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I always seem to break those plastic clips holding on the trim.
Thanks in advance.

problems with the evap system. Could the transmission work have caused this problem?

I just got rear brake pads installed on my car a few weeks ago. The first 48 hrs, I heard a very subtle rubbing sound while driving. I thought it was because they were new. I normally gauge my fuel economy and I'm literally at half of the miles that I should be based on having half a tank of gas left. Is it possible that the new brake pads are rubbing?? Or is it coincidence?

I guess a tune up is made of of other things in your list? If I am given an extimate of a full tune up how do I know what a fair price is?

i want to charge the air conditioning system of my E-350 by my self; I need to know the right quantity of R134 gas to fully charge up the system. I dont have the owner's manual as a guide at the moment. Can someone help me?

2001 maxima 5speed v6.2 wires under the driver seat.but it doesnt have power seats.what are they

The car starts but immediately stalls. A computer scan shows the ignition spark module. I would like to get one from a junk yard and change it myself but don't know where it is located

After driving steady for an hour, when I pull in line behind somebody - drive thru, my car sometimes starts to overheats. The temp gauge indicators rises alomost to the red. I turn the heat on and put the fan on high and within 60 seconds, the guage returns to normal. The thermostat and housing was just changed and the same thing happened again. There are no check engine indicators on.

i have been working on the valves i have adj many times still getting noise could the valves be 180 out causing this noise?The car also tries to stall but catches it self and stay runnig not smooth

The ABS light is still on my vehicle when I had the sensors(right/front) replaced based on the code of B0221. It did not solve the problem, but now gives me a code of B0221 & B0222(wheel signal). What causes this?? Help!!

Where can I find drive cycle routine for a nissian xterra.

my truck had great heat a month later gone ..Now the blower still blows air ,however no heat and there is a qiet knocking sound .and if i dont keep the climate bottun on cold you will here this sound,right around half way to max heat.blower blow's fine .how do i check the heater valve...

When I drive over a speed bump I hear squick come from the left wheel

Owners manual recommendations to change transmisson fluid

Why does my 2004 Infiniti QX56 smells like gas when I turn it on?