Checked all the relays and traced the wiring but still no power to coil or starter. There is power but it wont crank over.

a pic or diagram of colum and how things go together please help my email is brentorcaroldine@yahoo.com thanks i only make 400 a month so have 2 figure out

When i disconnect the battery i am able to remove my key. Still can't shift out of park without using the shift lock release. Otherwise the car is running fine.

It shifts normally in the manual position, there are only problems in automatic position. Also, shifts lights and DSC lights are always on in "A" and "S" position.

After about 10-15 minutes it's good to go and will start again. This only happens after I drive it for a good 20 minutes, if it's a short drive then the car will start back up.

wont start when is running idle rough then dies like starving for fuel

And Antifreeze has leaked out the front driver side.

it sounds like it might be comming from the drive shaft i ve been told its from some time of bearing and the rubber piece that its hung from is kinda worn out but only when i accelerate quickly if its slow and gradual no once i get going ay higher speeds theres nothing and it rides perfect

We have replaced the harness, blower motor, resistor, and all fuses under the hood. We still do not have any power to the any of these components.

after all the replacing with the alternator and belt we removed the belt to see if it still squeels and it doesnt. no mechanics can tell me whats wrong.

Fuel pressure is 60psi when key is turned on,when yiou shut it off the pressure drops off to zero in one minute.I know the injectors could be leaking,but they are inside the intake manifold.Is there anything else that coyuld be doing this?such as fuel pump,regulator? there are no visible exterior leaks.

I may have a coil pack going bad and was informed it could be #3 or #6 cylinder

Latley when i stop at a red light it starts to shake when i have the air on or not what should i do? Also i have changed my gas to supreme was that a good idea to switch gas like that?

can't locate leak, although engine looks a little moist drivers side back, and front part of engine near belts (mostly in back). no visible hose leak, much pressure in return hose to radiator after car is stopped. no fluid is sucked into radiator from reserve tank when antifreeze is low. no water in oil, no abnormal exhaust. new radiator. changed thermostat and found a piece of rubber, perhaps part of a rubber gasket...found another piece floating in radiator. no leak when at rest or idling (that I can see)THANKS!

DTC - P1451