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trunk not opening using the button inside or the keyless entry button.

when restarted it may drive 3 to 10 days before it happens again. I have already replaced fuel pump and mechanics can't find problem because it never happens when they have it.(intermittent problem)

Dealer quoted about $500 for lowers/front end alignment. Then quotes about $1,000 for uppers/front end alignment. he said the upper you have to buy upper control arms too adding the expense. Is this correct??? Thanks

it wont start at all now,fuel problem???? i dont know where to start.hmmm

this has happened 3 times on hills one machnice said it was fule enjecktion another said its a part that cost $800. what do i do?

and could u show me the exhaust system

check engine light is coming on and the car is having trouble staying started. The dealership said it was the o2 sensors.

I have to turn key down to the acessary then back to try to move the gear shifter. My chime, and everything else, aslso stays on once I remove the key.

Turning the key on and off several times seems to help.

The car take long time to start

We checked the fuse box under the hood but can't find the main fuse. Could it be anything else that we can check?

fuell pump connector c304 and c305 where to look for theme

i checked all vaccum checked timing replaced plugs wires knock sensor intake gaskets

The driver side wipe was stuck from ice. The passenger side works fine. I just wanted to see if there was an easy fix or had to go into the shop.

how do i find the fuse for the inside lights only