it doesnt tel how

The light stays on until the car is turned off. When restarted the light is off and may or may not come back on. All it takes is barely touching the brake pedal to cause it to come on. The brakes work fine so I'm thinking some sensor or relay?

this car is getting great gas pressure,it runs great sitting still what is the deal of a mat or an iac sensor on this model the check engine light is not on.the only code it had was a oxygen sensor and we put a new one on the car,we have put new ingition modcule,and new coils,and i have a new set of plugs to go into this car too.i have a new mator iac sensor ordered to go on this car too.

I have a navigation system with single cd, and 6 cd changer in the center console. What could be causing this, and how do I fix it ( make the noise stop)?Everything works fine, but the clicking noise is annoying.

Hello All!
I need help, desperately!! I have a 2002 Camry Toyota V6 XLE, which has about 101,000 miles. For the last 8 months I have been experiencing the same problem over and over. When approaching a stop sign or a red-light my car starts to sputter/"shake" and then when coming to a complete stop the car just shuts off ( music still plays) and all the lights turn on, on the dash. The car turns back on while tapping on the gas while i am turning the key. I noticed that the RPM is less than 1000 when it occurs and also the "needle" or what ever you call it, flickers as the car is sputtering.
I brought it to Toyota, where they fixed an air flow meter, and a mass air flow sensor. That did not take care of the problem. The car continued to present in the same manner. I then brought it to Firestone, and they said it could be a pump vac or something, which they replaced. Once again, this did not fix the problem. Now 8 months later and $1,100 poorer, my car is in the same condition. No check engine lights are on when this occurs. What could it be? Please help!!!

I have change almost everything in my car!, Bought a new pcm, and I'm thinking the codes aren't the same as the car? If that makes sense. I'm not a mechanic. My dad has tried to help me as well, but he is stumped. Tried to take it to a mechanic, but they say their computers don't do electrical things? I don't know, I'm just really tired of putting new parts in it, and nothing making it run. Any ideas?

when you turn on the a c the clutch doesnt engage

would a mat sensor cause a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass supreme not to run when you put the car in gear to back up car will run as long as you pat gas like pumping up a tire the car has great gas pressure.the car runs great where it sit's

The lights come on, the battery is new and connections are sound. It either makes no sound, or one click when I turn the key. It is a very random occurence but is beginning to happen more often, It has about 162,000 miles.

also when I hit the lock doors on the remote it won't stop honking.

while the car is in idle {warm up} its like it wants to stall. while driving at about 35 and higher i get he same problem loping or arratic idle. whats up check all the vacuum hoses but haven't changed the plugs or wires yet i used some dry gas treatment thimking maybe its my fuel injectors what do you think the nest step shoukd be,

I have changed the brake shoes and pads, rotors, and drums. The vibration is still there. I also rotated the tires. No change. I have jacked the car up, and turned the wheels, and checked for play. There is none. CV's seem to be fine as well. The 2007 Malibu has only 37,000 miles on it.

Thank you,

when car is in gear it will not go through first gear as your driving. it will not automatically shift into gear, and speedometer not working

All other windows work fine and because I don't hear anything when trying specific switch, I was told it's unlikely the motor.

Blows back fuel when filling up. Have to fill it SUPER slow or in short bursts. Very frustrating. Thanks.