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After driving ocasionally it will not turn back on again and how we determine it won't is because the locks won't lock with the button. The lights on the dash won't come on. We have taken it to a mechanic that has taken us for a ride. Last time he said to bang on the fuse box and it worked but today I even took the fuse box out and looked for loose cables and nothing. Seems like there is a relay that gets stuck. Which one could it be?
I have interchanged them by their specifics but still won't do anything.

i relaced the master cylinder yesterday

If the computer gets reset, the next time you try to apply the cruise control light on the dash flashes, then goes away.
I have OBDCOM, Is there anyway to troubleshoot this?

there is a pinging sound from the back side valves could this be the valves.

I recently took my 2005 GMC Canyon(87,000 miles)2.8L 4 Cylinder to the shop to be put on a computer that pointed to my throttle body because,out of the blue it loses power,idles very rough,and the engine light saying reduced power and traction default comes on when it starts acting up.I replaced the throttle body and it is still doing the same thing it did before putting a brand new on.I can pull over and turn it off and back on several times then it starts running normal again,but not for long til it starts acting up again.No one has no idea as to what could be wrong.Please help!Anyone out there have any idea's?I would greatly appreciate it.

the ashtray works pushing in on the front of the ashtray door. There seems to be a problem with the latching mechanism, when I push it in it catches but open by its self when i hit the smallest bump or even close the door.

a ballpark price on how much it will cost me.


losing compression thru the oil dip stick, making the oil to leak.

2008 trailblazer

Why would the tie rods be in such terrible condition?

Is there a history of this problem and is there a recall?

The crankcase position sensor and brakelight switch were diagnosed and replaced and I received a bill for 611.00 dollars. Also a relay switch which cost 27 dollars was replaced. The parts totaled 187.00 dollars and labor was 403.00. Was as I over charged?

170,000 miles. Went to Aamco for free computer scan before smog test. Mechanic says replace idle control valve PO505 showing on computer, leaking radiator, have oil change to pass smog test. He wants me to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and cap, idler and tension pulleys as well. Do you agree so far?
Will a slight scraping sound on front brakes cause me to fail test? Besides front brake pads and rotor resurfacing, he is replacing timing belt(not done before), broken harmonic balance discovered, water pump, and changing transmission fluid, gasket and filter(it's been 40,000 miles).
This will cost about $3000 in Los Angeles. Any suggestions?

I have to keep the peddle to the floor for about 10 secs for it to keep runnng no problems any other time

the fuild level is full with adjusting the bands what happens turning clock wise and counter clock wise

left or right keep pulley from moving