everytime i replace fuses for rear lghts fuse blows

exhaust at start up and when you turn it off moisture leaks out of muffler out of tailpipe at start up

have changed plugs, plug wires,fuel filter,injectors,lower intake gasgets,coil seems to be good,when it runs on 6 cyl, runs good then will start running on 5 cyl,and sometimes back and forth, any ideas

Are there any special tools needed to do this job?

I had the tranny flushed and shortly after 3rd and 4th gear no longer work, is there an easy fix or is it more involved?

Tight space - owners manual says to let dealer replace this bulb - dealer wants $39 to replace! How do I remove grill and headlamp to get to bulb?

So far I have replaced the timing belt; balancer shaft belt both; drive belts; front and rear motor mounts; spark plugs; egr valve and seafoamed the intake system. I replaced the egr valve thinking it would fix this problem because i smoked tested the intake and it was leaking out of the egr. My next step is to remove the idle control valve and check for a clogged screen. at this point I am out of ideas any help would be greatly appreciated.

Driving at any time car runs great, but after any braking mostly hard car sterring wheel vibrates not imagined for about 5 minutes the slowly diminishes if no braking has occured. If car is stopped for 5 minutes noise and vibration disappears. Had brakes and tiresand front end checkedthinking it was wheels or tires, but know I know it is definitely coming after braking Could be ABS failing or sensor something hanging up. Thinking back I have had to brake hard for road condition and maybe something, now is not right Thank you for your help

year it is very unpredictable but happens once a day at least

The van was electrically dead after driving it a half hour before. When we tried to jump it, it almost caused my buddy's truck to die and over heated the jumper cables. Took out the old battery and when installing the new one it arced and caught the side post on fire. What would cause this kind of short?

Had this same problem last year. I replaced the switch with audi parts. Recently I have the same problem. High beams work, turn signals work, everything works except the head lights. Checked fuses and everything look good. What could it be please help. Thanks

Was driving last week had heater on defrost switched it over to vent but it didn't switch til like 10 minutes later. Started my truck this morning heater was on full blast let my truck warm up for 10 minutes got in it and had nothing doesnt work on any speed but the vents are blowing minimal heat when driving. WTF happened

need estimate on cost of repair

what kind of thermostat do i buy and how much does it cost.

the driver side is still working