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when im driving it cuts out and going up hills it backfires
how do you change the bulbs
when stopped in traffic oil light ,turn off engine sign comes on ocassionally mainly in warm weather, light goes off when engine is reved
shifetr on steering column just flops up and down, won't shift into any gear "P R N D 1 2" I've been told it's a simple job of replacing a little linkage, inexpensive and easy. True?
i connected everythimg but it would only crank but wont turn onn the obd code is p011 but i dont know whats the problem..
need to know to decide whether to bail out of a deal.
I took my 1990 C4 Cabriolet to a local repair shop for an oil change. They replaced the filter and pulled the drain plug and per the owners manual added 6.5 qts, let the engine idle and tried to add the additional 3....
I own a 1990 Toyota Camry and went to start it but the key won't turn. Is the ignition lock bad? How can you tell?
If I continues to attemt to start it, the car will usually start after about 10 attempts. Battery is new and so is the starter.
load squelling arond belt and belt has been changed about 6 weeks ago
Replace Dash Light
truck is currently at shop. valve covers taking off and motor looks clean. mechanic says it looks like enough oil is in top and has no sludge build-up and taking off oil pan to ensure there is none in the bottom. Hav...
where does it go i can not seem to find it, also where can i get a owners manual
1995, Lexus, ES350 The front panel in the middle has controls for radio, Air conditioning, heating, defrost, air, and has a tape recording slot. The control panel has not been working for two days. I see yellow brak...
Hi, I was just told that the noise coming from my 1994 subaru legacy is my compressor going bad, but the a/c or heat is not on when it makes this noise. Is this possible? Can the compressor make noise even when neit...