Was my repair estimate reasonable? to replace intake manifold and three gaskets?

The dealer recommended this be done just after having an alignment. Does this sound fishy?

trying remove engine from transxle.

When I come to a braking or press on the gas to pull off the car on the right side trembles and the ABS and Traction light comes on. After awhile of driving they go off. The check engine light is on as well. Problem occurs daily. Also check gas cap light comes on after readjusting.

It sounds like something is slipping like a bolt not tight enough

Only occurs when gauge is slightly above the half way point to slightly below.

I was told during an oil chang awhile back that it needed to be fixed, so I am assuming it does not need an adjustment. Other brakes seem to be fine.

Not sure how to replace the cig fuse, the layout and book points to #16 which is ALT 120A with many things it controls. I have two long skinny blocks where the book shows different fuses. There really is no 4- 16 fuses. They start at 13. Mine is under the hood. So what up with the long blocks and do you pull them out?

It seems to come from the right front area. It appears to occur with highway driving (or >40 mph), rarely with starting move to car. It sounds as if it is rattling against something........almost like something is lying against a fan and when it turns, it rattles. I cannot hear it when I put the window down, it doesn't happen when I turn right, the only thing I did different was put a new tire on the wheel. No diagnostic codes are on my dash, doesn't occur more when I run over a bumpy road or when I turn the steering wheen back and forth while stationary. Can you help? Is it related to having the tire changed?

The problem happens when ever I starts and runs cars at low speeds and stopping/idling at signals

the shifting problems occur sometimeswhen the car is warmed up. you dont have to drive it but 30 miles and it will start shifting extremely hard. it only has 85000 miles on it and the car has not been beat tranny tluid is full. please answer as soon as possible

asked around nobody can tell me what the problem is. don't want to go to the dealer to have them over charge me.when i step o the gas pedal when the car is in park or neautral nothing happen.i have a 04 lincoln ls

So i flooded my 1996 honda passport about 2 moths ago(hood was underwater). (yes i know my dumb A$$ falt).

And since then it has not start checked starter its fine as well as the alt, battery, replaced all the fuses and relays but still no start( like the starter is not even kicking in but its getting power.

so with the starter i tested the wire coming from the ignition and there is no power getting to it so i am thinking about replacing the ignition switch and all the wiring for it to the starter.

Go ahead or anything else i should try first
Est cost of job: $250

shifting properly and then keep it from starting?

start. acts like its not getting fuel.what is wrong?