How do I know which front end parts need to be replaced? The front end is out of alignment and it wobbles side to side at slow speeds. Much better at 45 and over. How do I figure out which parts need to be replaced first?

the car is over heating, we did the head, flush the radator. replace the uper and lower radator hoses what more can be wrong

I've been told that only the front part of the catalytic converter needs replacing. I need to have it done prior to inspection as my check engine light is on.
If at all possible, I would like the breakdown of parts and labor so I can fully understand how big of a job this is.

The Info Center on this 2004 Colorado z71 4x4 says "FUEL CAP" but I replaced the fuel cap twice, that did not help. The truck smells like rotten eggs.It has NO CODES. Could it be the EVAP purge Valve/control solenoid?

other 4 coils wont fire.I tried pulling 4 coils and testing on the 2 that were firing they will fire then.What do u think the problem is.?What would be the solution here.?why would 2 of 6 work and 4 others not?

Sometimes Throttle Loping ceases when Auto shifted into Neutral (while driving along); sometimes requires engine to be Shut Down. One one [the worst] occasion, Engine wouldn't re-start when Drive engaged, unless throttle was revving up before pulling into Drive. Dangerous when Volvo_850 accelerating/Loping windy-downhill on brakes, and needing to turn off to kill Loping !!

Coolant is leaking causing car to overheat all the time.

The car has senenty four thousand miles on it. It has also had brake problems.

don't have fuel felter from pump to injector rail

When the car is driven @ a steady speed, mostly @ highway speeds (even w/ cruise control on) it will jolt, feels like very abrupt hiccup or cough (lack of a better way to discribe it). It is so abrupt and forceful that it scares you. When it does this there is no change in the speed of the vehicle. The car has over 200K on it and it has done this almost from day one, now it is doing it more frequently. It is so inconsistant and unpredictable. Could this be the catalytic convert?

My brake light has been replaced, I've checked the wires and the connections all look fine. When I turn on my lights all the lights come on, when I press on the brakes the brake light on the rightside goes out. I don't understand it, I am trying to fix it myself because if I go to the dealership they'll see me a just a woman who knows no better and want to charge me some crazy price for something that might be simple to fix.

I have a 98 Chevy S-10 Blazer LS 4WD 4.3L V6. It started about a month and a half ago, acting just very sluggish. I thought (I am a female, that doesnt know to much about cars) that it may need spark plugs, since I had just bought it about 2 months prior, and no telling when they had been changed. So put in new spark plugs, didnt really change anything. It just got worse as days went on. Suddenly, the check engine light came on. Had the code ran, it said I needed a mass air flow. So I replaced that. Didnt help, but did make the check engine light go off. It continued to get worse, shifting really hard, and late, not wanting to climb hills, but flying down them, very hard, no matter how hard i pressed the gas to get up to speed, when holding the speed at about 50-55 (once I could finally get it up to that speed) it would kind of stutter, or bounce back and forth. meaning the RPM's would bounce from 3000 to 2000 rapidly. I could let out of the gas a tad, and it would stop bouncing like that, but still be very hard to get back up to speed. I bought some of that stuff that you put in your transmission that is suppose to "stop hard shifting, overheating, and slipping". That didnt help either. Yesterday, while driving it home from work, once I came to a stop, and tried to take off from a stop sign, it wouldnt go over 30mph. I figured it was going to snatch into gear as it had been doing at every take off, but never did the rest of the way home, and the check engine light popped back on. I have heard all kinds of stories from people, saying its my transmission (which is most logical to me), others say it may not be getting fuel so its possible it could be my fuel pump, then some even say driveshaft or something to do with driveshaft. Can anybody pleasseee help!! its my daily driver!

the battery was replaced now the cd player indash has the lights flashing and it won't work radio and cassate are ok.

can you estimate cost?

Not showing on this site for estimate!