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when transmission gets hot 4th gear will slip and fluid comes from case....does it need to be rebuilt or could this be handled other ways
I'm getting a loud rattling noise from the undercarriage of my vehicle, it was suggested that I remove the catalytic converter and this a wise thing to do? Thanx in advance for your help
The car will not always start unless you spray it with starting fluid.
lost interior dome lights when doors open or even useing dome light switch all fuses good whats the problem then
AutoZone gave me codes: P0700, P2706 How much will a repair of this kind cost?? Is there any quick fix I can do??
the first time it happened was after a long trip. at the light it almost seemed to rumble and almost stalled out. then when I got it home it was hard to restart. now it happens every week or so , I feel it start to st...
My pickup vibrates at times when braking. The front brakes were changed out both rotors and pads were put on just last week.
I don't have a manual, so on the screen 2 wrenches pop up what kind of serv. do I need?
my window got broken (back passenger side) i already bought the window but i am not able to install it ... can i get tips plz ??
Just had an alignment on our car with 28750 miles. Company advised all models are designed with right camber to -1.52- it will not align properly but they advise all Hyundai 2009 Models are designed like this. Is this...
WE need to know intake torque sequel for a 2.2 1998 S-10 truck, not torque specks but torque sequel!
the check engine code indcate high temperature air intake according the technican who performed the the scan. He suggested replacing the air intake sensor, but I am having a difficult time locating the sensor.
can I install new lamp myself?
front and rear breakes need resurfacing