had a coolant leak car got hot I pulled over and shut down immed ...cooled down and drove half mile back home ...car started twice after that ..next day had it towed to garage who said it wont start and sounds like it has no compression? it never got enough long enough to damage engine what gives? 1997 Lincoln Cont

I can't get it into gear or start the car.

Really bad during stop and go,slow speeds, etc. Never happens at speeds over 20. Sounds like it is underneath maybe near the rear or middle of the vehicle. Kind of sounds like a deep throated duck honking, or a loud rubbing sound. Hard to describe, but very audible and can sometimes feel the noise. Can go for a few weeks not hearing it and then it returns for a couple days. Seemed really bad this evening in traffic, plus cold temps maybe. Dunno.

These are the big lights attached to the ceiling, not the little lights under the mirror.

blower motor works and engine temp gauge is 180 with heat on high cdabin temp gets to about 70 I should be getting roasted out but am not. When you have on defrost or floor heat you can fill air coming out of dash vents. when unit is completely off you can fill air coming out of dash vents.

Ok i first bought the 1999 isuzu rodeo ls and they had sold it to me with the wrong belt on the alternator so they fixed that and it now squeaks when its cold. untill recently now when i step on the gas it squeaks. so im driving today and all of a sudden my battery light comes on and my car wont shift properly i step on the gas and all of my lights dim...perhaps my batery is putting out low voltage?

Some one told me it could just be a line going into it, I have gotten a couple estimates to replace the brake booster, but I don't know if I am getting the truth.

Are there any dealers or auto centers that conduct a FREE inspection for this type of problem...?

fuse has been replaced. I'm lost.

is this a separate part that is not welded/attached to the strut and shock assembly and can it be replaced without replacing the entire strut and shock assembly? also does it have to be replaced in pairs like shocks do?


While driving down the road the engine backfired really loud then shut off. The motor will spin over ,but does not try to start. I check the fuel pump and pressure and is ok. It had a full tune up about 3 months ago.There is no codes stored. The van has been running fine until this.

i have to reset the security system weekly and get jumped often should i have the security system removed i never got a remote with this car so i have to reset it with the key. only mode of transportation for my inlaws

how much will it cost?

i'm losing power steering fluid on a regular basis. need help on changing out the line.