The check engine light is on and the code reads "misfire on cylinder 3" (at Auto Zone)- the car seems to run fine but when you get to about 60 mph and at 3000 rpms it starts to falter. My DH has changed the plugs, wires, coil pack, cleaned the fuel injectors, and moved those lines to see if the code stayed on cylinder 3- which it did. What else could be the problem? Is there anything else we can rule out before taking it to the dealer?

Recently I've also noticed when I start the car, put it in drive and start to accelerate that the car doesn't move. I then either wait a minute, or have shifted to park then back to drive and then it will move. What's up with that? Transmission/ compression issues? I'm just guessing I'm a quiilter not a mechanic! lol I would appreciate anyone's advice and insight. I wish DH could fix it, but we're about to give up and take it to the dealer.

All the lights, radio and battery checked out ok, but will not turn over. I was driving it one day, parked it and went out to start it and nothing, no noise, nothing.

Have a leak in front of vehicle.

After sitting for a couple minutes when trying to start the car it sounds like it will start and we pump gas peddle and it will start. Other then this problem the car runs great.

There is 59000 miles on it and the last 2 mornings the truck did not want to turn over. it eventually did, and would start fine in the work parking lot on my way home after sitting for 10 hours. This same issue happened the last 2 weekends, but we were at a football game tailgating with the liftgate open and I assumed that was the reason for the drain. The truck is parked outdoors and it has been getting cooler out, but its difficult to believe that this is the reason for the problem.

Thank you for the help

my 2000 lincoln ls was running fine yesturday and went to start it and nothing it has brand new battery wont even attempt to turn over turn the key and there nothing

Using the remote it will try to open but won't. Same thing when closing at full open position, it will attempt to start but seems like it's get caught. When you pull the handle manually it opens and closes properly, but only when you help it along manually. What is wrong?

I have had it checked more than once and they said it is noting mechanically wrong with it. Sometimes it loud and sometimes its really loud, especially after raining.

Picked up vehicle, told the noise was gone all quiet...have to take it back because the rattling noise is still there. I hear it starting out most of the time, i.e., accelerate hear grinding rattling from the front. Maybe it stops at higher speeds & cant hear it?(The service place knew this but said noise was actually from the rear) Good reviews on the place but feel totally lied to right now...after $900. It's so loud I don't feel safe driving..any ideas??

PVS(Tyler Mecklem) is a good repairman and close to my place , but had not time for me in this week. I have to find another good repairman,please help me!

i put motor oil in my transmission by mistake

she was told about adding 90 degree hose to resole it

she was told something about adding a 90 degree hose to resolve problem

What causes this to happen

I have a 2004 gmc sierra 6.0L v8, it went into limp mode ( stuck in 2nd gear ) it has 3 codes, 2 for solenoids in transmission and one for torque converter, garage phoned the tranny shop, they said all 3 codes means its electrical, most likey the ignition switch, i changed that and nothing. checked all fuses and power to tranny, every thing is good. Talked to another mechanic he said it could be any sensor not giving the correct readings to pcm, any ideas or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. I live 60 miles from the closest GM garage so haven't towed it in yet but that seems my only option at this point.