It just started yesterday and everytime you step on the gas it hesitates, makes noise like it's backfiring, idles rough while in drive but idles fine while in park

checked transmission fluid, and goes fine forward

I have changed the fuse link wiring harness 4 times, and have burned out one of the two orange wires every time, so this last time i put in a in line fuse, because it is getting hard to find this harness, but now i keep blowing the in line fuse. Please help!!

Van runs smooth once running. Just hard to start.

How do you get the cover off the dome light to replace a burnt out bulb?

The rear washer fluid tube broke. Is this easy to repair?

The a/c works in the rear, but not the heat. Heat works fine in front. Was also a clicking noise (relay?) in the back which has stopped. But since it has stopped, the heat no longer works in the back rows. Is it worth getting fixed?

Would like the estimate to include total costs of new engine and mechanic's labor charge.

Oil leaking around the base of the turbo charger.

Also is there a way to keep them from breaking?

I'm planning to buy a used car, but it already has 98,000 miles. What is the average mileage for an automatic transmision for this kind of car? Because maybe I will need to change it soon.

The truck is lifted an it looks like my lift blocks on the rear axle arnt sitting on the axle mounts right ther is a gap in the rear of them

Rear seat vents are cold. Is there a separate module that controls cooled air entering the vents on each side?

it only does it on acceleration, but it is very distinct I really cant pinpoint it, any help would be great

Looking for repair estimate