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I have replaced the battery, ignition, alternator, all wires, coil. My 1993 Convertible will still leave me stranded on a road trip more than 25 miles. It acts like it's completely dead with no power and even when jumped...won't start. At first I thought it was due to heat but it will do it so randomly during cold or hot weather. Does anyone have a clue what causes this? So frustrated, Love this car but enough of driving home on a flatbed because I drove out of town.

Timing belt broke and more than likely vaves are bent so is it cheaper to replace motor

it is a two piece driveshaft

it is a two piece driveshaft

My headliner got loose and hanging from ceiling.
How much approx cost for fixing it?

Our H2 has air conditioning w/tri-zone climate controls, but the front passenger side only blows hot air. I can't seem to figure his out? I want to try and have an idea of what it might be before I take it to get fixed.

I put a computer to it and i dont remember the code but when i asked someone to figure it out for me they told me it was the fuel pressure sensor. The transmission also jerks when changing from 2nd to third. And i have no idea where my coolant is going iam constantly trying to figure it out. Absolutely no leaks and its not going into the engine. Someone please help.

75,000 miles, great shape otherwise. no unusual noises. any ideas as to what it could be and the cost involved in repair? could a recent recall repair to the airbags have caused this? it was working fine until this repair.

I have replaced the battery and had the alternator tested they check out.I have checked fuses and relays. I have followed almost all the wires and still nothing please someone help:(.This problem happend a while ago and went away bye itself.

I m wondering what to do with the air lines after i put on the manual hubs,and anything else i need to do i cant find information on this.Can anyone help?

I chg oil @5k miles, but not driving much now. Haven't ever had a problem B4 with a/c always blew icy cold even on just cool setting.No fluid leaks noted under car in garage at home.Please estimate $ for eval & fix.

I've lost the owners manual

I've lost the auto manual that came with the vehicle

all just quit working! is there a fuse that runs all this or where do i start with each item?

the motor shuts down went it is hot but when the motor is cold it will run good