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low rpm miss rough idel studders when acceleratind failed high rpm emessions test
have a tdi automatic golf. Timing Belt needs replacing. what is ave cost to do this repair?
So, here's what I've done: (1) checked coolant level, (2) confirmed blend door is working perfectly, (3) confirmed that both inlet/output tubes to the heater core on the firewall are hot, (4) torn apart the dash and c...
running high idle due to vaccum hose not atached
battery was put in wrong, blew major fuses cause lights, wipers, air cond. can't put car in reverse seems to be stuck in park. all of this since the battery was put in worng HELP
sometimes it will start sometimes it wont crank there is nothing except dinging i put it in gear let it roll forward and it will start after that most of the time my backup lights will blink and act weird sometimes ...
the key only open the doors when I get really close to the car
I have a 2006 Kia Sedona with a V6. My OBDII codes are pointing towards a faulty oxygen sensor on Bank 2, specifically Bank 2 Sensor 1. How do I tell which side is Bank 1 and Bank 2?
need location of thermostat
where's the radator drain at
I was installing a new interstate battery, and about 35 to 45 seconds after it blew up right in front of me. what would cause this to happen.
How do I remove and replace alternator on my Lexus 2004 IS300
The BRAKE LIGHT AND VDC OFF LIGHT come on periodically. How do I fix this?
My manual transmission truck is losing power or has little power in any gear. I have in the last year I have replaced the clutch assembly, ignition. Could it be electrical or what?
the abs light comes on,the service traction control light comes on and there is a grinding noise in the front when you brake?