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My radiator cracked a little while ago and I continued to drive the car about 300 mi after the incident while keeping an eye on the coolant level then I parked it for about two months until I got the money to get it r...
how to reduce slow lever rpm
how to reduce lever rate
my heat went out in my 2005 kia sportage, i noticed smoke that looked and smelled like wire was burning, I had the blower replaced but heat still doesn't work. Is this a wiring issue the mechanic said that the plug an...
reset fuel pump shutoff switch where is it
Why when i turn on the hot air to defrost the windshield the air does not come out from that vent but it keeps coming out from other vents , the heat works but does not defrost the windshield please send answer to hai...
how do i find a trouble coad?
cant get my car out of gear its in park
the past 3 tanks of gas my gas milege has gone from 424 a tank of gas to about 300 what would cause it to drop that much?
car died on freeway,no noise or smoke.cranks fine but wont start.
I just got the racket pinion done on my 2001 ford taurus, when I was on my way to get my son which is 15 minutes away before i got 2 miles the engine light went on and wont go off...what could be the problem?
My 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante stammers while idling as if it wants to jump timing . It especially loves to do it while I am stuck in traffic or at stop light (especially when brakes are applied). I sometimes put the car...
It has never happened before today, it was while I was driving home today that the light came on and said to check the emission control right away. Thank you for your reply and advice
heater works good most of the time, then it will blow cold air
car would not start switch on the column probably need tobe rplacesd