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Drained battery because the fan will not stop running
Does anyone know what size tires a 1999 Dodge Caravan takes? It's the sport edition. I don't have the vehicle with me to check the tire size.
#4&6 cylender mist fire and also the air bag light is on too
#6&4 cylinder are miss fireing
wipers work but no pump noise or fluid
i bought this car 2 weeks ago. no owners manual. it started leaking transmission oil and it wouldn't run or shift n good, but since it was just a loose hose thing (sorry don't know exact word) we fixed it and it stopp...
I smell wires burning when I turn on heater, someone told me it could be the coils in the motor (blower) burning out. I would like to replace if I knew where it is Thank you
in the summer my fan unit stopped working on a few of the positions but worked on the others. then all at once none of the worked. now in trying to repair it, found that the unit actually melted without blowing fuse....
Is 2000 rpm`s on cold start-up too high?
Is 2000 rpm`s on cold start-up too high?
I had driven the car about a month ago and then parked it . Last week I went to take it out again I noticed I have no nav screen or radio. The screen is blank and won't turn on. I checked all the fuses both under the ...
my problem with my car is that the a/c and heater control broked ,, and i change it by buying a new one but it dosnt work ,, do i need to a program for it ? or what i have to do ?
When I run my A/C my car seems to not have as much power. Also there is a louder-the-normal noise when a fan kicks on, it seems to be coming from the A/C area in the engine.
when to change spark plugs