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How much would repair cost?

my mechanic tells me my rear subframe is completely rusted out and i need a new one. my 1993 camry has 175,000 on it. i am the original owner. what exactly is a subframe, and how much is average cost for replacement including labor?

replacement. driven over 350 miles,100 miles @ 55mph. Tried so called drive cycles to no avail. Need to smog,any advise for fix?

Timing belt broke while driving over 50 mph.
Not sure if broke any valves. Can't tell until replace belt.
Is the 2.4 engine interferance or non interferance?

i just had back and front rotors and brakes replaced.

i know i need a need a new catylitic converter,would that be the reason

My 2002 LC cant drive in 2 wheels drive, whenever i put it in drive or reverse it make a grinding. I put it in 4 wheel drive and it run good.

way to turn the distributor? My question is how do you time Chevrolet V6 when the distributor doesn't turn as most do?

I have been all over the transmission.all i see is where all the bolts hold the transmission together.I dont see any kind of label,that says drain or fill.I really could use a picture of the location.I was told it was on top near the clutch cable ,i dont see it.Then i was told it was 6 inches on the front driver side ,on the side of the transmission.I still dont see it.I know what my oil plug looks like but dont see the same kind of plug on my transmission.

od only all other shifts good

All nuts are off and bolt is out.The strut moves up and down but does not have enough room to come out

does not move untill idle is down

is there a fuse that could have gone out?


when i tried to read the trouble code it says no link why?

This is the first problem I have had with the car besides basic oil change and tune up.