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The engine light for my sebring is on and has been on for the past week. When going up a hill at a high rate of speed it makes a weird noise. What could be the problem? It has 120,000 miles on it.
My all wheel drive disables its self with the light coming on and the abs light coming on with it when im driving and sometines when i just back out of my drive way... So i stop it turn the engine off and restart it ...
hi! i got a 94 nissan hardbody 4cylinder manual. i used 1,2,3 and 5th gear u can hear sound like a grinding metal but if i shift to 4th gear hear nothing, what's wrong with my truck?
car does not start turning corner and car just shut off will not start
Hi, My Element, which has been very faithful to me, began having trouble starting up ever since I left my lights on at work one day. I jumped it and it worked ok for a few months, but then after a while the car would...
What is the average cost for replacing brake pads on a 2004 Ford Ranger 4x4 in the Midwest?
I was doing 65 mph on highway the engine just stopped running. now it will not start.I bought truck 3 days ago.the oil stick was bone dryput oil in still wont start.
I just bought a 2001 Lincoln LS. I went out to start it today and it turned over but would not start. The LED security light stayed blinking after the key was inserted. This happened with the spare key also. Any sugge...
how often should I have radiator flushed?
heater blower wont work after being replaced it just clicks.what could it be?
engine had no oil reading on dip stick had to add 5 qts. but still wont start just got the truck on sunday
Started lastr night and today veacale will shake when idoling and get wores when driving. check engine light is flashing.
Having hard time starting car in 30 degree weather during morning.
Noticing white & green acid powder build up.
in morning as temp.gauge goes up it gets to 200degree then thermostat opens and temp.goes down and moves upto 180then down to 150 as you drive