Now it sounds like I have to re-do it because it sounds really bad. Mileage is pretty high (209K) and it's a 2000 so clearly is getting old or rusty but is this normal that I would need this type of work done again?

we had a gas leak and asked if we had engine work done on car.
so my questions is does the mechanic that did engine work; have to fix fuel leak being car is got fuel leak that is a fine mist leaking onto the manifold that can cause our engine to catch on fire.
and we had to inform them that was found by another mechanic that replaced our heater core; after they smelled gas leak.
and the mechanic that did engine work didnot inspect our car throughly before releasing car to us = only had car back for 3 weeks after having engine work done.

was blowing cold air out what might it be

the car is in the reapir shop now. They say they cannot find after market parts. I would like an estimate on the cost of this type of repair.

engine died while running. it will still crank but there is no fuel getting to spark. it is still pumping fuel but not getting any or enough through.

engines has tabbing sound but it stop sometimes what is it

i have replaced the idle control twice and i am still getting the code for the idle control, what is still keeping the engine light coming on,as both of these parts are new and put on very clean please help as i am on disibilty and can not a ford to getting a Mackinac to fix it thanks 9782276556 ken

How do you replace the lower a.c. housing?

Review mirrors seem be a sealed unit

I have a '98 Civic with 180k miles. DTC 108 after warmup, the idle jumps around. It also seems to have some trouble coming down in rpm (parked).

the noise occurs when initially backing up or moving forward and is coming from the rear of the car. thanks

I looked under the hood and in the truck could not locate

when i get to 50 to 55 seems like it wants to stall like a very fast stop and go series of bursts new plugs ,rotor and distributor

I use 10/30 oil in my truck and after the last oil change in November I noticed the parts store give me 10/40 instead. I didn't think it would be too much of a problem but after a few weeks my husband noticed a leak. We changed the oil again on 12-31 and I noticed there was a plastic piece where the transmission and oil pan meet that was loose and that seems to be where the leak is coming from. Now the tow/haul light has come on and won't go off. Any suggestions?