Replaced the head set, one of the intake valves, and the push rod which were broken and the engine is still very noisy. When we checked the oil filter there was no oil in it. So than we checked the oil pump and it was fine too. What would cause the oil to not be circulated in the motor if the oil pump was fine?

theft light blinks very fast and just wont start. there is a switch by e-brake that my brother switched what did he do? It ran perfectly fine before he flipped that switch.

It runs just fine, but everytime I stop it stalls and I have to restart it. Does anyone know how to fix it?

The ticking is kinda loud and when I get going to normal speeds it stops, and then when I slow down to about 15 mph its starts ticking again. It doesnt accelerate with the motor it stays at a constint rate.Thanks for any advice.

It just started making a humming sound when you flip lock lever.

I have a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback (4 cyl 5 speed, manual transmission) which needs a new clutch. Is there anyone/any place in the area who can do it (CORRECTLY) for $500 - $600?
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in neutral jacked up can not move the tires

Bought used car, need to update airbag sensor. Been told it is under center console.

Bought new 07 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi Dealer changed plugs at 35000Mi. Now it has 70000Mi and thought I would do it myself. Pulled the plugs on the drivers side bank and 3 of them are shorter plugs, WTH! So the dealer put 3 shorter plugs on the drivers side out of the eight. Anybody have an idea why? All the parts houses say all one size and Champion. HELP!

My 01 ML320 have no brake lights, no power on brake switch, and no 12v on both side of brake fuse. Im wondering what is between brake fuse and 12v power? Thanks.

I have no power at my ignition. have 12.5v at battery new alternator.

one front tire has already been worn completely down. Car has 25,000 miles

Anytime i remove the battery terminal or the battery itself the engine will not run on idle unless you sit inside the vehicle and rev.

as give it gas it runs bad can have petal all the way down no go power then dies

i change the thermo, change the temp. sensor, the rad. cooling fan not working, but when i unplug the temp. sensor the fan comes on, i plug the temp. sensor the fan turns off, what could be the proble. thank u.