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Sliding doors not opening either with remote or front controls. Does this mean a motor needs replaced and/or how to I go about personally troubleshooting and repairing this on my own?
My brake lights dont come on when I press down on the brake. I change out the bulbs but no response. All the other lights are working.
back window separated from vinyl also window is loose on one side
wont tune over put in new battery
what whold caus the thermostat to not open in a 98 s10
how many miles should brakes pads last
My 1997 Dodge Caravan 3.0 started vibrating when going uphill. This did not happen for the entire hill climbing. I had someone rev the engine while in drive and the engine would rise up a bit more than usual. I carrie...
dealer says they need replacement
with cold start up(very cold weather 12-9-10), when I turn on the igniton there a winding sound for 1-2 seconds, then the normal cranking sound to start-up. only happens with cold engine. other start-ups are normal ...
Does 2004 baja turbo have a tinimg belt or is a chain
where is the coolant temperature censor located on my car. 2004 grand am v6
I have recently hit 100K on my truck and know that the "Big" maintenance needs to be done, but I am not sure about what all is included in that. I need info on what has to be done.
neither my front passenger door nor my back door power windows woork as well any my interior lights ?
My 91 lincoln has a hard time starting. When the engine does finally catch there is a loud whirring noise coming from the front of the engine compartment. Could this be a fuel pump problem?
Someone hit and broke my rear tail light cover and although the bulb still works and is in tact, the entire tail light is now dented in an inch or so. There's now a huge space where it is supposed to align with my tr...