I had changed water pump and was test driving when it dies is there anything battery related I could have messed up

I need a right ABS sensor. I was told the job, including labor would be $200+ That seems high.

we need to change it what is involved

alternator was replaced with new one a week ago for high voltage msg on info in dash also battery light comes on and heater fan will cut on and off seams to happen more on take off over 1000 rpm brake light and abs light will also flash on at times you can cut the engine off and restart and lights go off have confirmed that voltage does go up off 17 volts any idea whats wrong

car starts and runs fine but because the security light being on it will not let me program my new keyless entry fob.

cd stuck in old one

Had truck scaned will not engage code came up ( not sure on code number think it was 323 or 363 not sure). Replaced encoder motor,4wd control module,tranfer case, dash switch, tested wiring harrness,actuator motor,all in working order. What have I over looked?

Was told to check the rear light interface reporting modual, only how ?

What should we do next?

Panel under the shifter is dark.

As lame as they appear I may buy a basic steering wheel lock, my question is it worth it or is there a different type of car alarm I can purchase that I don't have to personally put on every time I leave my vehicle.

it barely moves in reverse sometimes

People have been trying to break into my car & now my passengers left side window's black rubber frame has been tampered with and teared !!

The instrument cluster on my 2002 S430 has stopped lighting up and the dealer is telling me it was replaced in September 27th 2006. The recall notice was mailed out on Sept 29th 2006. I suspect that it was replaced with the same unit that was recalled. So I am wondering can you tell the year of manufacture by the numbers on the sticker attached to the cluster. Or what numbers should appear on the cluster if it was replaced due to the recall. Thanks

and idle will not come down, do you have any suggestions on what to try next. I replaced the fuse already and have power to the plug. Thank you, Brian