How do I check for where the leak is?

It broke while I was driving. I pulled over and it wouldn't start. Can my engine be saved or does it have to be junked?

I already checked and fix the tire pressure, but the light wouldn't turn off. Somebody said I should drive it for more than 3 minutes faster than 20mph. I did, and light is still on.

i have changed the plugs and the fuel filter and also the air flow element but the car is still heavey in its drive as it feels it is dragging itself could tell me what should i do so the car boosts up and runs in a free mood.

wifes van will crank over but doesn't start. Never had problems before. It's getting fuel. Not getting spark. Checked all the fuses and there good

I have been hearing the rotational cliking sound, after reading many forums onthe web, I have concluded the u-joint problem. my truck is quad cab 4-wheel, has 152,350 miles, has had front ball joints and bearings replaced about 25,000 miles ago

and i had this problem three times and had to replace the power steering pump three times.

My defroster is stuck on, I have to pull the fuse, or battery cable to stop the fan. Which relay is associated with the windshield defroster, and how do you safely remove fuses? Started when I pushed on the defroster button.

Replaced my turn signal switch. Fuses look good. Signal work outside know but still no dashboard light. Does anyone know how to fix? Error code 19 came up on my carmd.

Does this affect braking and driving of the car?

The inner latch that opens my door does not work. I can open it from the outside, locks work (automatic and key), and otherwise the door works fine. Is this a rod or cable that may have come loose? If so, how do i repair it? Thanks!

Can anyone tell me how they are replaced

I have a 2002 ford ranger. when i switch to 4wd high the transfer case motor starts to turn but goes right back to starting point. i have change the motor and the module. need help

I bought the car used and the CarFax report only showed certain services performed at 68800 miles.

After I got my spark plugs changed my car started missing and the engine light came on. I took it over to Advanced Auto to get them check it out. They got this code P0450 Evaporative System Pressure Sensor. So I took it to another mechanic,who said he found nothing wrong,but the check engine light was Not on at the time,does this mean that the code can't be read,and will it reset easily? The p0450 code didn't show when he was diagnosing the car,but when i drove it after he reset the computer I still had the same problem,
Why did it not show up before I started driving the car again,and having the same problems?