this is a problem i have allready posted other things about it. also last weekend i was asking questions about this truck and a 99 malibu.i ask a question about the malibu and it came up under as this truck!i can't remember the guy that ansered.but thanks.

Driving on a uneven country road, I heard a hit underneath (stone?). Now, the engine starts, but dies after few seconds,the cluster instruments lights on board doesn't work, the fuse #11 (5A - instr. cluster, shiftlock,
autom. beam control) burns each time I replace it.
Please don't send me to mechanic, I have to try to fix it myself; I'm good on mechanics, once I know what I have to do.
Thank you!

engine ran fine. have 50+ pounds of steady presure at port on inector rack. now won't idle & has a very loud noise tat sounds like bad lifters.

I can not afford 400.00 to get it fixed that is how much my mom paid when her window did not work. I have a 1997 Saturn SL2

sort of a surge up and down idling

Check Engine Light Due to Defective VVT-i Controller: Light is intermitant. I had this issue fixed/part replaced when under warranty under 60K miles on my 2006 Scion XA. I recently had to replace an engine with a 16K mile engine from another Scion XA at 93K and now the problem is back. Would the new engine replacement cause the VVT-i to malfunction? My mechanic said the synthetic oil he put in might solve the issue. (I had used synthetic oil for the past 2 years previously until I went to this mechanic this past summer.) I also had the clutch replaced at the same time as the engine and it's been a bit noisier in 1st and 2nd gear. ???

had to remove the battery for an hour. had to replace the homonic balance pulley.

i have a bolt that i thought came out of the pulley but it wont thread into hole on motor. it slides completly into block and doesnt thread.

i already had the rear hatch latch repaired

it just started happening and it happens all the time

Odd noise when I turn to the right. Im thinking it may be coming from the transmission. I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this or know what the problem could be?

There's no way to get to the bulb

i plan to replace my timing belt, water pump, and associated parts. just wanted to know engine type.
thanks cliffday

Do I have to move engine forward or anything Is it a difficult project to do ? Thank You

I have a 2005 VW Convertable with 24k miles. (I am the original owner.) The car is garage parked and is covered when out side. I have only washed the car (by hand) 6 or 7 times. Last time I washed it I noticed that water is getting into the head lamps. The dealership is saying the seals on both are torn. I think the car has been like this since I got it and they are saying my extended Platinum Warranty does not cover it. Has anyone else seen this? I noticed that people are saying the headlamps need to be replaced due to burn out....perhaps it's because water is getting in????