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The sensors on bank 1 and 2 are going out the check engine light came on and the shows they are running too lean.
I have basic mech skills and changed out quite a few alternators on simpler engines but not on an 04 Navi. Anyone know how difficult this is? What special tools will I need? I'd like to save $500 on shop costs. :0)
does the "check engine" light go on for scheduled maintenance?
got a jump and the guy hooked up the cables backwards,(I should've checked) tried cranking it over before realizing the problem, now we get nothing.does anyone know if theres an inline fuse or something involved here...
my car is cutting off and jerking/cruise control light is blinking on and off/odometer is not reading. what do you think the problem is? Do you think it is the EGR valve part # EGR4175?
Why is the steering wheel on my 2002 Suzuki XL7 all of a sudden so hard to turn?
pedal moves but doesn't pull cable at all. can pull up at trans end until throw out bearing pressure is felt. having accessibility problem at pedal end..removed lower panel and instrument cluster still can't see cable...
actuator door is Code 024. I was getting NO HEAT from any vents. To diagnose the Automatic temperature control on this (or YOUR) car follow this sequence. Turn the Heat'AC "OFF" Press at the SAME TIME, "OFF" & "FL...
Definition: EVAP flow during a non-purge condition. 661-Purge or vent solenoid failure; 662-Plugged EVAP canister condition; 663- Failed EVAP pressure sensor. Could you help me figure out what if any needs repaired-re...
wipers stop in up position after turning them off
I checked the switch, and the connection, there is no power
noise from steering pump
Temp gauge was all the way on HOT,and the water pump was seized, but I was told the engine checked out OK. So the pump, theremostat and hoses were replaced. After drving around for 30 min or so the fans came on, but r...
All the gauges on the dash stopped working; fuel spedometer, oil pressure, temp. The miles dont light up and the selector for reverse drive etc. The side brake lights dont work but the top one does