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I can go into other gears n0 problem. Can the shift handle be tighten up?

i need change the valve cover gasket, already loso all bolt below but nothing is coming off do i missing something

i replaced it cleared the code and it came back and the airbag light is always on as well as the one that is a triangle with a circle around it....

shop said it will come on because of ethnol in fuel!

recent codes: 0117 coolant circuit low imput

recent codes have been: 0633
0117 i think, it was coolant circuit
low input

recent codes have been: 0633
0117 i think, it was coolant circuit
low input
zip code 14850

What should I check next? Water pump? Head gasket? Radiator does not leak. After replacing thermostat, car ran fine for three days then it started getting hot again. Cooling fan works fine too.

I filled up on Friday morning and by Saturday it was almost on half full. I did put a fuel injection cleaner in my gas tank on Friday. PLEASE HELP !! I didn't drive it far.

I just added a fuel injection cleaner on yesterday.

the HOLD light on the dash comes on ramdily

Car is running properly, however can not access the services provided by the I Drive. No access to radio, no ability to adjust temperatures settings, no access to the Navigation system, etc.

bateey 12.13 volts

I had the ABS sensor replaced along with the axle it was rusted into a few months ago, not sure if there would be any connection to my current problem (any wires or couplings they would have un-hooked to replace the axle that would affect my heated seats)
Also, I had a fuse blow on my tail lights when checking the connection on my towing connection for my bike trailer?

Can front shock absorber be repaired for Acadia 2007 or do they have to be totally replaced.

Thank You