What is the meaning of this light? What action needs to be taken immediately. Financially, unable to put alot of maintenance into repairs :(

where is the power cable that supply all the power to the engine to start

how do i change crank sensor

or does it automatically reset when problem solved.

it happens while i am driving

it is while i am driving was told it was a shifting solonoid

no codes first time no start..150k miles

I need to do my brakes on the front and back of my VW 2000 jetta, what kind of pads and shoes go on them

lights come on, seatbelt activates but does not click or turn over. If I jump start it or roll it and pop start it, starts right up and I can shut it off and start right back up but then maybe the next day or 3 or 4 days later will not start. Always started fine but had the head gasket replaced due to massive oil leak, could oil have damaged the starter?

Happens sporadicaly when brake light warning light goes on and returns when light goes off. Thanks.

the next day my electronic throttle control light started flashing. The dealer said it will be near $3000 to fix. I know nothing about cars, any advice is appreciated.

My blower will work fine all year, but as soon as winter comes and the temperature drops below 30 degrees F. the blower goes out. Then when spring comes the blower will start working again. What could be causing this, how can I fix it?

do you have to do anything other then replace your mounts

They broke the security ring that is in the steering column, but ignition is in tack. Can you buy just the secirty ring or can you remove/disable the security system.

After it pours rain, there is a big puddle of water on the passenger side, front seat, floor boards.
Can't tell where the water is entering from, I used a hose to run water over the outside of the car and couldn't see any leaks.
Anyone have to fix a similar problem before?