my mazda tribute has been a good car till now, i parked it as usual went to start it the next morning and would not catch would just crank and crank i noticed the upper plenum was busted so i changed it and new gaskets after that it started but ran with a really bad skip so i borrowed a friends code scanner and it said number one and two cylinders not firing so changed plugs still not firing so i changed coil packs for those cylinders and figured i got everything covered well code still says one and two not firing anyone have ideas what else i can try??? i would appreciate any help
can also send help emails to
thank you

I just had my oil changed and a 12 point inspection done on my car 3 days ago. Tonight on the way home I noticed the oil light in my car would flash on and off red when braking and idleing. What's going on? Should it be towed? The oil level is perfect and the light does not stay on. Should I be concerned?

The van runs fine and has plenty of power on acceleration. Idles at normal rpm, Idel air control motor is working good, egr valve works good by manual depression. Vacuum is steady at 15 inches of mercury. Inspected spark plugs, no problems found, cleaned rotor, distributor cap and inspected plug wires. No emission codes. It's not to bad in park but is very noticeable and sounds like it's going to die at a stop in drive.

I have relaced the brake switch and the combination switch works.Where do I go from here?I know the brake switch also works w/the cruise.If cruise is engaged it WILL NOT disengaged using the brake,it accelerates,but it will disengage using the switch on steering wheel.????

my air bag light is on and my brights wont work when i turn them on.

need to find out if all three are related to the same issue if it could be a flasher or if they are not related

It makes a whinning sound I've been told it is the powersteering pump is that expensive?

Cooling fans, reverse lockout, shift light, and speedo all quit working after sitting for 2 months. I shot the fuse box and found fuse# 2,3,4,5 with no voltage..does anyone have an idea as to what these fuses are for, should they have power when engine is running? Any idea as to why is common and what the possible failure can be?

The fuel filler access door, which is normally opened by pressing on it, will occasionally not operate and this requires a trip to the dealer who uses a "special tool " to solve the problem. The last visit cost me $60. ... Any ideas or suggestions?

keeps flashing no matter what speed im driving

Front squeak--gasket seems to be problem

changed the modulator today and now have both trouble codes... what should I do , I do not have a rough idle or it does not die ..... dont know what to do

needs to be replaced have used one that work to put back on

The first time the car shut off while I was coming to a stop but I was able to turn it back on and continued to drive it for a good week. After driving about 700 miles back home from out of state it totally shut off while on the freeway. I was traveling at least 70mph. It turned back on and continued to shut on and off while I was on the street.

headlights come on, but dash lights and tail lights don't. Brake lights and turn signals work fine.