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The car starts ok, but then loses battery power and shuts off. then the car will nogt restart, have to wait hours to be able to start again, then it shuts off again.
I would like to know where I can get an oil dip stick so I can sheck my own oil?
do i have to have my Antenna hooked up for the CD player...Tape Player or MP3 players to work...cause im puttin a new radio and speakers in and wanrt it to work correctly but i dont wanna replace my antenna which i wi...
I just purchased a 1998 Cavalier and the Anti theft light is on solid and not blinking. Someone removed the Radio ( I don't know if that matters or not) Car starts for a couple seconds and then stalls. I have found a ...
iwent out to crank my 2004 ford explorer and it turned over slow and so i jumped it off.later on that same day it wouldnt start.i replaced the battery,turn the key to start the truck,dash lights comes on but nothing....
Does my car have to go to the shop to fix the heater blower or can it be done at home?
my car will start but when i try to shift the gear shifter wont move. could it be my trans or engine what can i do to make shifter move?
when press on gas loud squeaking noise
auto transmission lever will not move . cannot take it out of park. what is problem?
Isuzu corporation is out o business. I was told by a recording this spring that the authorized servicer would be a hyundai company. They do not honor the warranty. Who can provide assistance with getting proper ser...
engine not starting. replaced fuel pump and filter. fuel pressure is on again and off again. Is there an electric fuel pressure regulator; if not, then why is there a clicking? The fuel pump kicks on and then sounds ...
The book calls for a kind of power steering fluid that I can't find. can I use something else?
it never works,i am not getting power to the horn,the fuses check out ok,now what do i need to check?
I have a 2002 Passat that won't start and has no power to fuel pump. It cranks but won't start. Is there a fuse for the fuel pump?
is there any way to make a homemade one