My CEL came on sometime in August, around a month after I get my Transmission replaced (under warranty, I'm lucky). Pulled the code, P0340. Had the CPS replaced. Cleared the code. Light came on again. Same code. What do I do now?

2.5L V6,auto trans, LS

i have a 2008 dodge avenger sxt 2.4 cyl and cannot find the camshaft sensor or the crankshaft sensor.i got codes for both so figured i would change them together.

would anyone know where they are located?? please help

Ticking sound (sounds like baseball card on a bike spokes) from the right side of the engine at start up. It increases with acceleration and diminishes after engine is warm. The sound can be heard when car is idle,but low. The car mileage is around 16K miles only and I have been doing the regular service at the dealer's workshop. I hope it is not serious.

Again my engine light came on,could not found a vapor leak,then says the cats are bad again. I have a hard time believing 3 cats went bad in about 1 and 1/2 yrs. I know something is wrong with emission. BUT WHAT.
I just change the plugs, they had about 26,000 miles on then,I kept up on maintence. A few plugs were dirty,the truck have 116,ooo miles on it. The next time the light comes on,the shop will kept it for a few days,try to fine the problem.
The cats are walker ome,5 yrs warrenty,it will not cost me anything for replace of the cats.And i am having a hard time believing that the problem is,that i must put on toyota cats to solve the problem per,dealership says!!
Please any help would be great,

I pulled my codes but need to find out what they mean

a few weeks ago i towed a uhaul trailer from dallas ga to statesboro ga. That evening I heard my horn go off. Now it will go off 3-5 times a day, even if the alarm is on or off. Is it someting with the alarm or the horn? I took the fuse out for the horn so it would stop blowing. I called the dealer to see they knew of any issues with horn or alarm. They said nothing has been recalled or reported. They wany $100 just to look at it. Then charge whatever it will take to fix it. If anyone has any suggestions or recommends a repair shop in Dallas, GA, that would be greatly appreciated.

several minutes

I received a P1078 code on my 2004 Acura TL. I wanted to know what this meant and how much is it going to cost me to repair?

when I open the door the lights went off, but now the parking lights remain on.

my car would not change gears i pulled over put it n park 2 make a phone call tried to put in drive it would not come outta park.i cut it off and then it would not start 4 2 weeks my display says 1 faulty dash 2 break wear 3 esp_now it says no malfunctiion ..." 2002 mercedes c240 it may start every other day or so what is wrong
3 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

went to use my little portable air compressor pluged it in the power supply not the cigarette lighter,then it quits working now the power windows wont work and it wont start,i checked all the fuesses inside and out,when i turn the key on every thing comes on all the lights and gauges, can somebody help me

there appears to be some play in the system


I'm having a intermittent problem with my xterra occassionally shifting into first gear. It's odd I'll drive and sometimes it will not shift into first, I'll cut the car off and it will correct the problem. The codes are Trans shift solenoid B and also Speed Sensor. A week ago I fond my vehicle running in "limp mode" but corrected that problem. The engine wiring harness came loose and burned and seared a couple of wires. One was a trans wire but corrected the limp mode. So any help would be appreciated and thanks.