have replaced distributor cap, coil and coil wire. Ignitor checked out ok. What do I check now? Thanks

PT cruiser 2005 2.4 liter

It came on very suddenly. If acceleration is faster it seems to minimize the issue. I am noticing now it does it occasionally right as I start 2 - 5 MPH. It clearly feels like a transmission issue.

I just replced the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler. Had a hard time with belt but don't think I moved any thing, however car will not start now. Thought maybe I some how got it 180 out but when I removed belt and tried to rotate the crank shaft, you can't past about 1/4 turn, in which case I don't see how I could have messed that up. Please help, we really need the car. Engine cranks and sounds like it wants to catch but just wont, like if the timing is off or no fuel, (there is fuel though).

I cannot find the part# for a/c and heater control unit that is on the dashboard.AC delco part# 15-71270 says it only fits 82-89...are they the same part?

Now, I've got a new bulb and cannot get it back into the light assembly. It's the same, correct size -- just extremely tight. Any secrets or hints on how that sucker with the metal tips gets repositioned? (I broke the old bulb getting it out -- NOT a good sign)
Many thanks for your help!

I have 190K. on my Maxima 2000 Manual transmission and never replaced clutch, there are no noise or problebs with shifting or leaking oil.

I recently lost all my power steering suddenly and I think I need to replace my pump. I woould like some pointers on how to do this efficiently. I have a pulley tool so I can get the pulley off. Is everything else pretty straight forward?

i want to learn cause i seen people do ant i dont thing its that difficult

i have not change my oil in five months but i did change my water pump, the radiator, the spark plugs and all the gaskets associated with it.

sometimes shifts hard and will sometimes float in and out of overdrive. code is p0753 also had this code come up p0742

I have a 1997 ford f250 xlt 460 and the oil pressure gauge reads about 1/2 way with the engine running or off. I pulled wire off the sender, grounded it and no change on the gauge. Is the gauge bad and where can i get one?

This problem is very intermiting no code or ck engine light i have replaced battery,ALT, TPS DID MAJORTUNE UP HELP BEFOR I PUT HER OUT OF HER MISSORY

originally the last place that worked on my car put the thermistat in upside down. Now I've changed the timing belt, head gasket, coil package, censors, plugs, and still nothing. Between parts for the car, and a rental...I'm going broke fast! Help

but its always a problem...it is not throwing any codes its just aggrevating...i am a mechanic but not familier with super charged engines and wiring