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replaced:O2 sensors,spark plugs,wires,intake manifold gasket and head gasket inless than a month;code returns & light comes back on. what now?
runs about every third time starting,sometimes it will start after hitting a bump. suspect a loose wire, but where?removed and cleaned plug and contacts on motor,it worked then.drove last night, it didn't work!arrgh!
I am trying to find the exact location of an oil sending unit on a 1991 Chevy Suburban Siverado with a 5.7 L 350. I recently had a major oil leak that we found and replaced. It was leaking from the top of the oil filt...
The Tachometer stays at about 3100 and does not move an inch, until I turn off the car. I assume it is just stuck, since the engine is not idling high. What would make it stick?
It is leaking oil and over heating.
Have you ever seen a PCM damaged by ABS or other solenoid in the car. I have a 93 saturn SC2 that blows the 5 volt fuse on PCM B location. Computer won't give any check engine lights assumption is (dead PCM). The ABS ...
Oil leaks from under or around the "O" ring on the oil filter cap. Any suggestions.
Road noise seems loud when driving and highway speed but, most especially when braking.
After car is started and shift lever moved to forward or reverse, nothing happens.there is no response at all. Is there a mechanical or electronic link to the transmision? ,
The rear windshield wiper assembly that came with the vehicle has broken in the "arm" area. My dealer told me that Chrysler no longer makes that assembly and there is a new wiper assembly grouping. I bought the part...
i want change this in december in houston,tx. i dont have problems now but somebody told me that i need change every 100000 miles and my car has more than 150000
Just had dealer do maintenance check and I was recommended to get a transmission fluid flush. Car has 40K miles. When asked did they change the filter as well, I was told that the filter would not need to be replace...
Changed battery last night . now engine will not turn off even with key out... already replaced ignition switch but still nothing
why does the air bags on the car lower all the way to the groung when in gear or be aired up till you start the car or the air bags will engage when you start car but with in 2 mins the air bags lower or loose air why
What would happen to the valves if the timing belt breaks