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how do i locate this part?

estimate to remove old heads, price of new alum. heads,and reinstall the NEW alum. heads?

My car wouldn't start. Me mechanic changed the flywheel but the problem was not fixed. I took it to the dealership and they had to fix the lock system. My mechanic still wants to charge $550 for changing my flywheel and not fixing my problem, what should I do?

can i clean out the charcoal canister ? Is there any issues in changing one..? do i need any special tools

My truck is stuck in 4wheel drive. The light on the indicator switch wont work. No service lights has came on.

I replaced a thermostat about 2 months ago after my 2005 gto overheated i just had to replace it again the other day , but this time it wasnt the problem. when my heat is all the way up it still blows cold air and my car overheats i need to know what the problem is. besides the water pump or heater core im running outta ideas.

I took it to a different shop where they inspected it and told me their's not getting the first gear.everthing found is pertaining to the trans repair. what should I do.they are refusing that they done damage and they don't want me to return .they were disrespectful and rude.

I could not get the old ones out, not enpugh room. Do I have to pull the axle?

the fuel gauge just stays on empty and do,nt move

Looks like connection between tubing and sprayer is not working or lost or missing and do not know what that part called

all of the readings stopped working and i hear a noise. i needed windsheild wiper fluid and the light is not lit up anymore

have a clicking noise in passanger side front and drivers side rear. doesn't do it all the time.

There's a crack in the heated side mirror. Purchased the replacement, wondering how to go about replacing it.

Need time and price for heater blend door replacement on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

My ignition lock cyllinder just fell out. Pops in and out and works . what broke? would u fix this or just carry parts in my man purse?