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Lexus RX300 1999-2003 Diagnostic in Advance Auto Parts show P0021 Camshaft Position Timing Sensor need to me replaced.
Misfire P0300,
P0304 CYLINDER 4, 5 AND 6

Symptoms: While driving in about 60 mph feels like transmission does not switch correctly it idle a little then shift like a punch. Never happens before.

If idling on tachometer show less then 1000 rpm and not stable car shaking, rpm move up and down.

I bought a new battery and alternator and the voltage gauge says its not getting any voltage

I drive car for a 30 minutes and shut off. When I go to restart you have to give it the gas and it takes a few attempts before it starts. The service engine lite is on constantly and I checkedcodes and it says it is a emission vaccume.

Drving down road. puff of black smoke came out exhaust. Got home and strong smell of oil from exhaust. Engine now hard to start. What could it be and where should I start looking. Thanks

I was given a new one.What is the procedure for programing for my car? ..Something like turn the ignition key on and off seven times?

it shakes hard and I want to know if its the fuel system or a blown head gasket

there is not air comingfrom heater. the fuses are good and no air at all hot or cold

Truck all of a sudden turned off and is hard to start. Once it starts idle is rough and does not have enough power to move. Replaced fuel filter but did not help. It has alot of white smoke coming out of tail pipe. No check engine light on. Just started this today. Please help!

I have a 96 monte carlo. It make a loud thumping sound at about 50 to 60 mph. When i turn to the right it goes away. Could this be a wheel bearing or maybe a bad tire?

often feels like no power steering when making turns

The overhead gauge reads -40. I have replaced the actual sensor behind front grill but that did not fix it. Are there any fuses, relays or programming that needs to be replaced/corrected to get this gauge to start reading accurately again?
Thank you!

circuit board from used remote to my remote and reprogram to my vehicle?

Parts appear readily available

to fix valve cover gasket

I shut off car right away replace line, filled with fluid, and it works perfectly in drive but will not move in reverse. It worked great before,It almost acts like you are holding the brake down or its in two gears. The idle is a little high when it goes in drive but it kicks down when you put in reverse. You can feal it go into gear when you put in reverse. Any Ideas