I've been to my Mechanic for several times, but there is still a leak...I really appreciate your expert reply. thanks,

I just replaced my flywheel and the clutch on my nissan. The only part on my clutch that i didnt replace was the throw out bearing and after i replaced those parts about a week later i was going about 5 mph and my clutch was engaged, then it suddenly wouldnt move like it was in neutral.When i push in and out on the clutch it makes this squealing noise but wont move. I want to know if it is forsure the throw out bearing or mast cylinder. Please let me know what you think asap need repaired like yesturday.

making a noise

it just did it all of a sudden

SUBARU BAJA 05 TURBO.The clutch feels hard to press to the point of hurting my foot after driving long periods of time.

For the last few weeks a couple of times, when I went to start my car it would make a grinding sound. I would shut it and it would restart fine. It happened today but then after shutting my car and trying to restart it makes the grinding noise and now it doesn't start.

How bad is it to put red diesel in this kind of truck?

I am trying to replace my front bumper on a 2003 Cadillac Deville. The bolts that I see on the left and right sides of the bumper has a part that unscrews but the bolt itself remains therefore the bumper is still attached.

OK the driver door puddle light, code access buttons, and power door lock button do not work while engine is off. BUT... the door lock button works when engine is running. Also, It seems as if the car doesnt know the door is shut (door ajar sensor) because when i hit the lock on the remote it beeps twice (like a door is open) and another thing is that the dome lights stay on for far too long (like the door is open)
I have checked most of the fuses but cannot check the relays (silver can types)
Can anyone diagnose what is blown that powers this door after the engine is off?

The speedometer is fine

After having our Aviator serviced replacing Serpentine belt, when our car was brought around for us to pick up and the person that brought the car around stated that "your steering is really, really hard I had to use a lot of muscle to make it turn" advised no idea why that would be as it has been totally fine (we keep our Car totally serviced at all times) Advised the Service Manager and she requested the car be put back on rack to check..they found that the all the power steering fluid was gone due to the hose possibly being cut while installing the Serpentine belt and replaced the hose and fluid at no extra charge...since this time, our car has been intermittently leaking power steering fluid we have taken it back a few times to recheck and keep advising no leak. Took the car back in yesterday and insisted they recheck it further still nothing even after putting a dye to help detect and still nothing. Took car for drive came back advised we needed to replace the Power Steering Rack. Question is could the forcing of turning the steering wheel with no power steering fluid have caused this?


When using the remote to lock doors front windows may lower. This happens occasionaly. Radio goes on/off when driving on rough road.This happens constantly. Car only has 35000 miles

I've been told my output shaft seal is leaking, also rear differential output shaft left and right are leaking & the Vanos valve both left & right are leaking. I'm told the Vanos valves are located below the valve cover gaskets & require removal of the valve covers for resealing. I've spent $1400 for water pump and was wondering if this should've been brought to my attention at that time?

ive changed plugs,distributor cap,rotor,wires,oil filter for the oil and air.once i start in the morning it cranks,during the day once its warm sometimes it turns over and over but wont crank ive checked everything that i know! it seems that the heat is affecting it somewhat,because as long as i don't wait more than 2 minutes to restart it's ok but oncce it sits its hard to start