This has repeated a number of times but does not seem to effect any of the performance of the transmission or the engine. I will just erase the code until it returns again and I have done this for the last 5,000 miles.

When I have the heat on it blows out hoot air but when I turn it to defrost it drops like 30 degrees. I have changed the thermostat, flushed hte raditor and heater core, tore dash out and checked all the mixer doors and everythibng is working as it what?

i need help and instructions on instillation of injectors on a 1993 non turbo 7.3 diesel

When I try to put my 2008 Patriot in full time 4 wheel drive, it does not activate and the dash light located just under the speedometer does not come on. Another 4 wheel drive light on the dash has come on and does not go out. This light located with the ESP light has no function with my Jeep. I think the all wheel drive is still working but cannot lock in the 4 wheel drive. Could it be a fuse?

cold instead of hot and kind of warm when turned to aircondision.Blend door is fine coolant is fine thermostat is fine.What is wrong?

My 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup does not want to start with the cold weather moving in. I have to put a little gas in the carb to get it started every morning and everytime the car has ben shut off longer then 3o min. I do find that if I drive for about 1 hour or more, the car will start the rest of the day. The truck runs and idels great besides the startup. A friend said it might have something to do with the Mass Air. Any ideas you might have about my truck would be a great help to me.
I'm not sure what size motor I have. Its eather 5.OL V8 or 7.5L V8

hear a wobley noise near the serpentine belt. Occasional loss of coolant. Top radiator hose easy to squeeze, and doesn't appear to be carrying water/antifreeze.

hear a wobley noise near the serpentine belt. Occasional loss of coolant. Top radiator hose easy to squeeze, and doesn't appear to be carrying water/antifreeze.

sometimes (not all the time) when I start the car JUST the power windows, locks and heater AC blower will not work but everything else does.. When I shut the car off then start it right back up again they WILL start to work.. This car has 143k miles runs great and looks great this is my only problem. Is this common and can it be fixed??

have problems getting it to come loose in the back?

Had the transmission rebuilt but still jerking.

Purchase my 2003 Audi Quattro TT in June 2010 and took it to the local Audi dealer to look it over. Been taking it there for problems since. They never looked at my timing belt or recommended that I have it replaced. I understand that replacement should have been done at 7 years. Timing belt just broke and ruined my engine. Are they at least partially responsible?

My car won't start up at all my mechanic tried the engine start up spray from auto zone and that didn't even work I'm confused ....he thinks its the crankshaft system but I'm not sure when my dad was giving me a jump with his v8 truck it turned over and idled but still wouldn't start .....does any one no what the possible problem could be not interested in investing all that I have I have no idea how it turns over but won't start it just hesitates and stalls if anyone knows of this issues please let me no don't wanna waste any money

I just bought a used 2000 Chrysler Sebring from our local Ford Dealer and withing a couple days the oil light came on - is this a sensor stating I need an oil change or is there something wrong with the car? Also what weight oil should I use?

I think I found the switch on the trunk hinge but do not know how to reset it and i also need to know what fuse goes to the fuel pump.