I have replaced this 3 times. Is it possible the wheel needs to be replaced since it will not hold the center cap? Is this a solution to fix it without replacing it?

with the 2.5 engine. When they did the body work, they had to remove a batter cable. When I took the car in to be repaired, I was getting 33 miles to the gallon. When I got it back, it had gone down to 28 MPG and now, out of nowhere, it's gone down to 23MPG. How can something like that happen just by taking off a battery cable. I'm sure it has something to do with the on board computer but the dealership is giving me a bunch of crap about it saying they can't do anything until the check engine light comes on. They didn't even bother to run a fuel trim check on it, which takes about 2 minutes. If they have to wait for the check engine light, their diagnostic skills must really suck or they are just plain lazy. What would cause my mileage to go down so drastically just by removing a battery cable?

the original system was gone when i bought it,trying to put original equipment back in..

I have replaced the battery 4 times since the car was new in 2006. All have been good quality batteries. I replaced the battery in June of this year and this morning it was dead. Has anyone else had this problem with their Pacifica?

the truck is a 2004,the older body style. has a 4.2 automatic 4x4 transmission. i recently replace the transmission. and this is the problem iv got now, when i get up to 10mph the overdrive light blinks, when i get up to 60mph its like the transmission shifts to neutral, after slowing down to around 45mph its like the transmission kick back in to drive. and when speeding back up to around 60 mph it does it again. when you come to a complete stop it does the same thing and the overdrive light never stops blinking untill you shut the truck off. i took it a near by machanic and he says that the truck has a wireing problem but i went out there to see what he has done to it and he took the speed censor of the old transmission and put it on the new one and the censore by the gear shifter on the transmission was also switch. could it be a wireing problem or a censor? if anyone has any ideas, it would be very helpful. one more question, could the transmission still be bad? when he hooked up the computer to it, he said its not reading anything.

My lexus 00 ES 300 has a code that got something to do with variable valve timing system and I can't figured out please any thing helps thanks

what part would i need?


took fuse out put back it worked for 2week then did it again took fuse out again and it worked for about 2 days when it did it again just took fuse out and left it wondedred if anyone had that problem with the 97 rangers and what solved it

Recent check up advised the timing cover was leaking under the car.

But the light is not on. How do I replace the bulb?
A friend took off the battery and replaced an oxygen sensor and I thought the issue was resolved, but when I took it back to get it inspected after driving 300 miles, now they say the engine light is on but it is not. It also is giving a P0420 code. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks rkl

On Saturday, I made several starts and stops and the last time I tried to start the car it was dead - no lights or anything. Eventually, the lights etc came back on line; however, the engine would not turn over. Each time I turned the ignition key I got a series of clicks but the car would not start. I finally got a jump and drove it home. Everything seemed fine while I was driving. When I got home I turned off the car and tried to re-start it and it wouldn't start again. I got the series of clicks again.

error code P2252

2010 honda insight 8045 miles on the odometer
check engine light on.
dealer repaired leak coming from evaporation system and replaced valve. system reset.
next day, check engine light on,
same defect shown.system reset, next day, check light is back on, going back tomorrow monday

The wipers worked intermittently last year, then quit working altogether. I can purchase a replacement fairly easily, but I have very little mechanical experience, and only a few basic tools