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Can anybody give me the procedure to drop the steering column to be able to fix the tilt and telescope?
Does my 1996 mercury grand marquis have a battery or block heater?my car wont start in the mornings when its real cold
My car just started skipping while driving, while sitting idle at a light feels like its shaking really bad an wants to cut off. what do i need to do
When i step on brake pedal, brake lights come on for an instant but then go off with more pressure. I had a new brake switch installed which i thought solved the problem but it is now doing the same thing, even after ...
1997 ford taurus car blows cold air had system flushed it had a lot of brown thick nasty stuff in it had the oill changed car still blows cold air changed the thermostadt and had heater core flushed car blows warm air...
How do I find outwhat size fuzes go where?Ineed to find outwhy my blinkers quit working all of a sudden.My fuze cover just has numbers and I dont have the owners manual.
one head light is out and I want to replace both head lights at the same time. there isn't enough room for my hand to get behind the bulbs and unscrew to pull out. what the trick?
It is getting fire and gas-Do you think it could be in the security?
THE 5 SPEED AUTOMATIC 4x4 drive TRANSMISSION COUPLED TO THE 5.7 MULTI DISPLACEMENT ENGINE has almost no engine braking on steep mountian roads. The trailer towing weight limit is more then 7,000 lbs. This jeep is dan...
make's a clunking noise wen going over a speed bump and wen truning a corner
I can't find the fuel pump relay
I got a 97 ford f350 with the 5.8 and its 4x4 auto and i think the transmission harness is bad or coroded what transmission is in it is it the saem as my 92 ford f350 wit hte 7.3 diesel it has the e4od can i take th...
sometimes i can turn my truck off but the radio continues to play,Even when i open the door,Then it don't come on when i start the truck,this has happen maybe two to three times a mouth.
my 2003 mounaineer is rapidly leaking antifreeze up near the firewall. this is the 2nd time it's happened. any ideas?