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Where is the crankshaft position sensor located?

Check engine light on.

does the power train warranty of 12500 cover the 2007 suspension aligment it's eating tire bad in the rear end

Coolant is leaking at an odd place. Liquid is getting into the area for the spark plug and staurating the spark plug sleeve. Thus causing it to misfire. I am wondering if I have an intake manifold crack and it is causing the leak. What do you think the price should be for aq intake manifold replacement. If I get a replacement is there anything else I should have replaced while the engine is torn down. It is for my f150 and it has been really good to me and I would like to get more out of her. What do you think

i'm having troubles whith the evaporative emission control sistem ,already change purgue valve and vent valve . now sheck engine turns on again . obdll says there's a problem with "vent valve sircuit"

I see that this is common in these Q&A's. Thinking of replacing the switch. Any other ideas?

when i take off it sounds like a knock.But when ideling in gear thers no knock.when i put high rpms it sounds great.dont no what this could be please help...

I ready try a air mass sensor, idle control valve and check egr also check compressiton its all good also check injectors and spraying really good

engine oil finishes so quickly . Now I want service of engine and any other problems to solve out with Please tell me estimate and minimum time for all work. Also tell me how much guarantee you give for all the work. Please tell me estimate and time then I will decide.

i want to know since i brought the trunk from someone can i still get this stuff fixed for free

wont start all lights come on really strong battery

Start and idle is fine, but when I shift into gear, the idle drops to low, almost stalls.

Would a bad Camshaft position sensor cause a cold start problem? What would the check engine code be for this sensor?

i checked the fuses and they are all good,what can it be?

I"ll change the fuse and change the light bolb and nothing works