Took the car to the dealership and they tested the relay but that wasnt the problem. In order to get the car started i have to turn the ignition key all the way on and manually stick another key in the relay to start it. the dealership was totally lost, and said it might be electrical but wanted to charge $243.00 just for a diagnostic, didnt include repair. Please help anyone who might have a clue what this problem could be.

I want to know the best way with least resistance and the least amount of damage to the car

they say if i can find a used one I need the the original key also is this true

we replaced air mass sensor. still have the samed code any suggestions

Dealership says they can't seem to find anything wrong. There is something wrong with the vehicle why can't they seem to find out whats causing the problem.

My check engine keeps coming on and it was missing at idle. The check engine diagnostic was misfire on cylinder two. i took it to a dealer they told me i had the wrong spark plugs. (I got them from Autozone). They supposedly cleaned the injectors. I seemed to be better after the repairs but then it started over again. i ran injector cleaner and used high octane gasoline. I still have the same problem. it misses on idle and cut out going up a hill. Yes the check engine light still comes on and off. I was told to clean the throttle body next. Do you have a page that shows me how to do this. I do not trust the so called experts at the dealership.

I am just looking for a ball park selling price for this vehicle. Less than 100,000 miles, engine seems fine, some undercarriage rust, break lines need replacing, transmission is toast.

just bought car lat week. car will crank, not start. Was told to disarm the alarm first. HOW?

how to replace crankshaft position sensor A ? code PO335

Replacing the right rear lamp assembly doesn't fix the problem. The fuses under the hood all test good. The problem started when I exchanged the map/dome lights for LED bulbs. Changing them back doesn't fix the problem. I don't know what else to do.

car is missing when driving slight jerks, after driving for awhile you can not restart it right away, you have to give it about 15-20 minutes before it will turn over again? Mercury Sable 2001 - 2.4l DOHC V6.

What do I need to replace the ECT Sensor or the Idle control sensor or both?

I smell a strong fuel odor both inside the vehicle and outside. The odor is not as strong outside the vehicle. Any ideas on what this could be.

if accessible, I hope I can fix myself

The dealer said that a dynamic dampener would fix this but it did not