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how do i replace my heater core in my 1990 ford E150 conversion van 5.0 mustang motor it has 107,458 oringal miles and also when i turn right it is very hard but when i turn left it is easy any idea
my check engine light will come on and off at different times. I noticed that when I have a good weather start the light will go out. Is this a faulty light or egr valve.
My truck wasn't getting enought heat. It would blow out cold air while sitting still. And blow out warmer air while riding.My son put in a thermostat for me and now its running hot. It wasn't doing this before. Now i ...
I have changed the battery and checked the key communication. The back windows come down slightly when the car does start. After the car has set for 30 minutes or so it starts. What could cause this?
how do you take off the timing pull?
when I flip the switch to four wheel drive the indicator lights on the dash light up but the truck does not actually engage.
Purchased new hood shocks and can't figure out how to get the clips off to install. can you help
November 28 in Burgaw,N.C.It's the first time it happend.
I just purchased a pre owned 2008 Town and Country. After driving the vehicle I have noticed a hum whenever the vehicle is moving. The hum is noticeably louder between 35-45 mph but is consistently heard. When I fi...
what will it cost to replace the engine management computer on my truck?
2000 mercury sable will not cold start. With either quick start it runs good. When I shut it off after running. It will start but it stutters and stalls and it takes a few seconds to regain power.
The car was normal then tried backing out of the yard and it would't go in reverse or drive. I never had this problem before!!!!
To whom this may concern I'am so so sorry it was not my brake light it is my antilock light.
My brake light came on about 3 days ago, it has not gone off but it does go off when I turn car off and then it will come back on ? The low traction comes on sometimes when I drive slow not all the time I just would l...