When you press the 2WD button, it will only blink and then stop blinking. The 4WD light stays lit all the time and won't shift out of 4WD period. I have replaced the 4WD actuator to no avail. What else could be the problme? (At first, it would do this intermitantly and always go into 2WD after a couple of minutes, not it won't.)

Front power windows were working fine, then both just stopped working at the same time.

Front power windows were working fine, then both just stopped working at the same time.

been diagnosed as actuator need replacement. How much should it cost?

turn ignition, lights come on, but no turnover, no starter noise. Then it starts, but can't get it out of park. turn it off leave it sit for a few minutes, everything is fine for a few days, then happens again.

If I try to start the car without pushing the excelerator it won't turn over. I have had the battery checked and it does hold a charge.

There is low air coming out of the vents.

now of the windows will go up or down is there a fuse or something

Airbag light is ON and flashes a code 32. What does this code mean and how can this be reapired? How much does it cost for a job like this one?

I drive my car long distances about 100+ when I noticed the noise.
I took my car to the shop and they told me it was the blow out bearing. so they replaced that and got a new clutch kit.
[125,000 mile on the gauge.]
[just had the oil changed 3 weeks ago]

Now about a couple of months later I drive over 100+ miles and I stop at a gas station and turn the car off. When I come back out and start my car. I hear the loud knocking again in idling state. I wait 5 minutes but it continues to knock. I decided to keep driving and driving 25 mph it continues. When I get on the highway, 4 gear the knocking stops.

When I arrive at the next town 70+ miles I don't hear the knocking.

When I press the clutch in the knock doesn't stop, but changes into a different knocking (nothing worse or better, but you can tell).

my overdrive light comes on and off by it self went i am driving


I had brakes put on my car the week of April 11 (I know that because I started a new job the following week.) About 2 weeks ago, I had new rotors put on (by Goodyear) because my driver's side rotor was worn all the way down. Now, the driver's side makes a squealing noise when I brake. And only on the driver's side. Is this something I should be concerned about?

2003 Gmc Sonoma 2wd, 4 cyl.

my van is a 1991 dodge ram 250 it has a v6 engine and it's a 3ponit 9 .im trying to find out what's killing my batties, ive had two new alternaters put on it ,but nothing seems to work.i called the dodge company earlier and they told me it could be the power control moudle and it was located on the or near the engine