The sprocket attaches to the front of the oil pump and have replaced the seal three times

All the sensors are in good order as well as connevtors.

if any one can help thank u

I opened the trunk reached under and tried to turn the bulb but it won't budge. any suggestions

I am a female please help me.I need more direction to point me to the solenoid that falls up under the code P0455 so that I can pass emission test

The line runs up in the bellhousing,so what tool do I need

How do you reset the windshield washer fluid light

When I unlock or lock my doors from using the unlock button on my door, the left side door makes a loud sound similiar to a buzzer or alarm. There is no alarm system on my car.

Have excessive voltage drain at 50a "batt fuse" under hood. Wire tracks to under dash to convenience center. It is near impossible to pull connectors from blocks on convenience center so am looking for identification of connectors (wires) to help track where they go.

failed ho2s21,fuel injectors

digital dashboard,Duramax diesel, SLE need to change gauge from gas used to oild used

Light does not stay on all the time.

The dome light cover has no visible fasteners and I don't want to force it open.

i just bought i due to reason hydrolic system was not working . i later found some thing might be compressor is missing

I cant find my book so where is it and how do i replace it.