Please i have a voyager here (chrysler) there is an indicator on the dash and any time this indicator is flashing the car will not kick,the indicator is alarm set. But there is one funny thing that is happening, when ever i plug in my scanner into the car and left it there it will be working very well, and if scan it there will be no code found, please help.

Tranny has droplets of fluid on front of pan.This is a 4.2 automatic shift 2 wheel drive. TOOK A TRIP ABOUT 300 MILES THEN NOTICED IT WAS LEAKING IT WAS OK BEFORE THE TRIP.

I just had alternator replaced could there be a prob there? check fuse in glove box for lighting not sure where other fuse are to check. code on dash says light sys error

go go high on rmp a 2 should stay in 1

Is it under the hood or in glove compartment?

I can only see the reading during the day but at night it won't light up.

was driving it would just stop no warning then it would restart but drove like it was about to quit. Next day drove fine no problems

Flush and fill fluid. Also is there a filter that needs to be changed

I have checked with noid light, pulsing fine, I have the top of it off and have checked and cleaned the spring in the fuel pressure regulator. I want to clean the injectors and see if they need replacing. Van will run if I pour gas in. Fuel pump is working, fuel up to it. Injectors aren't pumping any fuel in throttle body.

for seveal months, my low fuel light has been going on and off even though i have a full tank of gas. now my check enging light keeps going on and off. i took it to auto zone and they put the machine on it and the code is p0452. fuel tank pressure sensor condition. connectors, wiring, hoses and fittings are ok. so, does this mean that i need to replace my fuel pump?

No codes. Car has a remote start but it was installed 5 yrs ago. i think it has a direct short to ground but don't know where to start. Possible to eliminate remote start?

Items replaced to date, manifold cover, 3rd cat by muffler, spark plugs, injectors, down streem O2 sensor, fuel filter, air filter. Last code was 0136 the DS O2 sensor and 0 since install. Car continues to stumble at 30 mph. Can the 2 cats on the exshaust manifold be causing this. 2 mechanics have tried to fix I'm a friend, guess I must be last resort.

While drive on the highway at around 70MPH my engine started to race and the car acted as if it was not in gear. I pulled of the highway and noticed becasue lots of smoke. Not sure why my transmission overheated.
I flushed the system until new tranny oil came out but it still does not move.

This started about month ago. The fluid is a the appropriate level.

how do you change the fog lights on a lexus 2007 es 350?