My park assist failed shortly before I replaced the battery. Could this be due to a low charge on the battery? Also, once battery was replaced, the CD player went out. Swedish car place across the street quoted me $2k to fix the individual components, but it seems like a simple computer upgrade or reset would solve this issue considering everything was centered around the battery being replaced. Anyone have a similar issue?

my battery light is on on my dash,,the gauge shows its charging,but the light is on.when I unplug the 2 wire pigtail on the alt. the light goes off what the helll

I'm getting a little smoke on start up, it clears after the engine is running for a minute. I'm using about 1 qt. of oil every 2 weeks, and I'm putting 85 miles per day on it. The truck and engine only has 117,000 miles on it.

2006 dodge caravan. fuses seem to be ok. harness maybe?

I turned on the heat and I could hear the fan blowing but no air was coming from the console vents. It was blowing from the defrost vent and floor vents, but not the console vents. Then the 'change oil soon' light came on. And it had been changed less than a week ago. I reached my destination and turned off the car and it sat for an hour. When I turned it back on, the 'change oil soon' light AND the 'service engine soon' light came on. The oil light went out after a minute, but the service light stayed on. The car sounds fine, the temp gauge stayed good (didn't overheat) but that light makes me nervous and I don't understand why there is no air coming from the console vents.

It sounds like a rubber sqeak even just turning the sreeing wheel.

has been installed. I think it may be electrical? How much would it cost to have this looked at. Old car don't want to put much money into it.

Is it practical to replace one side only?

These gauges are in the lower dash readouts

While driving one day all of a sudden the oil light came on and when I went to hit the gas, it wouldn't go, it came to a stop but all lights & radio still worked. It made no noises at all. I have had 2 different people tell me different things and I do believe there just trying to get money out of me. One says I need a whole new motor cause it more than likely ruined it, but the other says theres no way it ruined the motor! I don't know so I was hoping someone has had this problem before could tell me what they had to do when theres broke.

I am interested in buying this car but when you put into any gear it dies. the owner says he had transmission problems and had the fluid changed. I am a pretty decent mechanic but am dumbfounded by why this happens. I have a replacement tranny but dont know if it would be something else. Help

I replaced the master cyclender (twice and bench bled bolth). Replaced break booster. Removed A.B.S (in fear it was traping air) and put in tee fitings. Replaced all pads, disks, and drums. self adjusters work. Bled all lines longest to shortest from the master. Bled Untill no bubbles and then some. With the van NOT running it has full pedal. When started the pedal goes to the floor with little effort.

I was told from a chevy dealer that I need a new motor(7000)instead of replacing the camshaft autuator. I wanted to know how much is an autuator and is it expensive to replace?

husband was changing #1 spark plug and the inerds and top broke and rest is still in there

What is considered low voltage?