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do I have to take the tilt steering apart to change the ignition rack gear
Idles very high in park. RPMs won't come down.
How do i adjust the steering box on my 2001 jeep wrangler
About 2 months ago my car started to idle very badly. I took it somewhere and they said it was my spark plugs so I had them change it hoping it would fix it well it didn't. Took it somewhere else and they told me they...
my car would cut off,after it sit for a while it would start back up,so i replaced the fuel filter it stayed crunk for about ten seconds and cut back off
How hard is it to change front wheel hub/bearing?
I already know the problem, I just want to know the estimate for a whole replacement near Holmen, WI.
I keep receiving a display message that states bulb failure postion light ..All lights are working what does this mean..
I bought an acura tl 2003. I cant open the trunk with the key or from the can i fix it? do i need a code?
at a stop light with a 1/4 tank of gas left,when gas petal was pressed car would not move or accelerate. but car was still on.
i have problem whit my car whend i try to start it
my keyless just stoped working list night i got off work & went to unlock my truck but it did not unlock or lock it my batter is good i got a new one put it in but it will not work what do i do to fix it
My engine started idling rough at stop lights. Now it has a miss (cough) when I start it up and has continued to cough when I was at speed. I pulled p0470 code. What do you think?
Whats a reasonalble estimate to replace a rear mode acuator? (rear a/c)
My aurora's auto door locks stoped working along with the interior lights. My auto headlight system works backwords also, when its bright out there on and at nite i have to turn them on manualy. What might be the caus...