the car has a anew fuel filter, and a tune up. gas is getting to the engine so its not the fuel pump. it starts good it just cuts off please help asap

My excursion comes to a complete stop and the with hard pedal pressure the brake lights come on. What causes the light not to work with normal pedal pressure?

Its not blowing cold air thru the vent just heat the lines are clod and the accumulator is cold and has condensation its just not blowing cool air all of a sudden . I think its the blend door but dont know exactly where its located under the dash compartment

Hard to turn when parking.

sounds like bad tires going down road wa wa wa wa changed tires new brakes no slop in wheel bairings u-joints old but seem solid had on lift dose not make noise. help!

In my 2002 3.0 v6 manual sebring when my foot is completely off of the clutch the car will move but acts as though the clutch is still partially engaged, can someone please help...

check engine light came on and had it checked and said cylinder 1 and 4 what does that mean

normally the consumption is about 7km/l. somebody told that the problem from fuel distribution switch it was leaking. Can anybody give clear and correct information?

also 2 catalytic convertors and one o2 sensor?

AToil temp light stays on when the car starts, then in a few seconds it goes off

I'm not sure how to get my backup lights to go off??

Everytime i first start my pickup in the morning, it ticks. then it goes away for awhile then comes back. i have does numerous oil changes and flushed the radiator out.

car trank up and rans fins but won't go into any ranning gear at all

The car has trouble accelerating and does not select gear,the lights are deam.

when i trank up my 2002 ford taurus it rans fine but when i but it into a ranning gear it will not go at all