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jeep won't start battery good starter good alternator good will run when you push it off new spark plugs some say it is the ignition please help
Replaced 2 oxygen sensors and speed sensor and gas cap just recently and the light went off for a few miles and has come back on. Can you tell me if the cruise control would have anything to do with this as we have h...
what is the head intake torque for a 2004 discovery 4.6l
where do i find instructions online to take apart the door on a 2003 boxter to replace the window regulater?
Had water pump and thermostat replaced recently now gurgling sound coming the front section of car. Flush the heater core still hears gurgling.
Tachomiter not working at all now.It was off and on,when it was on it worked fine.
I had two oxygen sensors replaced and a speed sensor and gas cap, however, the check engine soon light is still on. Could it have anything to do with the cruise control as we have replaced fuses on the cruise control...
I have water in my power steering oil and need to flush and change with new oil
I have no heat. The blower works fine. It just blows cold air. I used the air this problem. I don't know when I last used the heater. I haven't had any problems with it until yesterday. Appreciate any sug...
what years will fit extended cab
Can the heater hose connected to the rear of the manifold be connected to the water pump top outlet instead ? The other hose is connected to the Radiator.
rear wiper inop through steering column control but motor works if powered seperately, does it need new control? Also how do you access auxillary jack on radio for mp3 player connector is loose?
codes are egr valve open and low turbo boost. check engine light is on
First time failure. Before I start removing anything, I thought I would ask someone who knows. Doug
My 97 Buick was making a thumping sound in the tank and I had a small leak in the tank and the gas gauge quit within a couple of weeks. I replaced the leaky tank and the sending unit/gas pump and guess what. The gas g...