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my 20 amp fuse melted in the fuse block where the parking lights fuse was now when i take the head light system fuse the parking lights go off what should i do?
How much (approximately) should it cost to have my timing chain fixed? It makes a rattling noise, and the mechanic tested everything on the belt for noise. He thinks it's the timing chain. How LONG should it take? ...
Transmission fluid dipstick indicator went "missing" after a recent oil change at local Jiffy Lube. Dealership says part was discontinued and is not available anywhere in U.S. Search of salvage yards (local and nati...
how do i do the timing change on a 2002 pt cruiser
i have to replace the alternator charging system 140 amp fuse #62 in engine compartment but dont procedure to remove the old fuse as it is tightly secured in place can you help?
how much should it cost to replace the rear coolant lines ion a 2001 dodge caravan
I need to know where the Blend Door Acutator is located in a 2002 Ford Windstar van and can it be changed without taking the dash out?
i have a 1999 acura tl and sometimes when u start it the car just shuts back down and i have to gas it just to keep it running and the other day on the highway it cut off while i was going 80 miles per hour .whats wro...
Service at dealer informed me that the "boots" had to be replaced. My car is under extended warranty; however, inspector for warranty company says that "boots" are not covered. We checked warranty and under DRIVE AX...
in addition to water pump replacementquote,need parts&labor quote on fan clutch,thermostat,flush&refill w/dex-cool,and serpentine belt.
a noise inside A/C when open the ingnition key
I love my 2001 chevy suburban 2500!!! 190,000k strong Need to know how to change the trany fluid???
My car has no codes when hooked up to computer. Drove it all over the city at different speeds, including 40 miles of freeway speeds. Still nothing. HELP!
The remotes will lock and unlock all doors but the drivers door. Key will unlock the door. Batteries were changed.
my jeep runs fine until I shut it off, it then leaks from somwhere on the passengers side of the bottom radiator area. I can not tell exactly where it is leaking. Do I need to flush the system or what. Please help