and at other times will start right back up it will occur at least once aweek lately

my 1993 toyota truck 4x4 is not getting any gas after the key goes to the on position. it will shoot fuel out of the main fuel line while the engine is turning over, but after it starts it will barely seep out of it. when i get it started it will run fine at the high idle but when it falls to normal idle it starves itself out . I have put new pump filter , mass air sensor and ignition switch and nothing has helped it any ideas will help alot thanks

just recently cut off the cavt. converter and replaced it with a straight pipe and also replaced the radiator. The car continues to do the same thing.... RPM goes up real high before shifting and once it hits about 60mph it runs okay....The shop i took it to could not find the problem. I was going to replace the transmission filter and gaskets, spark plugs, and coil packs but unsure if i should if that is not the problem. has this happened to someone else.

Car runs great except at low speeds it bucks or hesitates as it changes gears. Transmission was tested and inspected as good but I was wondering about the torque converter. Could this be the problem, dash lights never come on to indicate a problem so we can't put it on the computer. If this could be the problem what does it cost to repair

I also checked the fuse to the wiper motor and it is fine. The wiper moved a twich when turned on and now it does nothing. Is it the motor? Any other suggestions if I missed something to try?
Thanks, stirringro

after replacing brakes and bleeding car does fine,more I drive there's a drag on car,have to push accelerator harder to have it keep up the speed.And the engine is getting hot.Not the temp gauge,just excessive heat coming from motor into car.
Also in AM car won't go when temp gauge in close to bottom of gauge,once it starts warming up makes it easier to go in gear(drive)this only started when what I thought was brakes locking on me,that was reason for replacement.When start in morn after temp warm up runs good,then slowly downhill from there,to the point afraid I'm pushing it to go that I'm going to break something if not get stuck somewhere.
Please help!! I think it's a simple problem.Could the proportioning valve make the brakes do this??
Thanks .one heck of a headache

twice it died with a couple of "jumps", like gear shift jump while running slow. No engine lights or warning lights or messages show. Car idles and stops approx 1/10 times.

The car starts and runs fine, the light doesnt blink, it just stays on.

Struts not leaking & ride is good but bearing plates started squeaking real bad 2 months ago and I sprayed them with WD40 which didn't seem to help. Now that I've saved enough to have them replaced they have been quiet for the past week. Should I replace the strut assemblies or just keep lubricating the plates? 88,000 miles on vehicle, don't tow with it, and normal load is light to moderate.

I can set speed but i can not add or decrease speed with the + or -. Have to break or speed up then hit set to fix speed. Occurs everytime i use curse control.

Replaced the clutch and slave. Flushed the line with mineral spirits, chased with dot 3 and bled. A complete success thanks to some help from you guys. 3 weeks later (yesterday) The clutch gradually begins to release very close to the floor making it tough to engage gears. Nothing at the top half of the pedal as if it were not attached at all. This morning back to normal. Until later in the day after a few miles. Shut it down to, say grocery shop, then the clutch feels normal again. The fluid level hasn't moved at all. WTF?

i just bought it.

Ok, hubby drives home yesterday from work with a trailer full of gravel. Shuts off the enigin, tries to start again with no luck. After trying to jump off, we have it towed to a shop. They change the starter and both batteries, still will not start. They are saying that it is showing NO oil pressure. They have not checked anything else and are saying that it could be something in the engin or a sensor. Does anyone on here have any idea? This is the first time that anything has happened like this.

when u go to turn the key it makes a clicking sound and that is it. all the lights work and everything like that but it will not even make an attempt to start

I have the drum pulled and need to know how to take the axle out to replace the outer grease seal