my a/c dont work but my heat do

check engine light illuminated. diagnostic code P0507

not hayes' or chilton's. I have those. I want a Nissan certified factory manual. thanx

Nothing was said about axle, just that front BOOT was torn.

I've replaced the fuel pump fuse a couple times. The truck will start, but within just a couple minutes, the fuse is blown again. The FPDM is the only thing I can think of that might be causing this.

tried changing all the fuses all were good

when i turn on defroster nothing happens

The engine light came on and this is the code I got. I have the hemi if that helps.

i found the other two sensors at the wheels

i need a transmission seal replaced, what should i expect to pay for this service.thanks

runs hot /over heats

Does power go through the switch then to a relay or from the relay to the switch on this vehicle? When I turn on my switch for the drivers seat it shows power, but the seat doesn't get warm. A little while later the light on the switch will go off, still no heat on the seat. The passenger seat works fine. Before this problem the switch would stay lit the whole time the switch was turned on.


The top two buttons on the key fob work just fine. The lever that normally opens the trunk on the driver side door isn't working either. Anyone experience this same problem?

is telling me that due to holiday they need to call warrenty company tomorrow to see if CLAMPS are covered under select plus. He mentioned th hoses that go into heater core? I cant find "clamps" listed as a part online or in my warrenty. Does anyone know what they might be talking about?