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how do I fix it I couldn't get it out.

Hello, I drive a 97 C1500 pick-up and there is a lighting problem. My head lights turn on, but the the rest of the lights don't. The back lights only work when the brake is pressed and the reverse lights work when in gear. The bottom row of lights don't turn on as well as the dash board and back lights when the light switch is in "park brake"? I've already checked both fuse boxes removed the grille and fender. Didn't see nothing torn or ruptured therefore I seek help.

Anyone have any diags i can try short of buying another radio???

Need the location if anyone knows

I have 170,000 miles on my truck.. has been great baring a few problems.
I was sent a letter stating that my truck could catch fire and needs an up grade to the resistor and wireing harness. BUT !! they gmc limites the mileage to 150,000 miles.. Im appoled to realize that after 150,000 that my truck is now significately less likely to burn to the ground because of a defiency in the wireing.. Someone tell me where the HVAC blower resistor is located.. I'll fix it myself.. Thanks GMAC.. you failed me

used to come on and off but now

i was driving on motor way when i lost power and white smoke came out of exhgaust


How do I change the fuel filter

I had a mechanic check of my Mercedes Benz and found out there is grease around the shift and differential. Because it is a 2000 model, so I don't know is it normal for a old car, or it need repair.

the control arm from the steering column attached to both front wheels

I have a 98 deville it turns over and over if I shake the wire harness it will run but if I shake the wire harness again it will shut off and just turn over when it run it runs just fine need help bad

how do i install a new water pump.

I have change the gas cap with an oem piece,check the fill neck and tube and it looks ok and i have tried the drive cycle test to see if the monitors would be ready so i can go for my inspection sticker and pass the emissions test.How can i go further to diag my PO455 code?

and the brake lights do not come on