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My mechanic diagnosed a bad exhaust valve in the #3 cylinder of my 99' corolla. The vehicle has 230,000 miles. Will a head job be a safe fix? Can I continue to drive as is while saving for repairs?
I already know it has failed. So I have already purchased one, just would request help in locating the oil sending unit on the motor. Suggestion ??????
hi, i'd like to know which kind of oil for gearbox need to put for Mercedes C-230 kompressor 1999 year? Thanks!
What is equipment is needed to read and program an ignition module?
My power steering belt broke in my van and need it replace
I've had this problem whenever there is moisture in the air, whenever the front passenger door is open and then closed, the interior lights and door ajar lights will stay on even while driving. Is there a way to just ...
I was told my axle is causing fluid on my brakes. What is the most reasonable way to handle this ?
My rear brakes have fluid on them from the axle. What is the most reasonable way to handle this problem ?
I have a high mileage 2002 Buick Century. My gas gauge is acting very weird in how it reports fuel level. I know it is common for a fuel level to vary when you are parked on an incline. However, mine is out of co...
DEM number to cross po700
about a month ago I had cylinder 4 misfire, changed my spark plugs, wires, and coil packs. Ran great for about a month, now all of the sudden I am getting cylinder 3 misfire and running super rough. Could it be faulty...
i just put an upper and lower intake gasket in a 3100 olds cutlass supreme. i also replaced the plugs, wires, coolant, oil and air filter when i put the car back together and started the car up the rpm's go right up t...
what will I be told to replace for water pump repacement
Sunfoof will not completely close. It stops just before completely closing. I have tried to reset it with instructions from the manuel but no luck. How much to fix.
my mother has taken her escort to dealership they said the computer and crank sensor was bad it over heated and stalled out was original problem after computer and crank sensor was changed still overheated changed the...