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Want alarm system that is best with existing standard security feature.

my rim is all criket and i think it mite have to do with my power sterring

the blower works but controls only turns off or on high

My "Check Engine Light" came on. My car had no symptoms of anything wrong. I took it in and they told me the code was either a 401 or 404 (I can't remember which). They said my EGR valve should be replaced and that may fix the problem, and if I don't replace it, it could damage my engine. I've been reading online, and people are saying that just replacing the valve may not be enough, and that I should clean off the carbon buildup in the system. I'm a 19 year old female with little experience working on cars. How hard/damaging to my car would it be if I were to try and clean and/or replace the EGR valve? I'd be sure to read up on it. Any tips for a first timer like me would be great. Thanks!

they worked fine..wife went to work..tonite she had no lowbeams but did have highbeams...made no other bulb starts hesitation....

i can spray starting fluid and it will start and run. turn the truck off and it will not start on its own. you will have to start it with fluid again.55 lbs fuel pressure.have spark.............

will not take pedal with tps plugged in well, unplugged runs like above ,tps checks ok with scanner , backfire is in exhaust cps has been swapped, book recomends cps variation learning procedure ,what is this and how done nobody seams to know does run better when warmed up good other sensors iI can check check ok only getting 9-10 mpg

connected hids after a month low beam stop working had to connect the hids to high beam to have light, need help

2002 hyundai sonata

changing the touqe converter seal and need to put in new oil

have two small bolts having trouble getting them out

After having the bushings on the rack and pinion replaced the VSC started kicking on when you go into a sharp curve. The dealer has replaced the main computer and a sensor but when I took it home it still does it. They can not figure it out nor did they advise about the recall and they do not think it is related to the other work but it is odd that it started immediately after the bushings were replaced.

Do I have any options? I cannot afford to rebuild or get a new transmission.

running fine 2 days ago next day little bit of a rough idle today cutting out but not dieng firestone replaced plugs and diagnosed

Same with the back windows.