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My 1999 lincoln continental 4.6 litre v8 motor failed emmission test, paid a guy to tell me needs b1s2 sensor. I have no idea which one it is the dealer says there is 4 of them the part store here says 2 before and a...
never had a problem just quit wont start it turns over a bit but wont start even though fuel oump already has been replaced because told by mechanic that was the problem.
Hi, when i start the machine the motor has a sound maybe in the manifold exhaust, but after 1 minute the sound disappear. Is possible replace the Manifold Gasket to delete this sound????
My heater has stopped working in my 2000 Ford Explorer. Does some have the answer to why the heat is not working when you turn it own? Only cold air comes out. The defrost works and the air conditioner. Will it co...
Air condition & heat will not blow (does blow sometimes)I think the dash unit is going bad. How do I search for the whole unit to price it?
What may cause all of my poer steering fluid to suddenly leak from the Chrysler town and country. Ater hose is repaired the leak recurs.The steering may work well for mnths before the leak occurs. This happened four (...
My air bag light came on. I was told the sensor on the front bumper needs to be replaced. How much?
Hello good people My heater is blowning cold air. The coolent leaving the heater valve going to the heater core is hot, which leads me to beleive that its a circulation problem. Can someone please tell me where the p...
Fuel was leaking onto garage floor. Car was taken by a private mechanic for repair. Cost seemed excessively high. Would like a comparison quote.
where is the fuel pump located?
the signal light lamp have 3 light the inner light no start
While driving down the road my van just guits running its acts like its not get gas...could it be the master air flow system or a more system thing? The fuel pump is coming.
were is the input turbine speed sensor located on transmission on my 202 audi A4 quattro turbo i keep getting cod #po717 input/turbine speed sensor A ciruit no signal
My jeep was fine and now it wont fire. It wont turn over to start. it sounds like its trying, but just wont start. what could it be? i replaced a cap, coil, fuses.
i bought a 2003 denali used ..i did'nt know i had remote start...some how i started the truck two time already ..what button am i pushing to start it or how do i use the remote has loc, unlock , and ax butt...