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I have cleaned around the EGR port several times but still getting the code. After cleaning I can run the car for about 30 minutes but will still get the code. I have even bought a new one but still getting the code. What else could be wrong.

Is it a seperate part that you have buy 2 of the or 4?

Got in on passanger side of but it would not crank up.

5.9 Cummings

Got in on passanger side but car would not start/ What do I need to do?

Had oil sensor replaced now I have a noise under hood

I have a rear main seal oil leak. I live in San Diego and am interested in anyone's recommendation on where to take it here since it's an expensive job and I'm worried about getting the rush. Also, do mechanics usually find other problems when this type of problem occurs or is it a safe bet that they'll just need to put in a new rear main seal?

power, and overheating. Oh and it started squealing too. And the generator warning light came on.

but it runs great at normal speeds and no noticeable gas mileage change. I change plugs but that didn't change anything. Have any suggestions.

Car goes into limp mode. Shut it off and restart it and it does fine. Where is this sensor located?

Any tricks in getting the rear seat to unlatch to fold down?
Seat use to latch and unlatch fine, but I folded it down and loaded a bunch of weight on it. Then folded it up and now the seat won't unlatch. Cables seem brand new, in tact, and operating. I can't see the latch to manually unlatch it or spray wd-40. Shaking while pulling the handle does not work either.

How do I get it out of security mode??

Car starts and runs find buy hot wiring it - jumpping off at the starter???

diagnostic access. I think the problem is with the ground circuit to the computer. How can I trace the computer ground wires from the computer to ground and where are they connected to ground? Do they go through the wiring harness?

it is not the motor mounts. We also had a new front end drive axle replaced. It only shakes when foot is on the gas - quits when you let go. Tried putting in sea foam to clean injectors. Still shakes from 0 to 60 and after that smooth sailing!

ignition seems to work fine engine light in dash comes on when key is turned on as it is supposed to. sprayed starter fluid into intake and even with spark at the plugs still does not start. timing belt was replaced fairly recently and has been working and is still in good shape. charging system shows a drain when testing. replaced alternator with new one and fully charged battery still no strt. no backfire but feels like it wants to start. seems like timing but there is no traditional distributor so i am lost as timing belt is fine