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can somone tell me or give me a way to find out if my 2000 hyundai elantra wagon 2.0L engine is an interferance motor or not
the MPH on my digital dash jumps all over the place while driving at a set speed and now it just stays at zero. and the overdrive off warning signal started to flash all the time even though the transmission is workin...
My stratus goes dead at red lights, sputters while Im driving and also the rpm s go up and down could this be the fuel filter
This began as intermintent but has now stopped working completely. The driver seat has no power to it as does the heater for that seat. The passenger power seat has proven to be intermintent as well but is has been wo...
Cannot get the lamps to level out because the housing has a chipped off plastic leveler ibboss@ Thank you
Why would my GPS stop working?
problems with power steering, need to find resevoir
The fan motor stays on even when the ignition switch is turned off and the key is removed. Is there a relay that could be sticking?
The car started making a very loud clicking/popping noise today when I hit the gas. It's constant and I can almost feel the click on the gas pedal. It stops if I don't accelerate. What it could be? Thanks!
I am having a cold starting everytine we start the car ( 4 cly turbo)
The radiator is leaking along the plastic top. The hoses are not leaking. I would like to change the radiator myself.It appears to not be too difficult to replace. Is it?
install a mechanical oil tempature guage, to the block or the oil pan? What adaptors do I need. Can it go to the oil pressure guage is there an adaptor for this thaqt will fit the tube and then the pressure sender?
I noticed that my traction control sysytem is defective since 11-19-10till now. the message on screen started to pop up since that time. it started to show up along with the problem. i quit driving my car because of t...
I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have replaved the u joints on both the frount and back drive shafts. I have had the drive shafts balanced put them back in one at a time. When I put the rear one in the repetive hu...