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2002 4 runner. hesitates like losing power during steady accelleration.constant surging

check cam sensor and crank sensor it looks ok

1994 buick PA

truck just turns over no spark to plugs

What is the cost expected to replace worn brake pads

What is the estimate, etc. to remove and replace a surpentine belt?

What is the estimate, etc. to remove and replace a surpentine belt?

i changed the spark plugs and it still has a miss,in the mornings when i start it, it rough,when i give it gas it trys to stall,but it dont stall.can u help me

all the lights started flashing last saturday night, they never went off, not sure if it is still safe to drive? i hope it not something major?

my my car keeps cranking but won"t start . I sprayed starter in the air intake . nothing still

I am installing a rear back up camera and it requires that you wire it into the reverse lights. I need to figure out which color is negative.

Can't get car unlocked.

My check engine light start coming on in 2011. I have a toyola Corolla 2009. The light come s on within 30,60,and 90 days. Dealre have checked the problem. The only answer given is check your gas cap.Can some one tell me what is wrong with my car?

Fuel pump needs to be replaced.

Already replaced the crankshaft sensor,2 weeks ago. but now it is doing it again.Also when you start the car the rear spoiler comes up??