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inside lights by feet or cargo light do not work,when door open or over ride on lght switch ,door chimes work wih key in and door open, map light work when pushed .is their a realy somewair
started with some slipage then heard a pop and car will barely move- engage
Tried to jump it - but it didn't work. Radio works and some of the lights and gauges will come on. Was told to check fuses. Would much rather it be a fuse problem than an alternator or starter. Any advice??
My 2004 Rav 4 will run fine and then start to stall out. While this happens that tach needle shakes violently. You can actually hear it clicking as it moves left and right. The Rav 4 will restart but immediatly sta...
how do I change the heater thermostat in a pontiac g6 with a 3.5 engine
I've got some issues with a truck I'm working on. It came into me cutting off when it was warm and you put it it gear. I hooked the computer up to it and it reads P0720 and P0722 when it cuts off I replaced the Speed ...
what tip/grade oil I need for 1996 280 c
oil is leaking from area near oil filter
can i replace the resistor myself and where is it located
the door will not open from the outside but will from the inside on the drivers side
The air dail that controls the air flow, like where it goes wont turn all the way to the last one, which defoggs the window. how can i fix it?
please i need help i wanted to know how do you change a 2007 gmc yukon (plain regular yukon not a 1500 or 2500) battery there is so much to do and i can't pay for it to get done the battery cost 160.00 alone how do i ...
The local shop has now replaced the Power Steering Pump twice with a remanufactured pump. Still getting leakage. What else could the problem be?
rear differential noise every once in a while a clicking noise.
frist my car whould not shift in to drive now my ignition will not turn so i cant even start my car can someone give me a good reason because my dealer cant