If i move the tilt wheel up and down sometimes they go off

i have an aftermarket intake that sits right behind the front fender and the fender has air slits, one puddle and bye bye engine

i just changed the oil in my truck and i drove half an hr and whn i stop driving there is a real low oil pressure and the check guages light comes on but when i drive gown the road it reads good should i be concerned i already replaced the sending unit do i need to replace the pump

gasket leak from front and is o2 sensor necessary to fix?

that shaft then the pulley then the water pump dont know how to get fan shaft loose

My check engine light wouldn't go out after all the recomendations in the manual. So, I took it to a local Chevrolet dealership and code #P0452 was the diagnosis. The dealership gave me a repair estimate of $1200.00 to replace my fuel tank. So, will it damage my engine if I don't have the repair done?? Also, I had a rat's nest on my carburator...they wouldn't show it to me but, where is the carburator???

when it is cold and first start, it blowes a lot off white smook from exhaust just till it warms up. loosing about a quart of coolant. egr valve been replaced

it loosing about a quart of coolant after warmed up no more smook

I don't find anything on the owner manual about that fuse,no information at all,even is not mentioned on the fuse diagram,every day I got the same problem,I bougth this car salvage,but it was wit very little damage on the front end,somebody can help me?dont know where can I find more info about this fuse,thanks

The front power seat will only move about an inch front to back and is stuck near the furthest back position. I cannot find anything stuck in the tracks. Removed the seat & shook it to see if anything might fall out and visually inspected as well as I could. I saw a video on a 2002 Camry that had a similar problem. Is the Camry seat mechanism similar to the Sienna seat? It showed how if you took off the outside plastic molding there is an adjustment screw (t-2 square shaped) that will move the motor and make the seat move manually, it's located near the front of the seat. I need to get a security torx screw driver to take off that cover & wanted to know if the seat design is the same so that it might work for this problem too?

car won't start it just clicks when i try to turn it over,the radio won't come on and the horn doesn't sound when i unloch the door

The mercury mountaineer liftgate is the same of ford explorer,with out the logos?
I need to replace my lift gate and I am wonder if Ican use a ford explorer door

After installing new flywheel clutch and pressure plate I'm trying to push the slave cylinder rod back into the slave cylinder forcing the fluid back to the clutch resevor just as you do when forcing a brake caliper back no matter how much I push on it it won't budge but loosen the slave bleader and the slave retract smoothly apon bleeding it I am worried that this was part of the problem in the beging that kept pressure on the throw out bearing and was the doom to all Should I be able to force the fluid back to resevor manualy?If so whats keeping it from returning clutch master maybe or do I need to loosen bleader and mount it to bell houseing and just go on worried if its keeping pressure on the new pressure plate going out of my mind" MAD DOG "

I want to know if I can replace my 1992 Diamante Engine with a 1995 or 1997 Diamante Engine

All other functions are working, tilt, lounge, headrest..