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when i start my car it has a beeping noise but it goes away after a while and then if i am driving it for more than and45 min or so it starts back up again
How much does it cost for the labor in repairing/replacing a cam sensor on a 1999 Dodge Stratus, 2.4 liter engine.
My car will not start and I saw smoke come from the starter area when my wife tried turning it on .Its been very cold the last couple of days and thats when the problems started. My battery is good and i got it starte...
Head gasket is blown. If I had an intake manifold that was leaking before the head gasket issue, wouldn't this be fixed simply by redoing the headgasket & getting the seal back? Mechanic is saying it will be another...
I can have my panel on heat and it will randomly switch over to a/c and back. Now it is stuck on blowing cold, any suggestions
the macanic says my rear shocks are soft. What does this mean?
My heater in the car is blowing cold air.Sometime its warm than it gets cold. Do I need anti freeze or thermostat?
We have just started noticing that telltale growling, whining sound and slight pulling and chattering in the steering wheel when making sharp turns. Will adding pentosin hydraulic power steering fluid fend off a bigg...
The rear passenger side seatbelt will not latch and is therefore not usable. Is there a way to fix this? How much would Toyota charge to replace that mechanism if not?
I am having a problem with my alarm on the key, it won't work. Sometimes the passenger door wont unlock when i put the key in the door (now I have to manually lock/unlock my doors) i notice sometimes the alarm activa...
ok the car just was running we turned it off when i got home 10 min. later went to start it and it would not start, checked the fuses ,ok good spark, when i checked the fuel pump relay there is only power on one si...
my vehicle 2003' ford crown victoria has a p0152 trouble code, is this te fault of bad front or rear oxygen sensors?
When should the timing belt be replaced if mileage is less than 50,000?
I need to change the clutch in my 92' corolla and need to find instructions on how to do so