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Should I simply look into trading in my car or fix the repairs? The repairs will cost $2746.29 total.

Today it rolled about 20 feet before I put the brake on.
Is this an extended warranty problem?
Is this situation covered under a recall?
This has been happening on a small scale since we bought
the car 3 years ago. This seems more serious.

What parts need to be removed and what to be careful of.

this problem just started yesterday, is it a serious problem?

what can i expect as plausible issues and costs.

The engine will cut out when driving at a consistent speed in wet conditons and stall when coming to a stop, also in wet conditions. When you step on the accelerator it comes out of it, until you try to go a consistent speed again.

How much is that going to cost?

I have to start the car every 2 to 3 hours to keep it warm because if I don't it will not start once it cold. People have told me to check my fuel pump or fuel injection system, but I don't understand how the tempature affects that.

sputter is random...started about 2 weeks ago i notice more obvious when go from stop to cruise speed...once cruise about 60/70 mph its better....replaced fuel pump located under chassis right side rear passenger area about 6 months ago, plugs, distributor rotor/cap...running excellent...recent sputter getting worse as time passes...TX

how do I reset maintenance indicatior light

when i go up hills it wants to cut out and it sort of learches forward. as long as i down shift and get a good head start, i will make it up the hill. but once im in first i cant do enymore then put the peddle to the meadle and hope i make it. is it a 02 cencer? a foul plugg? or is it something more seriouse? i think it migh me the reason my check engine light is on. but it has also been on sence i bought the car. the problem up hills, noticely started a year or two after

I had them replace the fron and rear engine mounts and then noticed the engine vibrating a lot when at idle and in park. They say its the flywheel thats bent.

My volvo bucks when I start it periodically. When it does I turn it off then restart and it usually starts fine. I replaced my thermostat and control module locate there because the computer threw that code. It didn't help.

I stopped the car and went in the house. I was gone 20 minutes and when I tried to start the car it would not start. And it still will not start 2 days later.

I have already done the following:
1)Changed plugs and plug wires
2)Changed the coil pack at cylinder 2
3)replaced all vacuum lines
4)Cleaned choke and all associated sensors
5)Added seafoam to fuel (hope to clean any clogged injector)and poured some in vacuum line to clean throttle body
could I have a stuck valve?
What is the recommended next step