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i was driving on the freeway my car started to shake. i pulled to the shoulder and turned it off. when i turned it back on again it would just die so i rev the engine and alots of white smoke came out from exhaust so i turned it off. now it has a sign of emission system. what should i do and how to fix it?

i have noticed for the last week or so that the cooling fan runs well after the iginition is turned off i was told there may be a problem with the ect sensor. however i am having a hard time locating. one know where it is located and how to remove and replace

would it be fuse? if so, I cannot find the fuse

It will die and start up after a few min.sometimes.The ABS main fuse shorts out whenever u put a new fuse.The ck engine light comes on when car dies and only restart if light is off.2 Yrs a problem.Pls help.Scott

do i have to remove the water pump to get to the timing chain?

when i put it into the (P)PARK position it still moves and doesn't want to lock just keeps moving, and when i go about 5-10 mph the truck jerks forward every few seconds, got about 140,000 miles on it, don't know if the oil was changed in the transfer case, idk what's going on, first time that has happened

after i drive it for 15 minutes and is hard to star i used scanner and has no codes

how to fix the timing chain

instructions on timing car

how to time car after timing chain is off

is, what i think is some kind of short in the electrical system, or is it common to hook up a new battery, and see an arc, plus the battery goes dead, when car isn't cranked every few days. Any suggestions on how to determine whats wrong, and how to fix this?
THnaks, Eddie

It seems to stop ok but the light is on all the time. I have had the diff cover off and found chunks of metal in the bottom of the housing. There are no strange noises coming from the diff.

durable "6 inch flex hose with clamps on each side so the fluid will reach the windsheild. What size diameter hose do I need, what material for hose and whether plastic or metal ties/clamps to hold. (Tech I worked for once fixed it once this way.) broken hose -bridged between brake of hose for windshield fluid.

2nd question, how do I safely tighten positive battery cable, it keeps loosening. I have an alarm, someone dropped the battery AMP down a grade than shown for this car. Could this be causing it or bad cables? Everything went out on my car but the breaks worked. Hazard lights didn't since the positive battery cable popped off. Middle of three lane road and was worried I was going to get run over with no lights flashing while I popped my hood and noticed this popped off. 3rd answer with this, was breaking, jumping out and popping the hood the best I could do under that circumstance (if it ever happens again) - no break or flashing hazard lights can have someone rear end you and your run over by your own car. Was scary.

Had code P0401. Cleaned carbon out of passageway from EGR to throttle body (intake) account insufficient flow. Do I need to clear the check engine light or will it go out on its own? I need to get the car smogged.

to replace both r and l control arms and ball joints