how can i get to this part and the price of it?

driver side window is stuck up and off track

F350 ford clutch slave cylinder, how do I bleed

The problem had occurred when I turned the car on. I heard a strange sound coming from the front/middle-right of the car and at the same time some kind of vibration. Like if it was having problems to start but not because of a failing battery. Always started, it's just the sound and movement telling me that is something wrong.
How often: The event had happened twice, in different days. Other than that is running ok, with no other sounds. What should I do?

I've done a basic tune-up ,oil change,spark plugs,fuel filter,air filter,also changed the thermostat and cooling sensor @ a garage. Cleared the code. Ran ok for a day. Now both lights are on again! When I start vehicle up in the morning it warms up, then idles down greatly, reduced power light pops on and stays on..I turn it off and start it up again..same thing! When I put it in gear it crawls, then stalls..does this cycle over and over for about 30min. Need help with issue..

V-6 2.7...not sure what happened, just cruising along at about 75 mph and no power, the rpms slowly decreasing to complete shut down...tried to restart and it seemed to spit and sputter a little but never to idle rpm...please help...never had a problem until now.

If someone has the engine and/or could install one, I would love an estimate. As it would need the origional style carb as well as the new tubing and line.

A local shop put the wrong engine in it and another one took the proper carb and put a wrong one into the wrong engine and shimmed it, now that sucks air and won't run.
Would prefer someplace near Sioux Falls, SD.

Dumb question, but I've been advised we need 4 new tires and thought I'd ask. Our car has close to 150k miles. Thought 17" tires might give a better ride butI don't want to spend for rims if I don't have to. Please, advise. Thanks.

I am having trouble removing the cylinder head.Does each come off on its own? Or do they come off together?

Pulled off wiring plug at pump and no 12v there. Is there a relay involved? If so, where is it? If not, must be wiring or steering column switch. Is this multi-switch difficult to replace?

I assume it is a anti theft issue. We are not putting the wrong key in the ignition or putting it in wrong. But it won't start. If we wait 10 minutes, it usually starts but the last couple of days takes several times. Just bought the truck as used and that is the only problem we have encountered.

My vehicle has a rear air shock pump/motor? and is draining my battery. Can this be cause of my problem when vehicle sits for five days without use the battery drains and will not start.? onece charged it works fine.

Recently with in the last five months I have changed the altenator 4 times last one was two weeks ago and oil from the front cam seal is leaking on the altenator.I have also changed the battery twice. was wondering if this is that hard of a job that i can do myself or if there are any special tools needed for the job. ir if its not that exspensive let the profesonal do it I do have faith in my ability.

"I have a 2004 Ford Sports Trac, mileage is abt 95,500. For a few days it has been hesitating when i pull off almost like it doesn't want to go into gear, and when it finally goes into gear it jerks. Please Help????"