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BAS brake assist error message: mercedes mechanic replaced stop lamp 3 x's. It solves error message for one or 2 days and then I get the message again. has anyone solved a problem like this? Obviously, replacing th...
can the fuel lines rust on this car
the heater fan does not work all the time . When it does not run it will not run at any speed. Sometimes it will run and at various speeds. It has been doing this for some time now. Bill
this is a 8 cylinder engine we replaced the spark plugs and the engine runs fine at first then starts running can then smell raw fuel when the engine is running, we have pulled the spark plugs back out and t...
today I started up the car and the heater fan worked. after I shut off the motor and restarted it the heater fan would not go on no matter what I tried. This has been doing this for some time now. I would like a blowu...
seems impossible to remove screws holding unit in place, rear ones are tight to firewall cannot see or feel to get to. what to do?
how to change light on rear door(trunk)? -Thanks!
The door ajar light has come on and sounds the "Ding Ding" alarm. It will stop for a couple seconds then start up again. Also while that is going on the power locks are going on and off. We checked all doors and th...
how does power door lock module come out?
where is the fuse located for my cigarett lighter?
Ireplaced the pitman arm and idler arm last year due to a violent shake in the front end when hitting bumps and brakes. That solved the problem at the time but now the violence is back. I noticed the shaft on the gear...
don't know diagnstic codes would like to know what happens when your check engine light come on this promblem started today about 1:00 is the first time the light came on have'nt had a promblem before today. thank u
pulled in the grocery store and when i came out the truck won't start it will crank but won't start no spark.
I change coolent and engine act like it jump time on spark timing