How much gain in HP & torque with a aftermarket dual exhaust system with X pipe vers the OEM exhaust system?

Where is the best place, or is there a vacuum port on the intake manifold? This is on a 2011 2500HD 6L engine.

The rusty hood latch behind the grill still has the cable attached and tight on both ends (Release Lever in truck) I wish there was a way to get some grease on that latch or better yet get the hood opened first....

my brake pedal goes to floor and you hear air coming out of the pedal area.car is hard to stop

The a/c and heater fan is not working. and the A/C light doesnt go on when pushing the button. Is there a fuse cause i cant find it.? Please help its cold here! And when you move the switch that adjusts the position for the fans u can hear that change to defrost or reg air but no fan or heat!

does anybody know if there is a seal between the bell housing and trans mission and is it hard to fix

The car runs like there is a bad spark plug or wire. This is the second engine in the car and it was not new. When I had the computer run on a check engine light, those items were mentioned as possible causes on the number 4 Cylinder as well as an injector. Had the car checked and all plugs, wires, and compression were good on the engine. The mechanic stated that the engine was mechanically sound! The next step the mechanic was going to diagnose was an injector but I did not have the money that day to continue. When I left, the car was back to running as it normally should. Something the mechanic did must have cleared/cleaned the problem out. It has started running rough again and will not clear itself out. Sometimes in the past, the problem would go away on its own. The car will be running fine. You turn it off to park and go do something and when you come out and turn the car back on again, it starts running rough like it has a bad plug. In the past, the problem would work itself out but the last time it did not. It has started running rough once again and will not clear itself out. I know about the plastic intake manifold on this car. I am not leaking any antifreeze as the levels remain constant. Something is fouling an injector as the one cylinder is not running correctly. What does this problem sound like? Do you have an idea what to look for to correct the problem? Also, a referral to a mechanic that is familiar with this problem and who will not charge an arm and a leg or who wants to rebuild the entire engine. A reponse would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I had a mechanic check it and he said the ABS brake sensor's are bad and have to be replaced. The ABS light never came on until I had the front struts replaced.

1) Front driveshaft replaced on 12/6/06.
2) Steering gear replaced on 2/20/2008.
3) Power steering system serviced 2/27/09, again 3 wks. later steering system serviced 3/18/09 (Service contract claim).
4) Drivetrain serviced, steering system serviced, front suspension serviced (Service contract claim).

Replaced pump and thermostat and replaced antifreeze. And car idles fine for hours AND OVERHEATS AS SOON AS YOU DRIVE IT and some parts hoses are cooler than other parts. blowing warm air. fans engage. ??? can feel bubbling in top hose. does it have air pockets??

could it be from needing rear tires?

Took it back to dealer another fee to hook up to diagnostics and told us needed a battery 4200 plus so had my local tire and battery guy put the recomend battery in still no fix dealer said to bring it back in and they would hook back up the diagnosticmachine and they would try to figure it out anyone have a ideal fix Thanks

I have had the rear engine torque mount replaced and it kicks when I'm going in reverse. It happens mostly when I'm trying to back up a hill. Is it the transmission? What can I do to fix this?

Procedure in removing and re-installing water pump

where is it located on this car?