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what is the mechanical term for brake light switch and how would i identify this in repair pal
My vehicle fails to start sometimes. banging on the gas tank someties helps. would a failing relay cause this problem?
where is the pcv valve on a 2006 Mazda 6 4 cylinder?
I was driving my gf to work and bam engine light came on. I let my friend check it out he said its a air intake leak and i have no clue to fix it or replace it? it idle bad and gas milg sucks oh im not sure what type...
My odometer light is out on my vehicle. I would like to know how to fix this?
I would like to know how to fix the clock light that is burned out on my 2003 Odyssey?
when i turn my engine sounds like something is oppening and make a squiki noice like need some lubrication inbut where i dont know id
just got this truck and fuel gauge is stuck way past full pulled cluster out and moved needle to half turned ignition on and gauge went back to past full dont know what to do
How can I get access to parking sensors to fix them
I have engaged the floor shifter I do not get indicator on dash of 4x4 and front wheels are not pulling. The transfer case appears to working as when I shift to 4low I get low range transmission gears.
my car starts up but when i put it in drive it makes a grinding noise and doent move?
left trailer turn/brake light not working?
how do you stop the houseing from spinning on the water pump while i try to take the fan clutch off
is the MSG service in 700 miles means change oil in 700 miles or a complete service
My car was damaged... I had a front oil leak and took it to get it fix by someone who does work on the side... ( bad move)but little $ so... anyway he destroyed my car took my money and sold the part I purchased and s...