I've been told that the plugs in the rear of the engine are only acceable from a lift. I would like to do the plug and wire change myself.

i replaced all of the ball joints and tie rod ends and the steering knuckle u joint

dash lights go dim. The the next time you start up they will be real bright. This goes on every day

My M75 has burned up and I can't find another one. I can find the M43. what do I need to do to use the M43 in place of the M75?


changing antifreeze in 98 caddy

I'm loosingg fluide. I was told it cold be the slave cylinder. However the car sat for 14 days it was full of fluide but when i went to use the car it had no fluide.

checked fuses, tried to replace flashing unit couldn`t get it out

started 1 week ago

the harmonic balancer has moved back and worn a hole in the timing chain cover engine has over 100k on it

No doors are open, yet it says door open, and what part will I need to replace to fix this issue?

This has happened the past two days...scared to drive it. It happened upon starting the vehicle and leaving my driveway....less than a quarter mile going only about 10 -20 mph. I stopped to turn on major highway and as I was coming to stop it just turned off mid-motion...I ended up in the middle of the highway. Thank God there was no traffic at the moment. I drifted in the middle of the road and couldnt turn and had put all I had to push the brake. I have noticed on several forums and discussion boards that there were several complaints about this happening to others. I brought it into the dealership and of course they cannot recreate this.

what does it mean

Front left side collision that caused 6500.00 damage. Now engine thermostat will shoot to red hot within seconds. No heat from vents for about sixty seconds then as air warms thermostat begins to fall. The truck ran 100% fine before accident. Insurance is refusing to pay unless I can find a mechanic to certify that damage was caused by accident. I'm broke, where do I start to minimize damage to my already thin wallet?
Thank you in advance.

the check eng. light keeps comin on