the defrost vents on the front window than comes out the floor vent on one's feet.

car runs rough, check engine light blinks, no power.

can I just take out the fuse or no

when driving on highway every time u hit about 50-60 mph and it will hesitate then u step on the gas ang spped up and it seems to be ok... have already replaced plugs and wires no lights come on dash no codes stored already scanned was wondering if could be a cat problem or sensor that could do this.... jeep is a 2004 2.4 liter 4 cyl any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated..... thanks

this occurs wether it is set on defrost or vent or any setting or speed any ideas what to check

The tire has some play but not alot, when i took the tire off it looked to me that the rotor was loose and pressing agianst the brake pads. The noise sounds like the break squealer. The only time i notice it is at very slow speeds

I can see the #s but the lights are out

Is it necessary to fix? i haven't had any steering issues, it just makes a noise when i go over a bump

Everything appears to be closed properly and locking the car does not make a difference.

I looked in my manual it seems to be the VSC system the vehicle skid control it had to do with the ABS and something called ECU sensor

It idle low all the time especially when I turn the heat or ac on

no heat in the cab

have 2 week old battery car will not stay on in low idle only when you push gas to go faster