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When I tap the brakes, while the engine is idling, the RPMs drop about 300-400 RPMs.

Its happened before and the shop replaced the sensor. I would like to how to change the sensor myself

Check engine light has been on since I bought my 1997 Pontiac Bonneville a month ago...i drove in the rain for the first time yesterday and the car ran really rough..with hard acceleration there was a popping sound under the car...what's up?

well i was driving home and i was at a stop light and the car was idling rough then it started to stall i pressed on the gas and it didnt stall drove good sat all day then when i was comeing to work the first stop sign i went to the car tryed to stall again but it drove to the next stop sign then it finally stalled out..tryed to crank but didnt let it sit for bout 10 mins and car started up again.

I add fluid at least once per week.

My brake pad warnind indicator lamp came on. I replaced the pads and rotors as well. How do you reset the warning indicator light. Does it automatically reset itself after so many miles?

pulled over twice &turned off ignition and started again & it helped a little but it stuttered again in a few minutes. Just had my spark plugs & wires changed 2 months ago & sway bar links & bushings changed as well. Any ideas? I thought it was going to actually die on me on the road.

the car has been through 2 motors so i would like to get a new motor and have a certified mechanic install it

pt old pump back in truck runs fine but gas gauge not working now

hard and below half tank gas wold die out .so i put old pump back in now fuel gauge wont work and low fuel light on .checked wires had in out 1o times cant fine anything wrong wiring all hooked up

2003 gc jeep overland park. It has over 142,000 miles. There were only 4 cylinders. I bought a computer box, and the car still runs hard and very rough. What should I do to make al 8 cylinders run?

what is obd code po422 and how to repair the check enging lite came on battery was dead took out charged and put back in lite went out after warming up jeep two times lite came back on

drve to work fine, went to leave and started and had loud rattle, shut down and have not restared,oil is changed every 3000m and i have 80,000m on truck, no oil leaks so i dont think the block got damaged, is it possible rods let go

Im trying to remove the right half shaft but the inner joint is stuck i cant pry it out, it is the snap ring type im sure, other mechanics said they were real tough and they had to disassemble the inner joint on the new part and put the bearings in the old cup that is stuck,i cant do this because the new part is an update and is alittle different,does anyone have knowledge of these?

After a drive of around 55 to 70 miles an hour for an extended period of 20 minutes or more. I put my car in reverse and there is a sound like rubber on metal, and I can feel the sound at the same time coming from rear of car. I replaced all pads, and rotors, and I know I have a leak at my differential pinion seal , but when I changed my diff cover I did not see any metal shavings in the fluid, the fluid did look frothy though. My car also shakes violently when driving between 60-65. I found that all my tires were severely under aired. Haven't driven far since adding air to tires. Pinion seal comes in next week some time. Any ideas?