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Sometimes the lights would come on after running but now they have just stopped coming on all together....
the truck idles fine but when you drive it it seems to flood or miss and when u check the oil it is overfull with gas in it
I was involed in a collsion and wanted to see what should I expect for the front of my car to be repaired
wipers only work on one speed.
How much should be paid to replace the shifting cable in an automatic transmission?
heater doesn't blow hot air
my engine started running hot sun,my heat stop working it only blows cold air,is this the thermostat
My jeep's check engine light recently came on and around the same time I notice that the running temperature dropped? It is normally right under 210 degrees and now it is around 150 degrees. I would go and get the ch...
I have codes PO341 & PO420 how can I fix these?
back side breakes
i went for inspection and oil change. mechanic said the is a fungus and should have my antifreeze flushed out i have 63,000 miles is this would cost about 90 dollars.
we stop the car and now it wont turn over and it has power going to the engine, tried to jump it and it still wouldnt start
Miss at low to mid speed when slight increase in speed. I notice it pretty bad when following big trucks that are loaded heavily on hills. I drive flag car. slow to between 25 to about 40 then increase speed slowly...
when I try to switch from heater to defrost it wont switch
my car wont pick up speed and it hesitates when i try to excellerate i changed the fuel filter and air filter is there any thing else i can do thats not costly