do i need any especial tools to do the job?

i seem to get about 25000 miles and it starts sputtering while driving at various speeds, the last time it was the 02 senser im assumeing it the same this time.

Key fob has new batteries and the vehicle fuses are fine. Is there a reset for this. Any help would be appreciated.

Outside mirrors will not operate from inside remote buttons. Fuses are fine. Any ideas to repair this problem?

My car hums/vibrates when I veer right at speeds over 60 MPH. Installed new tires, brakes, front and rear left wheel bearing assembly units, and had the car aligned obviously. Problem still there. Any other ideas?

I've been reading in forums that when peoples car codes for the air injector, they replace it but in-fact it wasn't the air pump that was bad, it was the valve.... is there any way you can make sure its not the valve before you buy the injector?

Will this require taking off front facia/fender?

this will be the fourth.

i have replaced the valve cover gaskets and pcv valve. the oil is still leaking i am looking for the pcv valve housing.

I can not change from a/c to heat to defrost anything. The display does not work. The buttons do not work. Every once in a blue moon it will kick on and work. Whats the problem

At irregular intervals, my CEL illuminates with a blinking Cruise light. My OBD II reader says it's a cylinder #4 misfire. I've changed plugs. Engine has 90K miles. Mechanic says engine has coil packs, but not "wires" to change. No symptoms, though. No oil or coolant lose. Run 93 octane fuel faithfully. No rough idle, and I feel nothing when the CEL illuminates. Car runs like a swiss clock, so we're baffled. Any ideas on what's causing this?

replace can i still take off and replace without messing anything up just wondering before i drill out shear bolts

help me guy's this is my wifes car. and the heat hasn't worked since we got it over a year ago. we live in illinois. and the heated seat in my truck works. she keeps bringing up that my seat works. i'm afraid i'm going to lose my truck!

my 2005 ford 500 has 50,000miles AWD it goes into limp mode,and will not go over 50 mph and the transmission will not shift.we reset the code,in around 200 miles it did the same thing.The shop reprogrammed it with 2 updates.about 50 miles later it did the same thing again.It shows code po641.it has the cvt transmission.everything works great when not in limp mode.

I think its lifters its a2.5liter mazda b2500 2wd truck 150,000 miles