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I have a 2006 bmw 325i. recently the service engine soon light came on. The mechanic I took it too reset the code and said he thought it was the water pump. Any suggestions? He has already charged me $170 and wants an...
engine stays running after turning key off.ignition switch?if so where is it located.thanks
I have the bolts removed from bushing, but cannot determine how to remove the bushing from the end of the control arm?
my 1997 chevy 1500 z71 brakes suddenly going all the way to the floor. Checked brake fluid and it was low. Could be wheel cylinder? Master cylinder? or ?
engine light stays on i have a diagnotsic code 410 what does this mean and how much will it cost me in parts and labor
how do you replace the pressure control solenoid in a 1999 chevy Monte carlo 3.1 LS
Daughter says her car operates rough when she reaches speed of 55 and then smooths out. Also, said that it acts like it's trying to shift into a gear. My dad thinks that it's the transmission that could be slipping. ...
sometimes the S60 will surge for a moment while driving. Could this be the timming belt
My 03 S60 will sometimes surge while running but foot is not on the gas
i have a 4x4 dodge ram and last year i change a sensor that goes on top oftransmision i think is vaccum sensor switch where my 4 vaccum lines go. but now when i disengage the 4x4 on the shift on the floor the 4x4 ligh...
why does my pathfinder shut off when i have it in park and my rpm's drop lower than 1000?
even after getting oil changed this dash board stays on. it came on awhile ago between oil changes how do I turn it off.
I changed the Maf, Map, Tbs, Iac, and idle starts out correct then rises from 900 to 1800 rpms. How can i fix it?