When I shift from third back to second or into first I can't get the truck into gear sometimes.

Can someone tell me exactly where it is? Chilton's has a diagram of it but I still can't find it.

my turn signals won't blink when i use them

The temp indication on the panel is very dim

continued from above...
shaft when there's no obvious oil dripping on garage floor?

Are these repairs necessary for an old car?

on the engine of the q45 how many bolts hold alternator on

When Starting Cold Engine it Misfires ( Rough Fast Idle )for about a Minute then is fime and Runs Great. Restart is great up to about 2 hours . I installed New Distributer with Igniter,Set Timing,new Spark Plugs,New Wires, New Fuel Filter. Fuel Pump is original,20 years old..
This is driving me crazy !! Any Suggestions would be a big help.

I actually have a couple different lights coming on and off. my voltage light and my malfunction indicator light. can i really be having all of these problems at once. oh, and it's overheating. i only have 64,000 miles on my car. these lights don't stay on all the time, they go off & on at different times.

wont go what could be the problem

when i turn on my truck i often hear a motor type sound as the front end lifts. NOW, Yesterday i noticed a bumpy rough ride & pulled over. When i stopped to check, i had NO flats (my 1st thought)BUT did find the intire rear end dropped as if the truck was sitting on the tires...what could be the issue(s) & how do i fix it? & also IS IT SAFE TO DRIVE LOWERED LIKE THIS?

i need to replace the water control valve but i dont no how to get the dash loose on the passenger side.

it's only happened one time. i want to know if its a battery problem or an alternator problem

Is there anyway that I can replace it with a part from a junk yard and where is it? all other lights work, inside and out.

dashboard gauges not working on 2002 bmw 325ci