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Oil is leaking in five different places in the engine. Mechanics don't know where and want to wait until the pistons blow to make repairs so they can find the leaks. I'd rather get it fixed now. Should I rebuild or buy a new engine?

I think its stuck on a small eyeglass cleaning cloth I put in the ashtray. Help!

this is in addition to cars actual fan.when engine off, the fan noise stays on for about 30-45 seconds. is this a servo type problem? none of the indicator lights are registering this activity when ignition is off.

i always thought that it was a gradual thing not all at once i did get new fluid and a filter going to change that tomarrow` will let u know

the car quit running & we are trying to figure out a close figure on the repair value .

What will cause this code, I seen something about a gas cap and I am sure that is not the problem since I had that issue already and the code was different. I have a vapor leak somewhere in the coolant system, would that cause this code because everything is running well except every now and then I have to add coolant to the overflow resivour.

my car is missing and these are the codes that come up. could u tell me what these codes stand for

The car is 5 speed manual trans. but gears shift smoothly. Has a funky burning greasy smell.

dash lights for 4x4 high and 4x4 low flashed on an off a few times.

i am having problems replacing frot motor mount

P0432 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2)
P0422 Main Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
P0411 Secondary Air Injector Incorrect Flow
Do I need to change my catalytic converters or 02 sensors?

getting a puff of smoke when sarting with 120,000 miles o the engine and regular oil changes

we replaced cam sensor and still not getting fire what so ever

I am attempting to replace the automatic transmission fluid pressure solenoid. Where is it located? Under the hood or attached to the transmission (transaxel) under the car?
The car is a GT2 with 95,000 miles.
I noticed the car was up-shifting roughly yesterday. I checked the fluid the following day and it was NOT low. I talked to Pep-Boys technician who said "Check online forms". The forms told me it was either a bad fluid pressure solenoid or it needs a flush (did at 60,000). I bought an ACDelco 24219819 Automatic Transmission Solenoid for $25 online. Now all I need to know is where to put it.

Is there a backlight or fuse that works the digital cluster? You can still make out numbers but they don't light up. Also the computer displays that the brake light circut failed. Lights work but still displays failure.