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the heat will not come on had the raditor blown out two days ago and the check the engine light will not go out. what to do
went you come to a stop it dies and you have to start
Both my dash board and storage box charges died and before I go to the Toyota service station, I wanted to see what can be done. Thank you, Gary
my passanger mirror was hit and it came off it was undamaged but the wires were riped off and now my windows don't work and the light inside the car dont work either. i took it to a shop and the guy say that a fuse bl...
How and where can I access battery for jump-start?
ok my car is only fireing on 4 cylinders and its a V6. i have replaced coil packs and one coil pack is not fireing that runs the other two cylinders that are not fireing. i also replaced the ignition control module an...
1990 corolla recently started stalling when shifting. If you shift down one gear and dump the clutch it will usually restart but then will stall again. Also it's virtually impossible to use reverse, as soon as the clu...
Car cut off at light,towed home following morning I removed relay and fuse behind battery looks OK. After that car started CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is now on.Drove for two days cut off now wont start.
there is no abs light on now. code co265 co222 co281 were stored.the brake pedal goes to the floor like a bad master cyl.
my car has 75000 mile can any one tell me how much is the 75000 mile service cast?
how long does it take to replace the steering gearbox?
Why is your estimate more than dealership prices?
my car will randomly die after accelorating. it doesnt happen to often but its happened enough that it has become a problem
Car has 239K miles. Took it to mechanic. They said it needed new timing chain. Repaired it for $1200. Drove away and next day it was making noise even louder than before. What should I do? They said I need a new...