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sometimes the cruise control will work sometimes it wont.. at times if i keep tapping the on and off switch it will come on, then again it might not.

It does not blow at all.

While stopped on a hill in drive the denali started to roll backwards. My son was driving and let it roll yo see if it would go back, it rolled back and then the engine just shut off! Is this a flaw? a design feature? is it dangerous? Did he break it, by allowing it to do this? Ehanks.

My car beeps at me after I turn it on. There are no dashboard lights on or check anything lights going. Just had alternator and battery changed. All lights work. I did open the door and hit the security/horn button on my key fob by accident and thats when the beeping after I turned the car on started. Yesterday I hit the button again, and then hit it to turn off the horn/security going on, then started the car and it still beeped at me. Anybody have this issue with their car?

How much does a new key cost?

yesterday while driving i noticed a vibration in the rear tires, when i stopped and got out to see if something had been cauaght, i smelled my brakes smelling like they had been burning. when i got back in, i had to rock my car back and forth to get what seemed like my e-brake to release. (its a manual shift)

125K mileage

I would have to play with the handle in order for it to get back to the it should work.

changed plugs, wires, 2 coils, starter, altenator, ignition module, cam and crank sensors


guage starts moving up after 65 mph or 3000 rpms, like pulling a small hill. It will sit and idle all day in neutral and not get hot. no leaks, top radiator hose seems to be circulating. Fan seems to work well, keeps hose from ever fealng hot.

The horn work if the engine if turned off

It was on for a month or so and i was told it was probably a piston misfire and i needed to change the catalytic converter, so will it comeback on or just stay off till somthing else is wrong?

I noticed the battery light came on while I was driving to work after replacing the postive battery cable. The wipers moved really slow and the lights were dim. When I got to work the car died while pulling into a parking space. I looked around the starter and saw a green wire with an eyelet on it that wasn't hooked to anything. Does that need to be attached to the starter with the positive battery cable? I'm thinking I was only driving on battery power and that the green wire goes to the alternator. Hopefully that's it.

I can open the car manually, but car won't start, turnover, or anything. This has never happened before!

only when its slick. i dont hear when just in 2x4, i dont hear when i turn