What else do I need to check or look for?

the check engine light was blinking and the whole truck starts to shake.

This should be an easy fix but I cannopt access the top part to remove the old one and replace it. How do I get at it? Remove dash pieces? If so how do I do that?

My civic is a CX. I was told that because it's a CX model they cound not replace just the catalytic conveter alone. the whole system would need to be replaced. the estimate was $1260. comment please BBarbb.

I'm relocating to California and need to know if my truck will pass emissions test. If not what will it need to be compliant?

The motor has great compression has good spark and is getting fuel the timing belt is perfectly in time and every ground has been checked and has a good ground the motor will turn over but will not start it will just wine no codes are shown on the diagnostic

After car has been run for a couple of hours the following happens: come to a stop, press on the gas and nothing happens. No rpm increase, nothing. Then all of a sudden it will take off.

The car gave no indication of trouble, slow start or hard to start, before this.

need to possibly replace this to finish the electrical system in car.

would the bad rotors cause the service traction light to come on?

it do it all the time

p0446-Evaporative System Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit

I replace the master switch on the crv since the button got broke and now the driver side works but not the other 3 windows and even the moon roof doesn't even work. Even the keys are out you can still put the driver side up or down and I know that shouldn't happen.

iv'e change thermostat water pump because it was over heating. but still no heat.

I have been give different prices and I'm really at a lost here. I don't want to buy a new vehicle so I'm willing to have it fixed but at some of these prices I feel like maybe I should get a new one.