When driving to work this morning, the "!" came on and stayed on for 5 minutes, lasting the duration of my morning commute. What does this mean? It was cold, and I didn't give my car time to warm up.

I'm looking at purchasing this car from Carmax and have an appt this afternoon at the Mazda dealership for a complete car inspection.

All the other power seat functions work except the up and down feature on the driver and passenger seat.

In addition when first started there is no power brake assist. I have to rev the engine to get the vacum to build. The engine seems to run fine above 1500 rpm and drives fine on the highway.
Suggestions to repair?

bad warm-up converter will it lead to insufficient flow to the egr system/dtc P401-403

replace catalytic converter

There are some small details like certain buttons I have no clue as to what they are for ?

What type of coolant do i use, what are the steps to follow in doing the flushing myself

I have removed the old switch and have attached the housing to the pedal, but the switch part just slides out of the housing. How does the switch attach to the housing?

I like to take off really fast. Is there a down side to high performance clutch? I am a street vehicle, mostly city driving with lots of hills, and I love to accelerate. How do I choose which sort of clutch?

was told i needed a O-2 Sensor and Spark Plug.Then was told I needed the one the coil replace again no spark coming out of it.Did that but didn't replace Spark plug or wire but the vibration stopped a its not loud or shaking real hard anymore.Its just jerking real hard after I stop and start to accelerate.I also was told I need a catalytic convertor.I think thats what I really need.Do I need to get that and O-2 Sensor still and Spark Plug & Wire to be on the safe side

I have the instructions for the installation. I got it from Chilton but doesn't tell you where it is located at in the car. Thanks in advance!!

its a 2003 it runs well. so far no problems.

when it warms up its fine just when its cold. Is this a easy fix or do I have to take it to a repair man or dealer? I f i can fix it let me know.

My car has 21500 miles on it. I noticed fine cracks all along my dahboard. It to0ok 4 months to get a reply from the Service advisor & that they will supply the dashboard. I hve to pay rhe labor. I hve never had a car with leather interior that has cracked like this. Poor quality product!!!

check engine light came on OBD2 codes are P0452 and P0449