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I would like to know what all is inolved in changing the power steering pump on my van. I am very mechanically inclined and just sort of wanted a starting point and what all is required to be removed.

Whats the repair cost on a rear main seal on a 4wd? Does the oil pan have to be removed for this? Does the front diff have to be removed when dropping the oil pan?

The driver's outside door handle started to pull away from the door. I bought a new one, but I can't figure out how to get the old one out and the new one in.

My car now has 200,000 miles on it. For a couple of years now, the A/T oil temp light has been coming on after about 30 miles of driving. I have had several mechanics look at it, but none has been able to solve it. the car now has a new engine, rebuilt transmission, and a million other things. It is practically new on the inside. So, where should we be looking?

noise or when i'm driving slow i hear whinning noise?

but you can turn it off and turn back on and it will do the samething. It was at one point blowing the fuse, but now as I said it only goes silent after 5 seconds, no more fuse blowing.

Is there a lockout for this? will it hurt to drive the car. I am 1000 mi from home? What would cause this problem?

I drained it off and it still smoke can I let the car run until it clear out because I no that its on the spark plugs. HELP!

I need a diagram of the location of the flasher relay on my Explorer.

I took out the fuse to shut them off.

looking for the B port location. I changed the one near the egr valve. the other one is in the exhaust some where

I am my own mechanic doing a little research and need an opinion. I need to know exactly where the problem can occur, whether its cables, sensor,relay, or even the ECU?,

I know it gets adjusted with shims. But I don't know what the clearance should be. I don't want to just guess for a maximum performance. Please respond as soon as you can. The owner has only one vehicle. If there is two or more option, please give me all of them. I'll figure it out. here is again my email: hamidkhatabi at yahoo dot com. Thanks alot.

where is it located

The only thing that needs to be replaced is the switch for the vent control which I bought from Ford for approx. $50.00 but haven’t installed yet, I would include the part in the box with receipt with the sale. The heating / air conditioning system works fine but only comes out the defrost.