Both used & new CD's stop within two minutes.

Drivers & passage side underneath the bumper

Mine does not light up

im actually not sure what the year is. the motor has been changed and that did not fix it. it will roll down but not up and makes a clicking sound somewhere under the dash

The dealer has said two need to be replaced, and it will cost a total of $750. Just got done replacing the heater core.

Im trying to figure out why my car squils when I have the headlights on and I turn on the heater blower. I just put a new alternator on so I dont think its that.....any ideas?

11/10/2011 replaced the battery cause car wouldn't start. Started to have issues with dimming lights. Eventually led to car dying and not starting again. Replaced the alternator. Got lights and sound but engine does nothing. Any suggestions?

After every 40 to 60 miles on high way Car would loose speed - will not pick up if I depress the accelerator. I will then have to off the engine and wait for about an hour before it picks up again. My surprise is that the Mech said I would have to change the entire fuel Tank as the Fuel pump that is suspected to be faulty is buried in it and can not be replaced. Truely only one access to the Tank on the left back seat and what we found is suspected to be the fuel filter. Please advise on how to rectify the fault. Thanks. Abdulmumin

no specific problems with the Pathfinder at this time this is just a routine 30000 mile service.

runs good, leaking about 1 quart a month, possible at weep hole

The seat switch is a 4-way; clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and back. All work except back. The seat has been moved up 3 times, and won't go back. Now it's like driving a sprint car. Much too close for me to be comfortable driving it. What is ;the proceedure for changing it?

4x4 with the 4.3.

I just noticed a few wks ago my tranny (automatic) doesnt auto shift sometimes and seems to be rough.
I know there are 2 plugs (bolts) a lower one and upper 1, if I undo upper plug/bolt to drain some will that be ok and enought?
Pls help, I do know some as a single Mom and have a certified mechanic in fam

where if there is one could the fuse be located

can there be a problem with the fuse if so wheres the fuse