After installing new flywheel clutch and pressure plate I'm trying to push the slave cylinder rod back into the slave cylinder forcing the fluid back to the clutch resevor just as you do when forcing a brake caliper back no matter how much I push on it it won't budge but loosen the slave bleader and the slave retract smoothly apon bleeding it I am worried that this was part of the problem in the beging that kept pressure on the throw out bearing and was the doom to all Should I be able to force the fluid back to resevor manualy?If so whats keeping it from returning clutch master maybe or do I need to loosen bleader and mount it to bell houseing and just go on worried if its keeping pressure on the new pressure plate going out of my mind" MAD DOG "

I want to know if I can replace my 1992 Diamante Engine with a 1995 or 1997 Diamante Engine

All other functions are working, tilt, lounge, headrest..

Why is it remembering that position and how do I make it stop?

Brake fluid is dripping heavily over the rear differential. It appears to be leaking from the rear steel brake line.

went to auto store picked up some motorcraft spark plugs ..poped the hood .and it seemed like plugs were buried under fuel lines,a/c hoses,vaccume lines .replacing spark plugs sounds easy,but looks so hard .do i have to remove fuel rails?what about the ones in the back ..do i need special tool? and is motorcraft spark plugs worth using when so hard to replace ..i use the cheap plugs when easy to replace on my toyota .

have 99 gs 300 I took the Advanced auto part store for check engin lite they told me that I need oxygen sensor port one i did put new Denso in a couple hours check engin light come back again what causes of this thanks for help

car wants to cut out or stall when i press gas pedal. i was told its the sparkplus & wires need new. but it acts like its not gettin fuel. replced fuel pump,filter,fuel relay dist.cap/rotor.no check lite,no codes

torque spec for 2.5 eng plenum gasket

what could be the problem ? and how could i fix it .I know its something with evap control,I checked vacum hoses but i couldnt find any leaks

Can I get the part online...I also need wires, and plugs....are after market parts suggested or stick to mercedes parts only?

first we had a gas cap error which then it triggered the check engine light. So my bf used his handy dandy code clearer, now it won't even recognize the evap. Please help. We have 3 days left to get it inspected. Oh yea, he purchased a new gas cap today.

please help

rear exhaust gasket needs changing and i want to change it but never done on before is it diffucult

Ive got it unwired and unbolted but cant get it loose from the steering box. I took the bolt out of the u-joint on the steering box by the radiator and cant pry it out to change it out