How do i jump it to get the compressor to come on so I can get it to take the freon

The parts are new. please include labor cost as well.

Can hear it attempt to fire but nothing.

retractable hard top stopped functioning while being opened it almost finished but fell short. Is there a way to operate manually or a solution that I can try to fix. 1st time this has happen.Can the car be driven while in operation mode or be towed to the mechanic.

when i put the car in drive it doesnt go foreward it goes backward same with all the gears it is an automatic transmition

where is the location of the electronic power steering fuse

my ford explore idles rough ,check engine light comes on

I am having a problem with the automatic passenger side door only opening 7 inches then it stops. Also when fully open, it will only close about 7 inches then it stops. After this problem started, the door also became very hard to open and close manually (requiring more force than the drivers side door). What is the like problem?

Jeep 2005 Liberty 3.7L V6 4WD Saw where exhaust and front drive shaft need to be removed in order to replace starter

but then started dying when stopping,, i changed spark plugs and that made it worse

if u unhook it and put it back on days later it starts fine . the battery is good otherwisewhats the problem

Just bought the 2007 530xi. I am asking if the noise I am about to describe is normal or a problem. The sound starts at about 10km and continues at all higher speeds. The only way I can describe the sound is that it is the same as listening to the tire friction sounds when a 4x4 with very large tires drives by. My tires are new, but I am quite certain it is not the tires. Sound appears to be coming from the front of the car. Is this sound normal to this car? I expected it to be much quieter.

Motor starts missing and runs rough until the rpms are over 2000

i have changed fuel pumps and filter my car will start but will not stay running but about 5min or so

the Drl lights flash all the time when the bright lights are on