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The engine light is on and my inspection period is past due. Took car to local GMC repair. Was told that I needed to replace the "secondary air blower?" (Is this auto speak for a "fan"?) $400 later the light is still ...
Is it worth it buy my own parts for a timing belt/water pump replacement? If so, what parts do I need other than the obvious two? Gaskets? Tensioner?
1996 grand caravan, 3.3L engine. Starts fine, idles fine. Begins to stutter, misfire, etc. at acceleration when cold. Runs fine, accelerates fine when engine reaches normal operating temp. Cleaned EGR value, no change...
fuel gauge shows empty with a full tank and sometimes floats from half tank to full tank and back to empty.I only have 35,000mi.on this suv.
why would my car take 5 or so seconds of me holding the ignition to start?
My sons 2001 GMC Jimmy was overheating when he got home the other day. I let it cool down and then I checked the coolant level in the radiator and I noticed engine oil in the radiator. I checked the oil dipstick and t...
The driver side of the my sebring convertible will not go up althought the motor seem to be working all the other window are up and will go up and down the driver side will not even the smaller window on the driver si...
put new windsheild motor on vehicle ,then cut on wiper washer kept on spraying. How do I adjust timer for washer and wiper
car will start to overheat after driven 20 miles or so.alsothere is no heat in the vehicle. could this be the water pump.
This only happens when I turn the dial over to warm or hot air. As of now it will only blow out cold air. The rear blows hot air just fine. But only cold air up front.
i I just had the front brake pads replaced and now when I apply the brakes the front end shimmeys Quite a bit. What could be the cause of this?This all started after the pads were replacesd
can i run a serpentine belt in my 1991 chevy cavalier 2.2L 4 cylinder without the ac pully
The engine code shows up for a while and then disappears
sometimes the motor will turn over really good, but seems not to get fire. hook it to boosters and make the cables arc and it will start right up and run fine. i have a electrical problem. what is it? what do i do?
Where is the air compressor for the rear airbags located?