I have a 2005 Mercury Montego with CVT built after 10/17/2005 and 59,000+ miles. Without any previous warning signs, an hour ago I was on my way home and the check engine light, the throttle control/transmission lamp (little double ended wrench), and the LED "Check Engine" and "Check Transmission" warnings all came on. It was less than three blocks to my drive and since I wasn't sure what was happening I drove home. I noticed it was handling "sluggish" and when I placed it into Drive it kind of went into it hard. Not necessarily a "clunk" going into gear, but a harsh sound all the same. Please tell me this isn't something wicked bad and expensive that is happening. Any suggestions?

6 cylinder 3.8 liter

Seems to lose coolant. Sometimes leaks after parking or in the garage, sometimes not. Little reservoir under bonnet on driver side is low. Noboday can find the leak. Sometimes I smell coolant.

As noted the lights are always on. The speed control still works. I'm guessing it is a bad sensor, but would like some idea before I take it for repair. It was intermittent for a few months now constant.

it wont go in 4wd at all now but still tries while going down the road.

Air blows out but A/C doesnt kick in. Heater works fine, I would like to fix myself but not sure whats wrong or what to do..

Car is sluggish when I accelerate and sounds as if it is backfiring. What would cause that?

Washer fluid is full, havent used windshield washer in a long time, not sure what to do

In the first place i noticed that the fuel is not suplying we loosed the thank and discover that the seal between the pump and the filter is bad and we changed it and fixed the tank back then when we start the car it start bringing whit smoke from the sillencer pleas thanks.help with the answer

New brakes (the works) were installed 2004. The car has begun
to hesitate as I apply brakes & the brake light has come on
(& gone off) a couple of times.

Relay maybe? Where is it located?

Window will go down but not up unless pushed by hand. Will also go down by hand pressure on glass.

I had about $300 in brake repair work done a few weeks ago and the ABS light is always on. It never was before, so I had assumed that meant they were working, but after reading some postings below I am wondering if that means there is a problem. It has felt like the back is dragging...Please help - should the ABS light be on or not??

I had to replace the front driver's side inside handle a few months ago and now have to replace the passenger front inside handle. I had to pay $176. for the first one and it isn't even the same color as my interior.

Replaced the head set, one of the intake valves, and the push rod which were broken and the engine is still very noisy. When we checked the oil filter there was no oil in it. So than we checked the oil pump and it was fine too. What would cause the oil to not be circulated in the motor if the oil pump was fine?