'95 Jeep Wranger with 155,000 miles failed emissions due to to much HC GPM readings (3.3177 vs. the allowable 2.000). What could be the problem? Coming out of 1st gear, about 1/2 way through, there is a loss of power. Could this be a fuel injector or catalytic converter problem?

my taurus just revs up,will not go into any p0708,p0743,p0750,p0760 come up

two months ago had transmission rebuilt, 200 miles later have the front drive line (rear)cv-ujoints replaced when we drive it it seems to be in 4wheel low the mecahanic said it is always in 4wheel... Is that true?

i believe the starter is jammed , tried to start on a clod morning and she cranked a little then stopped , since then i just get a thunk when i turn the key, think its is from the starter

Went into store came out will not start

Scanned with VAG it said something to do with seat belt.
what could I do now to fix?


Vehicle over 50,000 miles. Mechanic recommended changing transmission fluid.

we have changed the ignition coil it bogs down and sputters on us it work for about a day when we replaced the ignition coil but no its the same again can someone please give us some advice

car idles fast and have tried everything ,was showing codes of P0300,P0174

how do I change the oil sensor on a 2000 E430

driving or stoping after 5 min the idel speed increses but never goes over 2000 rpms

Vehical starts and then dies right away, doe not matter it you put your foot an the gas or not. Im sure it is the fuel pump but one guy at the parts store says its a mechanical pump and another says its in the gas tank.

Have not had any problems but my check engine light has been on...dealership said I may need to replace gas cap and not to bring in.
This morning I get in and press the gas pedal but nothing happens...I just coast along.

I put it in 4 wheel hi to back out now it will go back into 2 wheel dr.

fuel filter was leaking so we changed it put still leaking with new one