My service engine light is on. i took the car to my local mechanic and he said that it was somekind of missfire code. My car stalls not all the time but today it stalled twice but it starts right up again and rides fine. The car has 84000 miles any ideas?????

The outside temperature where I live recently dipped to below -20F. At this time my headlights stopped turning on. When I turn the engine on, the DRLs come on as normal. One click on light arm turns the parking lights on along with the DRLs. The second click should turn the headlights on but instead the DRLs go out and just the parking lights stay on - no headlights.

sensors on the luggage compartment wont let top up or down

How difficult for a novice to replace? What special tools would be needed?

Can it be changed without pulling the motor?

the window has had problems before, however the mirror just started and is running constantly....had to unhook battery to make it stop

Just purchased 2007 buick lacrosse cxl on 01/17/2012, when driving today, 01/18/2012 with my wife seated in the passenger seat the airbag light kept flashing on then off, it also happens when I sit in the seat and I weigh 182lbs. Does not happen when noone in the seat. I did some research and apparently this has been an issue since 2005-06, but GM says it is not a safety recall problem. So I am possibly stuck with it, which is expensive, about $900.00. This happens at any speed, no matter what. What are my options? Or am I stuck with bill? On-Star also notified me of this problem.

I changed the spark plugs on my kia and i need the firing order.

when i start the truck,this message appears and i hit the arrow on the steering wheel to remove it

the grid that guides the shifter just broke in little pieces and now it will not function as it should

It's done it again--a few months ago the rear hatch seized up. The locking mechanism is working fine, however when press the handle the inside latch won't release. I have no idea how I fixed it the last time (it just randomly started working again). Anyway this is the longest it's been like this and I don't know how to manually release it from the inside. Help!

Do I need to reset it some way, or calibrate it? If so, is that something I can do myself?

What would cause the cruise control to not work now? Two days ago the truck was running fine at about 70 mph then the odometer read out "reduced engine power". After having it checked at Auto Zone and being told I had a problem with the throtle position actuator I have no cruise, but ever since restarting the truck it is running perfectly except for no cruise control. The fuse is good. Is it normal for the truck to now run fine, could it just have been a computer glitch?


where is the fuel filter located on this van?