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what is the approximate cost for the scheduled 30,000 mile maintenance and what should be checked?
When I turn on the motor, the over drive transmission light goes on and off and once I begin to drive the car it feels heavy and slow. It does not properly change gears when its suppose to. The little button on the si...
Normally, the lighting goes on on instrument panel when engine starts. Usually, ~ 30 seconds later other lighting is switched on on CD player and on gear box. Although now lighting initially goes on on instrument p...
when on the frewway or after the car has reached a certain temperature the transmission (automatic) will not shift out of first gear with sufficient transmmision fluid and other fluids water,oil,being full have checke...
After I picked up my car from the mechanic last time my radio shows "OFF" instead a "code". I am not sure if he entered the code wrongly couple times and it is now in the "OFF" mode or there is something else wrong. A...
when driving down the road van vibrates more so at 40mph stops when i let off the gas did a tune up might have put wires in wrong order ujoints seem to be good can u send a wiring diagram on plug wires plz howie _1958...
I ran over a dead deer and it riiped off the bracket that holds the exhaust pipe in place so it rattles when I go over a bump. I was wondering how much it will cost to repair this?
leaking power steering fluid making popping noise when turning sharp
Where is the fuel pump? inside or outside the fuel tank?
do i have to press in the bushing
how much should wheel bearing replacement on one wheel cost and to replace door lock and window motor on one door?
why does my truck 4x4 shift when off
truck will run short distantand back fire and shut shut off.
when drive the car cold nothing happen,but after drive about 30 minutes the A/T light go on and the gear is erratic,what is bad?,no check engine light,no codes problem.
just changed oil & tranny fuild along w/filters