Review mirrors seem be a sealed unit

I have a '98 Civic with 180k miles. DTC 108 after warmup, the idle jumps around. It also seems to have some trouble coming down in rpm (parked).

the noise occurs when initially backing up or moving forward and is coming from the rear of the car. thanks

I looked under the hood and in the truck could not locate

when i get to 50 to 55 seems like it wants to stall like a very fast stop and go series of bursts new plugs ,rotor and distributor

I use 10/30 oil in my truck and after the last oil change in November I noticed the parts store give me 10/40 instead. I didn't think it would be too much of a problem but after a few weeks my husband noticed a leak. We changed the oil again on 12-31 and I noticed there was a plastic piece where the transmission and oil pan meet that was loose and that seems to be where the leak is coming from. Now the tow/haul light has come on and won't go off. Any suggestions?

in the drive selector portion of the dash there remains a light on at the D selector position when the engine has been shut off, key removed and exited vehicle, how do i shut this off

I have a car doc OBD and when I connect it under dash I have no power, what would cause this...a fuse?

nd heat will startblinking.142000 miles on vehicle

I was quoted by a pretty reliable auto mechanic shop that to change my timing cover gasket, it would cost over $1700. That seems a bit high to me. My SUV is overheating and they told me the timing cover gasket needs to be replaced. He said it would take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours to fix because the radiator and water pump needed to all be removed. Is this true?

check engine light

will i be able to use the existing window that has the black epoxy and how do you remove the epoxy?

I just purchased this little green 1994 318i for a gas saver. The guy said it had a positive first gear...I say now "ha it. Means ...make sure you heave it in first a
!!! Sometimes smooth as silk for all gears...sometimes not. Just wear? It has about 150k on it.

It started a few months ago, when using my key to unlock the drivers side door, I would have to gently work the key back and forth until the latch popped. Tonight the lock failed, I am not able to unlock the door by using the key or by manually lifting up the lock mechanism. I am crawling through the passenger side door. The other door locks work by manual, the passenger side door opens with the key.

My 1997 nissan altima is shutting down at stop signs or lights. My brother looked at it and found a hose that is not connected to anything. We can't find where it belongs. The top of the hose is shaped like a candy cane and it is located by the transmission. Any help out there. Thank you.