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How much does driver front axle repair cost
I have recently gotten into meatl recycling. I am a woman alone and sometimes I am not able to take a lot of the stuff off my truck immediately. My neighbor next door is driving me crazy about how this is going to dam...
what could it be when you put your truck in park and it still rolls?
engine light comes on at intermittent intervals replaced gas cap. light went off for a day then came back on
what happens when you replace the timing chain and mess the time up? what will it do to the engine?
this is a straight drive that when in 4-5 gear the engine revs higher than usual, after getting into the gear for a bit and there is not enough power going to the wheels, it is not reving free but does not put power t...
i have a 2000 olds intrigue with a front wheel bearing going out. ive changed wheel bearings on a ford explorer 3 times. is the intrigue as easy or more difficult to do bearings. also are they pressed in? do i need an...
I need to know how to install a coolant reservior.
My check enjine light came was tested and the definition that cam up was Definition Heated owygen sensor - Bank 1 Sensor 2 (HO2S12) heater circuit malfunction Probable cause 1. - Open or ...
where is the acuator located that recirculates air or blends cool and hot air?
How many labor hours and do you have to dis/recharge ac
I am trying to figure out how to open the liftgate. The keyfab works on all other doors. I have been told the accuator is probably what the problem is, but I can't get it open to investigate. Also, I am unable to find...
when I start it up they come on and stay on. then the next time when I start it up it might stay off for a while, but it always comes back on. parking brake cable is not stuck.
I have a 2001 Toyota Solara. How much would it cost to have the spoiler removed and the holes filled in and painted where the spoiler was attached? My car color is silver.
car cuts off and wont start up for awhile