im having trouble removing the headlamp assembly

I searched for probable causes and it seems to be my computer, is it fixable?? How much does it cost to get a new one. For more details, on the display it shows "communication error" and the time always resets to 1:00 when I start the car.

My daughters AC compressor keeps throwing the belt right there at the compressor, is there an alternate Serpentine belt that we can buy that will bypass the AC compressor so she can at least drive it? I don't have the 500+ dollars it would take to replace the AC right now, and Royal Kia in Tucson told her they couldn't give out that type of information.

occurs all the time

It doesn't happen as often in the morning but other than that it runs continuouslly, so I've been disconnecting the fan after removing my key.

Will the bearing need to be pressed into the spindle or is it held with snap rings? Will the inner race stay intact or need to be removed from the outer CV joint? I just replaced the factory rack n pinion due to leaking and both inner tie rods were bad (according to my local tire store ) maybe it was only the wheel bearing? Now I'll have all new steering components on my cream puff, ready for a road coarse.

light comes on when I start the vehicle

the noise contnues but varies slightky whether the fan is on high or low and whether the air condition is on or off.

My brakes locked up and started to smell like they were on fire.


Just put on new MAF sensor and now this code is showing. Whats up

red hot when i start the car. and the car will not stay runing .

Fuel pump info all

It seems to be running fine.

caNt get the harmonic balancer off