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The alarm on our LX470 was set off by kids playing by the car. Ever since the vehicle wont lock using the key or the switch on the door. The Theft deterrent light indicator flashes but I know it is not engaged as th...
Automatic Sliding door wont open not even manually
I have a loud squeak in the rear lift gate. Has anybody been able to get rid of this?
In February I brought my car to my mechanic because there was no pick up and he told me it needed a new engine. If I hadn't just put in a new transmission, I probably would have gotten rid of the car, but since I had...
one of the ignition coils will not fire i replace it and still no spark.... help me somebody...
how to replace brake pads on 1997 Mercedes-Benz s420
Are these the same thing? I had both front axles replaced about a year ago, and now have been told by another shop that the bearings are bad. Please advise
I am having problems with A/C and Heater not working. I have replaced blower motor, relay and fuses. Has anybody else had this problem?
I can't figure out how to remove the overhead console to get at the map light bulbs.
I need to find the ECM.
Engine died... Starter was the problem. Replaced starter... when turn engine on... got a short and lost all power
El control de crusero si funciona al programarle una velocidad, el problema es que no enciende la luz en el tablero, la bocina si funciona y la bolsa de aire no esta estallada pero si se mantiene encendida en el table...
Adquiri este vehiculo sin el parachoques delantero y al repararlo las luces de las bolsas de aire se encienden, que puedo hacer para apagarlas, si las bolsas no estallaron, dejaron algo sin conectar o simplemente se r...
i have heat on was my passanger side but no heat on the driver side was toled that it was a mod valve wanted to know if thats right and where it was located.
people have told me to replace my brake fluid. My question is why should the brake fluid be replace? My email is