keeps flashing no matter what speed im driving

Front squeak--gasket seems to be problem

changed the modulator today and now have both trouble codes... what should I do , I do not have a rough idle or it does not die ..... dont know what to do

needs to be replaced have used one that work to put back on

The first time the car shut off while I was coming to a stop but I was able to turn it back on and continued to drive it for a good week. After driving about 700 miles back home from out of state it totally shut off while on the freeway. I was traveling at least 70mph. It turned back on and continued to shut on and off while I was on the street.

headlights come on, but dash lights and tail lights don't. Brake lights and turn signals work fine.

The reverse lights are intragrated in the neutral saftey and I don't want to loose them.

took car with exhaust smell leak evertime we drive to ford dealer who diagnosed a very expensive repair with two different prices amost 2k to fix havent done this yet does anyone know what is going on any recall available for this odd leak? TYVM

It started after I replaced my water pump.

The shifter stops at Drive and will not go into the lower gears

mechanic said i needed front pasenger side s wheel sensor i installed sensor but light stays on the codes he put down werent four ditgits but regardless asumming he was correct why would the light stay on. oil pressure light has been coming on for seven months but car has no problem driving. i can make it go off temperarily by pumping pedal first. I got stryt plates replaced but still get crunchingsounds

My Lexus has had trouble starting. Battery checked out okay, so probably starter. How complicated is it to change, and how much time should a mechanic need?

that will fit my 2007 pt crusier. goes in all the gears 1-5..... but will not go into reverse....done some research on this & found out that the bushings do go out!!! thank ya'll in advance.

I can hear the motor work and the window goes down about 1/8 of an inch. It doesn't matter which switch is being used (either the drivers side switch or the switch on the passenger door).

I have a bad vibration when I drive down the road. It gets worse when I slow down. It don't vibrate to bad when I accelerate it go's away alittle.