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Needs one to two quarts every 1500-2000 miles. No leak on ground. Why am I burning so much oil?
Have to start 2 or 3 times some mornings and have to give a little accelerator to keep running
My car starts up immediately, then it cuts off.
AT 75,000 miles its time all Oils are changed. Please advise AMSOIL TO install, Engine, trans, transfer case, front & rear differential.
Anyone has been having problems with their HID lights? I have one on the passenger’s side that keeps going out when I use the high beams. I already changed the bulb so the next step is a bad ballast. The headlights...
leaking oil from area of rear main bearing. Using oil.
i want to get an estimate of the cost for fixing my rear brakes
Why did you not put this major detail in your estimate
i was driving to work when my car suddently stopped on the road. i when to a repair shop and i was told is the distributor cap.
I have the transmission fluid and filter changed on my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. Automatic, 5.9L engine. The mechanic told me he changed the fluid and filter and also adjusted the transmission. (Adjusting something on the ...
oil runs down side of engine
1998 Grand Marquis is leaking a little antifreeze and skipping. The price I was quoted is $590.00 for the 'plastic' manifold, including labor. Does that sound about right?
This noise seems like a noise that comes from a fan, speeds down in frequency and only happens when I start braking. I recently had a brand new brake job done, and the guy did good job. Plus it does not sound like a w...
The other day while driving I had a strange warning light appear on the dashboard. Its a square, and inside the square is an arrow pointing down with two small triangles near the bottom. I think its low on something b...