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When I was on vacation my Maintence Due light came on. Now today I tried to start my 2005 Highlander and it won't start. Now the VSC, CEL, and Maintenance lights are on. There is no loose hose to the air filter. I also tried opening the gas cap and closing with three clicks. I can still not start my truck. Also, I accidentally didn't have the gas pump nozzle all the way in the tank when I was filling with gas and some ran onto the ground. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

have a used car dealer warrenty through an extended warrenty company.

The lightning bolt indicator is on. Car turns over but won't start


my abs light is on

Stopped at a Shell gas station. filled 1/2 a tank of "gas", car started acting up, found out the gas station messed up. their delivery guy put diesel in their tanks instead of gas. so I got diesel in my gas tank. took it to the dealer. system was flushed. advice the dealer to check the reduce oil engine light. they recomended to change the sensor. i believe either diesel/coolant is my engine. please advice. tnx

Ignition went out so I replaced the ignition switch. Drove a couple days and car would not start. Somehow, the wires for the aftermarket alarm had come apart under the dash and they were spliced into the ignition. Reconnected them and the car started right up. The car started running rough at idle after it would warm up and the check engine light came on. Cod P0133 - 02 sensor bank 1 position 1 slow start. Replaced the 02 sensor. That was a B*@5h. The car is still running very rough at idle but only when it is in gear. It shakes the whole car but not all the time. When it shakes, it feels like I'm in a funny car at the start line. When I shift to neutral, the shaking stops. No lights are on now, and I have tried fuel injector cleaners and treatments. Any help would be appreciated as I am unemployed and can't afford a mechanic.

While starting, all power lost (had to reset clock) and then tach and speedometer inop. Runs great otherwise. Ideas? I can't find a fuse that controls only these two gauges...

the problem and how do i fix it?
the blower motor is blowing but something is blocking the air flow. someone said my slim door isn>t opening. where is it located?

drifts Could this be awheel bearing or a differential
I had the tranny flushed, mechanic said it was ok

I had a service a few weeks ago at dealer and today I noticed the mounting tabs on left side of air dam are broken, I drove to Broadway Toyota in Portland, my car has a platinum warranty but was told this was not covered. I should have guessed. I have no visible damage or reason as to how or why this broke. It may have been from mechanic at Broadway rotating tires-maybe he broke them somehow and never told me. Anyway they refuse to pay for repair and they want $764.00 to repair and paint. Has anyone else had this happen with their 2009 Camry. I think it must be defective if the mechanic did not cause the damage.

I have an 06 MB ML 350 and had an oil change at the dealer recently. However,technician said the battery needs to be changed since it failed the load test.Altho I was skeptical about it as i haven't been having problem starting the car I let him change it. 3 weeks later I noticed the battery indicator lamp lighted while the car is running.I'm supposed to bring it back to the dealer. I wonder if it was really the battery that is defective when he did the load test.what could be causing this. Pls. help I'm anticipating another rip off for repair of whatever is the problem but I could bear it as long as the technician can tell me the exact and definite cause of the problem.Are there specific ways for him to diagnose which specific part of the charging system needs to be repaired.By the way is it safe to drive it to the dealer's place (half mile away) or does it have to be towed?

we have done a tune up, new coil, new gas cap, new injector, it will run great, start fine for a few days and then acts like a misfire or rough idle on cold starts then after about one minute it behaves normal...been doing this for 4 months.Sometimes it will do it on every start and then it will be fine for several days...???? I notice that when I take my gas cap off there is no pressure release( my other car releases pressure when cap comes off???)

turns on but there is no volume and it will not reconise the cd player

Went in for an oil change and dealership is saying the sway bar bushings are worn and the #3 engine mount is 'leaking'. Are these reasonable problems for a 2006 Mazda 5 with just under 80,000 miles?