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A week ago, my van started smoking after I was driving. There was a pin hole in the coolant line that is located under the intake manifold. Got that line repaired and three days later had another pin hole leak in the ...
I have no heat ---could it be thermostat or something else I can check.
i have a oil leak from the top of my oil cooler and want to know do it have a seal or oil that can change and if yes how do i get to it to change it
when car is rolling there is a noise in the front end that sounds as if the drive train is under strain. Shifts up and down okay. Accelerating or decelerating does not affect the noise except for increase/decrease of ...
How do I replace the brake lamp on a 1995 ford escort"
light goes out that lights up milage on dash and turn signal sometimes flashes on dash and sometimes not? Fuses have been checked already and are okay? what else could this be?
5 speed clutch pedal goes to floor gears jamming.. sporadic
Where is the fuel pump and filter locate don a 2010 Tucson?
I need an estimate for crank sensor replacement
recently my check engine light comes on when I am going downhill and coming to a stop...very specific situation only....?
How much fluid needed to change oil
I cannot shift from 1 to 2 but if I put the car in 2nd before I start it I can go to 3,4 but if I have to stop it will not gear down. It will go into neutral only. I have to stop the car again and put it in 2nd and st...
heater does not work
oil is leaking from the harmonic balancer i replace the crank seal and it continues to leak even worse after i replaced the seal would a harmonic balancer sleeve solve this problem or what else would cause oil to leak...
where are the spark plugs on my 2006 530i and is there a special needed