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I don't know if I'm calling it by its correct name.I think my intake is leaking around the seals where the IMRC linkage hooks up to the intake manifold.If I can where can I find the seals they don't come in the gasket kit.Thats what I have been told.

A speaker is blown in the back dash. I need to know how to get to the speaker so that it acn be changed out. i do not have the original manuel. if any one know please share?

Why will the 1999 ML430 not start after the alarm goes off when starting vehicle. I accidentally hit the panic button while turning the key to start the vehicle and haven't been able to get it started since

There is a speaker that is in the back of the lexus that sits above the middle seat. The speaker has blown and it needs to be taken out. i do not have the lexus manuel to tell me how to release the seat. i need to know how to release the back seat?

How do I get to this part they told me the air conditioner would run better.

They say to replace this it makes the a/c run better but can not locate it. please help

i have a 2003 lightning. would it be alright to switch from royal purple to mobile 1?

turns over but will not start

the heater is blowing cold on driver side and warm on passenger side....What could be wrong and How can I fix it?

whats could be wrong? and how can i fix it?

I am thinking about buy a vue from someone. It's a 2002 but there is a knock in the engine. I'm looking to spend around 3500 on a new car total. He is selling it for 1800. Found an engine for 500 with a 3 year warrenty. Just wondering if it will still be in my price range to have it put in. Really like the car and if I can stay under 4000 then I will definitely put the work into it and buy it.

I need to reset the COMMAND unit in my SLK. I want to pull the fuse but don't know where it is or which number fuse it may be,

CD is stuck in #3 position in changer. How do I remove it, reset it or reset COMMAND?

frt wheels bob, just replaced wheel bearings? was told that was problem obviously not

At last my dodge grand caravan car cant accelerate at high speed and stooped suddenly,it was a fuel pump problem now i have a new one and the car worked good but now i have a black exhaust at slowly (with no acceleration)i thought it may be a nozzle problem or something else so i ask here for help...