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even after getting oil changed this dash board stays on. it came on awhile ago between oil changes how do I turn it off.
I changed the Maf, Map, Tbs, Iac, and idle starts out correct then rises from 900 to 1800 rpms. How can i fix it?
whereis map sensor located
i've changes the clutch cable with a good used one and now the pedal will not return to where it's supposed to be at what else can i do???????
My oil pressure gauge went up to high, iI let the car cool off until the next day. I did not drive it at all but when I check it the next morning the oil pressure gauge went up.
where is map sensor located
cant seem to be able to get rear disc rotor off whats the trick to this
Require info in how to remove heater core,front from a ambulance
i here the timing belt must be replaced at approxiamately 125k miles. if so, what about this idler wheel squeal i read on this site? should i repalace both parts? 2. how soon should the rear engine mounts be replaced?
I had my check eng light check out a Advance Auto with there computer. It said it was the Oxg sensor so I changed it. The light came back on later. I had them check it again. This time it is the Power steering pressur...
I have wrong fuel in the tank.what is the way to make emty tank
my explorer 99 wont go in park about a monthy ago i went to turn it over after leaving out the store and it wouldnt turn over then after that it wouldnt go in park now it wont go in drive
the heater fan stopped working in april 2010, it started again in sept 2010, it worked for approx a week then stopped and has not worked since, i can feel a little heat but there is no fan. is this something major
in the report it says replace magnets and syncronisers are these inside the cam sensors