Front left side collision that caused 6500.00 damage. Now engine thermostat will shoot to red hot within seconds. No heat from vents for about sixty seconds then as air warms thermostat begins to fall. The truck ran 100% fine before accident. Insurance is refusing to pay unless I can find a mechanic to certify that damage was caused by accident. I'm broke, where do I start to minimize damage to my already thin wallet?
Thank you in advance.

the check eng. light keeps comin on

Have both 530i and 323ix. "fULL SERVE" attendant put 2 quarts of 10-30 natural in the 323 without asking. Will oit do any damage to the engine?

warming up car in morning temp 18 degrees farenheit

i changed it about every three months its a factory motor and horse power

There are no lights on my dash, the radio and the horn has no power also there is no interior light.

On 1/17 - My clutch peddle was to the floor. This has never happened before. I pumped the clutch, the car started but the gears would not shift. The gears only shift when the car is off. I'm wondering if the car has a cable that snapped or if there may be a possible leak.

I dont hear the moter running, I checked the fuses they seem fine. The wipers wont move at all. if I pull on one of the arms by hand they both move in unison.

My 300c whines when i push the gas pedal and it has a hesitation when pulling off or sometimes in reverse.

IT will sputter it wont run long even in idle.

the radio does not turn off and i think the steering wheel will not lock,all lights turn off and elec. door locks work. so how involved is it to change the ignition ?? fixed income so i need to do my self,if possible ??

want a average cost for the labor? dont wanna get charged too much.

altnator has been replaced

The light came on after we pushed the button to put the car in winter mode. Have disconnected the battery and the light is still on. took it to autozone and the code they got was P1241

Would you know where one is? One where I won't get ripped off cuz I'm a girl!!