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gear shift stuck in park what can i do or what parts do i need to replace
My transmission will not go into reverse. It thinks every gear is a forward gear, except Reverse, which does nothing. It is an auto trans. Does anyone know a solution?
i have a 2000 toyota camry that leaks oil and was told it was my rear seals i have to put a quart or two of oil in it at least once a week is it hard to fix and about how much will it cost me
Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a service manual that will show simple maintenance procedures and other minor repairs?
Is there a cabin air filter and if so where is located so I can change out?
Where is mass air flow sensor and how do you replace?
Some swell guy racing in a Jeep ran me off the road into one of those log fences on a country road. the car has been running well, but the light is smashed in, and the area around the light looks like the Hulk sucher-...
LIghts go out when switching turn signal right or left.. how much does this replacement or repair estimate for?
my truck stops moving but the engine is still running, if i cut the truck off and restart it then put it in gear, it will drive and then it rolls until i stop it and do the same in cut it off and restart it. could it ...
Clunking noise from front of vehicle when traveling on bumpy oads
engine starts and slowly shuts off after 5 seconds. I need to check fuel filters but I had a problem locating them.
Car runs fine...shifts smoothlyin ALL gears but shows Code P0740 . Freeze data shows problem occurred at 97kmh or 60 mph. ECT was 84C. what do you suggest? Transmission fluid pink but a little dirty
how to change rear crankshaft oilseal ? pull transmission or engine?
On very slippery and snowy roads tonight, the AWD is not engaging. Only the rear wheels are spinning, making the truck very bad in the snow. There are no codes in the PCM and no MIL lights.
I just replaced the Alternator in my 1990 325i. All is fine but have a question about the output voltage to the Battery. According to the meter with the engine running, the battery is getting about 13.7 volts from the...