I recently bought a 1991 Prelude 2.0 DOHC. It was owned by an old man that rear ended a tow bar. Front bumper, slam tray, aircon radiator and coolant radiator were damaged. The car sat for 12 months without running. I bought it and fixed it up. I drained the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump as it had rusted. When I drive the car now, 20 minutes after starting the pump becomes increasingly noisy until I lose power. I switch off and start 5 minutes later and the pump is quiet and full power is back. I replaced this pump again as I thought the new one may be faulty, but the new one does the same. I have changed the filter and blown out all the fuel line to check for blockages. Still the same. Please help?

Happens everytime it rains. Not when it drizzles, it has to rain. I try to miss all the puddles but to no avail. Could it be the ignition coil?

I have 2002 hyundai xg350L with 118K miles on it. Runs perfect. Recently I have all the dashboard lights on. The brake, TCS (ABS) lights on and when they are on, the speedometer doesn't work. There is no problem with the car. It runs good. But thats the only problem and a mechanic whom I showed the car couldn't find the problem even after he connected it to the computer. It doesn't happen all the time but happens at the wish of the car. It runs normally sometimes. i am having the problem since 2 days!

Someone told me there could be a problem with alternator. If so, is there any way that the alternator repaired or I should only replpace it at any cost?

How do I remove the parts on transsmission console by shift lever.
98 ES300 reverse light inop issue. The reverse light is not coming on because of a possible adjustment needed in the shift mechanism. But how do you remove the bottom series of parts to get to the linkage and reverse sensor after removing the wood panel, and how to remove the top portion of the short lever? (I partially removed the small cover on the back but couldn't remove completely. My reverse light comes on, but only after moving it slightly forward when in reverse. Look forward to your help; Thanks Bruce at: bruski883@gmail.com

What does it do ,and how would you tell if it is defective

The coolant level indicator on the dashboard is always on despite having the radiator and the resovoire filled to the brim

its seems to be worse in cold weather

I would like to know what all you have to do to remove the fuel pump pipes and drive shaft

The hazards all work and the turn signals don't.

was driving when speedometer got stuck @ 30 mph. Also my tacometer has been stuck a 6000 rpms for about a year, yet occasionally it works

problem occurs when fuel level drops below 1/2 tank full or when stopped on a hill.

can the check engine light effect thegas mileage

replace everything what do i replace or look at next?

car was werck, replaced the raditor, the fans and bumber cover. replaced the two relays, temperture sencor pull the relays out fans come on

both front windows quit working at the same time. checked fuses didnt see a problem there? what could cause this?