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check the fuse seems to be ok changed anyway but still not heat
what would cause the four right buttons on heater controls and the right side of the radio lights to not come on at night when the rest of the dash lights are on. have checked all bulbs on front and rear outside, and...
is it normal for the low beam headlights to go off when the high beams are switched on? and come back on when high beams are turned off , when i hold back on the lever, and they are both on, there is much more light ...
havve to put power steering fluid in my car every other day is it the hose or or rack and pinion
I have an 07 Pathfinder that has developed an engine knock. It is most noticeable as the RPM's increase and it is just about to shift. I hope that is might be a loose heat-shield on the manifold like I once had on my...
My rear driver side window looks like it came off a track. The motor still works but the window will not come up. Can I fix this myself?
Engine has 113k miles and I don't believe plugs have ever been changed. I want to pull them and check the gap. If new ones are warranted, then, of course I will replace them. I don't have the owner's manual.
how do you change a heater core on this vehicle?
radio just cut off yesterday engine light has been on for 2 months Diagnostic code P0401
I had a problem with my licese so I had to park my truck for two weeks.When I got everything straightened I got in turned the ignition and all I got was a single click I went out and bought a new battery but it still ...
how do you change camshaft gear
after driving for a min or 2 when pressing down on the gas the engine starts sputtering, or loses all power. timing is right, new fuel filter and i cant find no vaccum leaks. fuel pump is only a couple of years old.
Had my entire brake system replaced when the car was 2 yrs old/22k miles on it. Immediately after the wheels were making a rubbing/grinding sound. I had to take the car back to the dealer 2xs shortly after the...
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