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instuments panel dont work, car runs but all instruments out....I have no diagnostic codes...lights go dim still running
This problem occurs after I took car to the shop to replace an alternator
a couple of months ago i had to start slamming the rear glass door on the trunk for it to close. On Nov 26 2010 my transmission went out,I had it repair when i pick the car up frm the shop now the glass door dont clos...
I have checked fluid it is full.after it warms up it sounds alot better.If anybody has had this problem let me know the best fix.thank you.triump 68
My Gas Gage is pretty wild, just want to know is it a major repair or is it the fuel box, plaese help
i think the cylanoid is going out in my saturn, but i am worried about how much it will cost and if the symptoms are correct. If i have been driving fora litle while, the car dies and wont start for about an hour. al...
my whole instrument cluster panel no longer lights up. is it fuse related??
When starting vehicle it starts w/high rpm. sometimes rpm's come down on their own & sometimes not, so I turn the vehicle off. also when driving it sometimes has a jump in the rpm's that does not go down & when this g...
just starer oil light stay on . but i have agood oil lever.
my 1991 ford ranger 2.3 5speed tranny has done something kinda locked up on me on the freeway.i can shift into differtn gears but when i put it in neutral i hear a grinding noise and it wants to roll.does any...
blower fan does not come on when turned on to either heat or ac; however, when heat is turned on, I can feel residual heat from vents after car has warmed up and traveled a distance.
My ABS kicks in hard when I brake. I keep my foot on the brake and it fights me! It is pushing up and takes longer to brake. Sometimes I wonder if she will stop. The 4MATIC light comes on too. Does this mean the...
can`t get power to heater switch no fuses listed for heater inside cab or under hood or for a/c any other places to look?
how do u change a washer pump on a 2007 dodge grand caravan
does a 2000 honda accord v-6 need to have the timing belt replaced every 90,000