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Where is it??
I will crank the truck to get started but it will not fire up, i have had a tune up completed, fuel injector cleaner. To start the truck i need to spray starter fluid into the Carburetor.
i have a 1993 Chevy Corvette 2 door coupe that i bought in 95. Yesterday as I was turning into my work, My right rear tire locked up. It works perfect in reverse but I cannot go forward. Please Help!
My 2002 jeep liberty limited 3.7L 6 cyl. 4wd has a small rubber hose leaking coolant. It hangs in front of car just under radiatior and appears to run back under oil filter. It has small black plastic fitting in the e...
I just had check engine light come on and the above two codes came up. Any idea what might be common to these two, and what to do about it?
Is the timing belt the same as a "chain belt"? The chain belt on my other Toyota's used to shut the car down and I once I had to call a wrecker to tow. My 2005 Highlander has approx 70,00 mi. Will I get a warning? ...
What is the cost of repair emerency break since we was quoteded by the dealer ~$650 to replace pads and roters?
The engine light is coming on in the dash I went to pep boys and they ran a dianostic code PO2004 what does that mean? They said it was a dealer code?
every morning i start my car stalls little to get in drive can use gas treatment for this?
As my husband was driving to work via freeway the car shutdown and died. The dealership says its the starter, because they could not get it started? I think it is the alternator or electrical? My husband thinks its th...
How do you replace the starter?
I cannot shift the vehicle into gear. I have depressed the brakes and checked emergency brakes. Any suggestions on why a car suddenly will not shift into any gears. Shifter seems to be locked up.
It only rattles when its not engaged and its rather annoying. Any ideas?