Pedal goes all the way to the floor. I have read on line that this is a common issue. There is no noise from the rear brake..so hopefully no issues there. Could it just need the cable to be adjusted ?

i got 2 alignments and then i found out that an alignment wont fix the problem. i went to a honda dealership and firestone and they both confirmed that my left rear wheel is "out of specs". Honda wanted to charge me to $1300 to fix the problem. the car is an '02 and is only worth $5000-$5500 according to Kbb.

firestone couldn't even give me an estimate on it but the mechanic recommended that I get new front tires and rotate at every oil change. the car pulls some when i drive that i am used to steering it straight.

is there a better price to get this fixed.

would a bad coil let the car start but shut off right away?

when the seat stop heating. itry to find a fuse and could not my zip code is 23223

2008 chevrolet silverado 1500 hd 4x4 sets code b0084

When do you replace the Timing belt?

After the hard starts the service engine soon light has come on twice but haven't had time to get possible codes checked and I have a potential buyer for the car.

I have 85,000 miles and need to know when to replace the wheel bearings?

It occurs when i am in 1st and 2nd gear most of the time soometimes 3rd gear too. I tried everything from checking the catalytic converter to O2 sensors to a gas filter and an air filter. it mainly sputts or hesitates in those gears around 3500 rpms untill u jump on the pedal (not literally) and it finally catches and speeds up normally.. What do u think it may be?

I had a honda at 85,000 miles told me need to have a time bell, and also my husband had a toyota truck needed at 100,000

I dont have alot of money to pay someone to remove my spindle and replace it but I have the spindle and if I could get a diagram and directions to remove and replace it Im sure I could do it myself but Ive googled and keep coming up empty.

floor can I drive it 30 miles home like that?

I have already replaced the bulb and that was not the problem. The high beam works just not the low beam, swapped bulbs with the left side and it is the same problem "left works fine, right only has high beam".

TEST 17. before was LOCK: OFF...now LOCK: ON. how to make it back? i mean to position LOCK:OFF position, because my car is not starting...:(

The price was 946.00 that included the water pump, belt, tension pulley and thermostat. I thought this was high but I was in a jam and told them to repair it. After the repair I was told I had a crack in my block and I should watch it. When I picked the car up I noticed fluid on the ground and question it. I was told it was residual from the repair yet they ran it for an hour I was told. I drove the car less than 400 yards and it overheated. I brought it back and they told me that it probably had an air lock but in the end the block was leaking. Could they have cracked the block some how? If there was a crack when I brought it in, the crack is on the radiator side, a diagnostic should have shown fluid toward the front of the car and not at the water pump or both. They showed me the crack after the fact and it was clean. This is a re-manufactured engine and is still on warranty so they called the company and they were told to fix it. I was there when they talked with the company and they said I could get a rental since this will be the third engine from this company, (Jasper Engines). They sent the engine it was installed now Jasper will not pay the labor or the rental untill they see the block. Meanwhile I have to fork over 2,000 and change for the labor, fluids, and gaskets. This is on top of 900 and change for the water pumps original bill. Jasper's will pay 1,700. Total for me 300 plus the 900 for the water pump. Is Modern Tire on the up and up with these prices. I haven't picked the car up yet please send advise. There is more to this story if more info is needed. For instance why was the crack in the block so clean. There was no dirt nor a hint of fluid yet after I paid the money there was fluid at the crack.