how to replace my front end assembly

2000 v6 chevy silverado

A couple months ago, my car started giving me an intermittent check engine light. It would be on for a little while, then turn off. I also had some rough idling when the car started. The CEL is no longer on while driving, but when I turn the key to the Accessory position, the light comes on and flashes 10 times, then stays solid.

More recently (2 weeks ago), my car wouldn't start. I had it jump started and when I got home I noticed that after I shut off the engine something kept turning on/off (which is why my battery drained). Mechanic told me he replaced a relay and smog pump. It worked great . . . for 2 weeks.

The past 2 days I hear what sounds like a fan below the engine running after I've turned the car off. I also smell something burnt.
Tonight, my car would not start (again). Battery appeared fine as all my interior lights worked and so did my power door locks, but when I turned the key I got nothing but flashing interior lights and clicking sounds. After the car got towed home, the battery was drained (again).

Any idea what's going on? Why is something still running when the engine is turned off and how do I fix it?

I have gotten estimates from 600. to 1000. I undersand the part runs anywhere from 50.-100. and the labor is the issue due to engine and or transmission being seperated.

3.5L V6 engine.

I have 98 grand am 179K, i recent went to get an oil change the tech suggested i need a coolant flush because mines was muddy. During the flush the muddy water clogged up the thermastat and that had to be replaced. When i left the shop my engine light came on now it runs rough and sometimes shut off. What did they do to my car?!!! It was fine before then!!!

after putting 12v to temp sensor engine stalled then turned off

only does it when i stop and drive

I have a 2002 Silverado 3500 that has a blinking SECURITY light that comes on in the MESSAGE CENTER when I turn off the vehicle and open the door. Yesterday I tried buying a pair of OEM key FOBs, as mine didn't have any when I bought it from the guy a month ago, and during the programming process where you are supposed to hold down the vehicle UNLOCK button while cycling the ignition on and off
twice, then let go of the switch and it is supposed to lock and unlock
itself, thereby indicating that the truck is in "learn" mode, nothing
happened. After I cycle the ignition twice and let off of the UNLOCK
button, nothing happens. Therefore I am unable to program the key
FOBs...Please help.

when i put the van in gear to backup

The car seams to stall while shifting between first and second gear starting up from stop to 5mph, or while driving down the road at a low power setting. the problem is repeatable and happens only when the engine is warm, running temp.
I think its happening more frequently.

It's a 93 3.3 turns over,has fuel persure but will not fire. what is the problem.

Either blown head gasket or cracked head, per the mechanic.

engin shut off after i put 12v to temperatur sensor

What would an estimate be to have a motor to be changed out for a Chevrolet Venture 2002-Mini Van at a Auto Repair Shop?