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slow leak and is continuous and has been for some time
Radio stays on and wont turn off, volume does not work --tried restarting ,opening and closing car door inserted cd but does not play , just ejects-- tried tape player and tape is now in player and wont come out
Hi, i just wondering On my 04 DODGE Caravan , Do its use Timing belt Or timg Chain ? how much it cost to replace it ?
vehilce started up ok that morning later same day would only click,road service came out tried to jump it,same result,had towed home,suspected started although only 3 mo. old,replaced started ,still jsut clicks,friend...
I didn't add water to concentrate antifreeze and now the truck shut's off after driving for 10 to 15 minutes. Is this related?
Has Anyone fouund a roll bar/cage which does not involve welding in the passenger compartment? I lived with my CJ which was really messed up by spatter burn for years!
Does my car have a cabin air filter? Can I replace it myself? What are the steps? Thanks!
is there a place i can go an put in the vin # an find out what the size is
It idols rough when it is gear when stopped at red light or waiting in traffic. No check engine lights on
My check gauges light comes on the tac and speedo dont work also the truck wont shift out of third gear?
there are three motors and two don't work. the one that moves the seat front & back. the other operates the lumbar support in the seat.
need to change the crankshaft position sensor. where is it located. having problems finding it.
My car is stuck in 4 wheel drive. This has happened at least every 3 months. Mechanic wants to charge $250 to replace the transfer case? I am being overcharged?? Help!