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From P to R, transmission drag and N to D same thing is happening. and HOLD light in the dash board keeps on blinking. What suppose to be the problem?

Changing the light bulbs did not solve the problem

does the same thiung,what can be problem

where is the ignition coil said replace C...

It makes a funny noise like its misfiring. I replaced the coil, spark plugs, catalytic converters/exhaust system, gearbox, fuel tank unit but nothing has changed. What can I do? Mercedes garage are failing to identify the fault.

Had code p0128 displayed. Repaired coolant leak and reset codes and monitors.test cycles completed many times. i have driven locale every day for two weeks and two long highway codes in system evaporator monitor reads incomplete.what is wrong. what to check.

when ever i put the key inside the ignition nothing turns on, also the key turns all the way like if it were worn out. So could it be the igniton car cylinder or what are my options cause i dont want to spend that much on this, but i cant afford another car at the moment.. please help me

I recently replaced the fuel pump when the vehicle died. About a month later the vehicle died again the way it did when I had to replace the fuel pump. It seems like there is pressure in the line at the fuel filter. Is there somewhere between the filter and carburetor that could become blocked or clogged in normal use? How do I check it?

6 leador and i heard that a friget might be the problem where is it located?

'05 Accord Hybrid V-6 3.0L, traction control

Why the car vibrates and I feel it in the power steering when I drive the car over 60 miles an hour?

while driving today it started running rough. when i stopped at a stopsign and started back up the van started shaking and the check engine light came on flashing when i sped up and stayed at that speed the check engine light went off. Now its on constant. I replaced the spark plugs and wires and it still shakes while it idles.

03 Maxima 101509 Miles on car. These codes out today and this car had a code that told me the oil was dirty 1 month ago. Are these related I have not changed the oil and just cleared the code after adding 1 qt of oil to engine.
Been using 5-20 Synthetic Oil. and have some where around 12,000 miles on this Oil.

Needing new brakes/rotors for front end. Is anyone knowledgable to give me a rough estimate on this repair?

i need to know how many quarts does a grand prix hold so i can buy some..