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Where is the module located and how do I replace it. Dealer says I need a new air ride control module.
Power steering fluid leaks out of car in day or two
Does Rick Baildon still work here. If not where so I can have him work on my truck.
Is it possible that ball joints in a 2006 CLS 500 wound need to be replaced after just 59k highway miles ?
what kind of power steering fluid do i need for 2004 ML 350
first the front driver side window went out about 3 days ago now all the windows wont roll down and you cant hear motor
i was driving to work the engine cut off i tried to restart it but it sound like the timing belt broke but i checked the belt and the timing but it was right it has to be something else. what else could it be the engi...
want to make sure i don't have thermostat in backwards
Where do I check / add brake fluid? I don't see anything under the hood that matches the picture in the owner's manual. Driver's side or passenger's side? Front of the engine compartment or towards the rear?
my truck will not start its a fuel issue water in the fuel i have drained the tanks put on a new fuel filter and primed the filter and still it wont start
i bought my car used after a month i had to replace the water pump which was covered by wearrenty form dealer. after it was replaced the frist time it went out again within a week replaced it again and the next day ...
2001 camry headlights wont turn off without pulling the relay , also wont come on without putting relay back in. every other light and function works fine
the engine service light on, how to turn it off
constant knocking noise, worst when excelerating
sensor going into the transmission on the edge of the trans. oil pan, withelectrical plug is leaking .whats it called