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on occation my 04 wont start oh like today turns over fine battery good either fule or fire any thoughts
Received a check engine light code of p1550. How critical is this to get fix?
Trying to replace my master cylinder on my car. I have it attached to the booster but can't get the first line coming from the combination valve screwed in straight . I don't know if it is bent or something else.
What could be making a whining sound while driving? Just started
I live in Minnesota, and a couple of days ago I noticed my heater fan stopped working. I switched it back off, then tried it again, and it wouldnt work. I turned it on again the following day, and it started, then sto...
how many bearings per wheel ?
As usual the keyless entry will honk the horn when you push the lock button twice to confirm the doors are locked and all closed all the way..... but when i press the unlock button twice to unlock passenger door aswel...
Just put a used trans. in my truck. There is a cable on the drivers side of trans. that goes to the throttle body. Is this a kick down cable or line pressure cable? and how do you adjust this cable?
My 98 automatic Honda cvic has abnormal shifting. What do I need to do to fix this problem
I need an inspection on my truck and was told that because the rear shock absorbers are rusty that they have to be replaced. They are working just fine, and we tested them according to your test. The truck rides gre...
The car went dead going down the road and now it turns over but won't start. Fuel pump works, but pulled coil wire from distributer and no fire at all, but engine turns over fine.
I have already taken it to the dealer and they are recommending replacment of the right strut mounts, can YOU give me a fair extimate?
cold engine idles fine( but kinda hard to start) as it warms up it will bog down at wot and you need to feather the throttle to keep engine from dying.with iac valve disconnected i can goose the engine by hand but it ...
My d/s window jumped off track and when I got it up and in place the anti-theft went off and stopped pwr windows/door locks and the car want start. My battery in key is dead so I have to use key in door and now it wil...
Does this car have a low water shut off sensor that would make it not run if the water level got low?