i did get gas at this lil country store do u think i got bad fuel

Parking lights stay on

just did this in driveway.fuel pump audible in start position don't know what else to check

Now the car will not start. What could be the problem causing the temperature gage to go wacko?

i have a cost of just over $16 for the gasket i need to know what the going rate for labor is

It only makes this noise when driving not in park. this is a sporadic type of noise and some times this will be 3 to 4 times in a row.

When windshield wipers get turned off instead of going back down they stay in a upright position. Asked around and got a bunch of different answers and I cannot get them to stay down please help!

I'm not having any problems yet, but I would like another opinion to go with one that was given me. I have 69,000 miles on my car.

car makes a thumping sound i think it is the universal joint

How Much for the part?

Or do I need to replace the shifter knob? No problem going into other gears.

When the outside temp is below freezing engine will crank but will not start. But when the out side temp. is 40 degrees or above it will start just fine. Can get started when it is below 40 degrees, but have to crank and pump gas at same time. Once started motor runs fine.

Have a reverse light out.

Can it be removed, repared and replaced on site? 170,000 miles. See where a rebuilt one is around $450. I would assume its as good as a new one? Dealer wanted $1,400. Assuming that was with a new unit but not sure.

how do you remove softnose and remove windshield washer tank.not sure if its yhe tank or hose.leaking from below.cant see exact spot