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Air blows, but neither the heat or ac works
where is the ww fluid pump and how to replace
approximately how much for a tune-up? The car requires 6 plugs - no wires.
Transmission seems to sometimes slow my car upon driving.
My passenger door on my 1998 Toyota Camry won't open from the outside. How can i repair it myself
It seems that the noise is comming from the air conditionar compressor. The noise is present when the clutch is disengaged, and compressor isn't running. Does it make sense to replace the complete compresson not just ...
If I select drive when moving out on the highway the transmission kicks in & out steadily when it gets to the speed overdrive kicks in. The overdrive doesn't lock in --- it just continues to shift in & out constantly....
When I switch the gears on my 2005 nissan my clutch will sometimes stick to the floor. It does it every now and then. For a non-technical car guy, how can I tell if the problem is the clutch cable, the master cylinde...
99 Cadillac, Deville. 4.6 Northstar. Every 2-3 months, good battery & alternator, goes down, won't start. Trickle Charge battery, everything fine for 2-3 months. Probaly a short, any common items, like wires,etc?? Kir...
could this be the heater? or thermostat ? radiator does not get hot.
Engine light is on with a 420 code .Had a new cat put in with new O2 sensors in front & rear. What gives the light & 420 code is back ? SJ driver
I have had the check engine light on for sometime now and finally broke down and took the vehicle in to have it looked at. They ran the diagnostics and said they couldn't see what it was, pulled the plugs to see if t...
don't have diagnostic code/problem was when i was driving the vehicle it felt like need an alignment i heard a loud noise and the vehicle stop try put it drive to go nothing.