The person we bought it from said it would cost about 350.00 to fix but not sure what the problem is & cant reach the one that sold the car to us.

I have changed the fuses and don't know what else it could be

My car does a little noise and I open the cap on the top of the engine and it looses power and then it gets it back and I don't know what the problem with it is

rings gone bad, and valves

Truck sounds as if it has low compression when I start it it just sounds clogged and is getting hot

i just replaced the optispark,wires and plugs twice

What are the proper steps that I need to take to successfully flush the entire break system, and What parts are recomend it to change "if any" at the time of the procedure?

Have used at least 1 gallon of additive/injector cleaner has NOT made any difference. Took it to AutoZone checked the computer for codes NONE. Runs fine once you get away from Idle.

wondering if it won't start without interlock switch on
clutch peddle hooked up?

Trans. Fail Safe Prog appears in the Check Control. Now there is no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. I can only drive in 4th and 5th gear. Is problem in the tranny or the gearshift electrnic system (Electroni transmission control module)

It will on drive in 4 and 5th gear

Both left and right side head lights fuses are good. Is the relay burned out?

my lights go dim and then they get bright and go dim again

I have to put the handle back. If I forget the little bell goes off to remind me.

When you start the car they tick and goes crazy sometimes they straighten up and do what they are suppose to.