The reverse lights are intragrated in the neutral saftey and I don't want to loose them.

took car with exhaust smell leak evertime we drive to ford dealer who diagnosed a very expensive repair with two different prices amost 2k to fix havent done this yet does anyone know what is going on any recall available for this odd leak? TYVM

It started after I replaced my water pump.

The shifter stops at Drive and will not go into the lower gears

mechanic said i needed front pasenger side s wheel sensor i installed sensor but light stays on the codes he put down werent four ditgits but regardless asumming he was correct why would the light stay on. oil pressure light has been coming on for seven months but car has no problem driving. i can make it go off temperarily by pumping pedal first. I got stryt plates replaced but still get crunchingsounds

My Lexus has had trouble starting. Battery checked out okay, so probably starter. How complicated is it to change, and how much time should a mechanic need?

that will fit my 2007 pt crusier. goes in all the gears 1-5..... but will not go into reverse....done some research on this & found out that the bushings do go out!!! thank ya'll in advance.

I can hear the motor work and the window goes down about 1/8 of an inch. It doesn't matter which switch is being used (either the drivers side switch or the switch on the passenger door).

I have a bad vibration when I drive down the road. It gets worse when I slow down. It don't vibrate to bad when I accelerate it go's away alittle.

over heated

When I drive I notice a foul burning smell, and smoke...the wheel on the left side is very hot to touch. Then when it happens, I have to let it cool off because I can't get the car to move...the car also shakes when I drive at 60mph or higher.

cost to replace the balance shafts on thsi 2.4L 4-cyl engine?

I have a 1999 E320. My AC stopped work the other day. The clutch isn't engaging and the controller have defaulted to the EC Mode. I checked the fuse underhood and is OK. I checked freon and appears to be normal (although not sure since compressor is not turning).
Anyone have any advise as to the problem ?


just got cylinoid replaced 2 months ago.. now it won't go anywhere but reverse...please help

The 2006 M/Benz E350 is having Fuel Pump problem and it is advised that that the entire fuel Tank has to be replaced as the F/Pump can not be replaced individually. please advise the estimate cost of replacing the F/Tank. Thanks. Mumin