I need help with this, should I replace the Canister Solenoid Valve and where exactly is this part located?


I have to back up before my 4x4 engages/

It went out this morning and took a while to start

rear brakes just starting to make noise when brake pedal is pushed.

2011 outlander 6 cy

6" plug on end

There is nothing in the book about this

I have a leaf spot on the passenger side of on the rear top cover. The top is not working. It will sork but not completely. Can the hydrolic be refilled or just replaced.

Tinck it mmight be coming from radder I see coolit on flaps on that side. Can you help.

i change the water pump and gasket because that is what the previous owner said it needed

just put new plugs,plug wires, distributor cap, rotor and 02sensor in

will not show mileage

transfer case needs replace. has 72,000 miles. i believe this case is part of drive train? warrantied?

running fine the quit.wounld,nt start took shop two days and counld.nt figure out what the prolem was.so they ran a new ground wire rrom fuel pump to new fuel relay,the car started and ran find,since then the check engine ligth stays on and saids ther a short in the fuel pump circuit,what could the proplem be?p.s. car has new pump and a new relay for fuel pump,they cut the ground wire from fuel punp and ran a new wire to the ground o th enew pump relay,has ew fuel filter.nobody seems to know what the problem is seening as the ligth is on still,the car runs but has a intermintent miss which it never had before,anybody have any suggestion?

also water in the floor behind it. I dryed it buy after going out and come back home, its more water in the floor.