The dashboard lamp behind the heat-a/c control needs replacement

the ac dsnt wrk at all the heater gets extremly hot and stays hot all summer then as soon as it starts to get cold its more useable then when it gets 30 and below it dsnt wnt to heat or blow and alot a times it takes me to get on the highway for it to wrk in the winter then that dsnt always do it what could this be and how much?????

this was not done when upper and lower front ball joints were replaced.

when i start my car up it will run fine until it drops below the 1000 rpm mark and it will start to shake. Once I put it in drive, or reverse, it seems to sputter and jerk, even sometimes stalling. It will fire right back up but it will continue to buck. What's going on here? Fuel injectors, plugs, any quick fix ideas?

Got 2006 Kia Sedona inspected on Friday, hit with a bill for $745 to replace right front wheel bearing and a new batter because of problem with frequent non-start of van. Saturday morning, started van, backing out of driveway and ABS and ESC OFF lights come on and there is vibration and pulsating in brake upon pressing of brake pedal. Van back at mechanic on Monday in which they claim that right front wheel speed sensor was going bad, which was caused by old wheel bearing that went bad, causing the axle to be loose and rattle around causing the speed sensor to start to go bad, but would not have known it until the replacement of the wheel bearing made the right front tight causing the speed sensor to get readings kicking the ABS light on. Cost to replace this is $138. Get van home and immediately upon restarting, Check Engine Light comes on. So now what? Can anyone shed some light on this BS?

between 18&25 mph.it feels like the whole truck is vibrating it is more noticable while breaking. just had egr sys and cat installed

the blower does not work so i put a new one in and it doesn't work. a friend said it may be the resistor pack.

please any info. will help already have the part, just cant get it out...THANKS

He obviously doesn't have a crystal ball and may not be able to tell me which components will fail and when, but just what can he look for that may cause me to decide not to buy the car?

How many service hours to replace the heads and Water Pump on a 1999 Ford Taurus

For years all fan speeds except 4 worked. Recently 4 started working but I would smell a smoky odor sometimes on all speeds. Now nothing. The fan will not blow on any speed. I have checked the fuses.

do I need to take out idle arm bolt

I got a 0449. Took it to a mechanic to see exactly what it was and they said the solenoid. I replaced it and now its worse. When i get low on gas, it dies when i slow down. When i put more gas in it, i have to idle it for a few minutes before i can move or it will die again. I am going out of town next month so i really need to get this fixed asap and would like to do it other than spending so much money to have someone else do it. I have a few people that can do it, but need some advice on what it may be...thought maybe the wiring for the evap system, but is that replaceable? any advice is appreciated!!! thanks in advance.

While cruising at highway speeds the Transmission will periodically shift down, then back up, as if on a steep hill. Does it wether the O/D is on, or off, same in cruise control. If I pull over and restart the engine, it solves this about 1/2 the time, but fuel economy has suffered since I developed this issue.
I continually monitor the fluid condition and level which is fine.
Is this an electrical malfunction? I have been scouring the archives here, and other sites but can't seem to discover much about this.
Thank you for the read. Your time and knowledge appreciated.

I've checked the fuse, etc. It's just really soft and I can barely hear it when I press the horn button.