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Results of emission koeo..........pass
communication pass
Troublecodes po128 coolant thermostat temp below po449 evaporative vent valve/solenoid cir po455 leak lg detected

When my car is on the headlights turn on and off at random regardless if I have the lights turned on or off. If the lights come on when the knob is in "off" position (which normally happens), I can turn the lights in "On" position and they normally will turn off until they are ready to shoot back on at random (and vise versa. Is this an electrical issue or do I simply need a new headlight switch assembly?

I tried looking it up on the Repair Pal estimator and had no luck.

What is causing this problem?

replaced cables tested alt battery an sarter all good. something keeps drawing power an killing battery. car wontrun when this happens.

I found the replacement part..How do you take the console cover off?

I actually have a 1999 Golf 2.3 V5 (your drop down list doesnt list it). I am also in the united kingdom so your "zip code" wont accept my digits so I have used one from florida.
Its got a faulty injector on cylinder 5. I have some options on ebay to buy a replacement but I need to ensure I get the right one, with the right part number/code.
I just need to know where to find the part number so I buy the correct replacement.

170,000 miles, leaks transmission oil, code 455???, been told car needs oil, but oil changes are done regularly (oil is full), hydraulic lifters suggested, Need an estimated and are repairs more than the car worth -

the tester and i am leaking trainy fluid

A friend removed tank, fuel filter, and fuel pump. He did't come back to replace. I'm usually good with my hands and learning,but i need an image of undercar connections. Your help is greatly appreaciated! Thank you.

Hello sir thanks for the respond.this is what I had to do today sunday 02/05/2012 I pulled the transmission pan and filter out I found inside the filter shreded plastic it looked like clear plastic. So I cleaned the filter and the valv body reinstalled the filter and pan back on added transmission fluid started the engine all back to normall. So I took the for a drive about 20 miles the grinding sound is back and it started to slip. This is what I am thinking could it be the filter is deffected cause the plastic that I found inside could be coming out of the filter. And after when I cleaned it the car drove normall. So it wouldn't be the transmission fault correct? Well you tell me what do you think. (the sound is like power steering pump out of fluid) thank you............

I was in a fender bender and the taillight cracked. Other than that, I need a mandatory inspection. Eould like to know what's fair for and estimate.

the blower is working and there are no leaks or smells..what can i check? I also get regular oil changes and they check fluid levels

I've tried driving for 10 to 15 minutes on Tuesday and Thurday, but van still on start on Saturdays. Bought car used and the battery was faulty and had to be replaced with new battery 2 years ago. Had no problems with it, until last 3 weeks.