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Transmission whines when the speed is past 15mph and won't shift into 2nd gear. Also service engine light is on and the code that comes up is P1633.
steering gear broken, put in a used column and it won't go up and down now, made sure power going to all switches and motors, didn't help, tried switching parts from old motor to new motor didn't help, if i take the m...
96 Jimmy with auto Transmission leaks between the pan and the case when warm out side and you travel a distance of 10 miles or more now that it is cold out it don't leak, when it is hot it just sprays it out every whe...
its not blowing heat or holding antifrezz change water pump and thermesat still over heating
Blower motor won't shut off with ign. switch that was the other night next day went to check it out reconnected the battery I disconected to shut off blower and then it worked like it should got home tonight and got a...
Hi everyone! Can you tell me what this code means, where the sensor is located, and how it affects the running of the engine? I would appreciate any feedback I get.
ABS light comes on sometimes and stays on after starting
My steering wheel was very hard to turn 3 days ago and I thought it was my power steering fluid, but that wasn'nt it then I notice to the right of the power steering fluid I notice that the small belt was worn out and...
truck runs great until you shut it off then i have to wait 30 to 45 min to start back up then it will run awesome again it started doing it when real hot out now its forty degrees out and its doing it again
The engine is shaking and dies very often every time when the car is brakes and stop with the shift gear is still on DRIVE "D" section.
my 2005 ford escape will not go into gear now.every time it gets cold it took a while for it to go into gear now it will not go into gear at all HELP they want 4 grand for a new tranny.i have kids and cant aford it ...
emergency brake will not stay on. How hard is it to access the locking mechanism under the dash?
Is this the cost to replace a serpentine belt as well on a 2005 Pontiac Vibe? I wasn't sure if the serpentine belt is a drive belt or something different.
replace thermalstat and it still runing hot
Passenger side operates correctly but Driver Side Arm does not move. I tried tightening the arm nut but still does not move. Any thoughts?