what would be the time that it would take?

So I recently purchased a 2005 Toyota Solara,engine has 77,000k. I bought this from a private dealer,there's not much records(maintance) on this car,what would you recommend that I should do,to give me a piece of mind? Tranny fluid,was my main concern,oil has been changed...thanks!

i went to diffrent areas to find out why my car wouldnt start right way and i was told the idle air control valve when i went to a shop they told me that my car didnt have one that the only thing that was similar was my idle speed control valve now my car turns right on in the mornings its afterwards is when it has trouble starting and when i drive sometimes the gas accelerates by its self it almost got me in a accident a couple of time and it has turned off on me also i would really like to know what could be the reason because i love my car and would like to have it for a long time ..thanks for your help

turn the key and all the lights come on but starter does not engage. is it the ignition switch?? it works sometimes but less and less often.

Had error code p0171 a 6 weeks ago and the auto shop replaced the MAF sensor. The engine light came on again and now reports p0171 and p0174. The car is seldom driven and has maybe 300 miles on it since the MAF was replaced. I read your article, but how should I proceed?

the noise is at all ventlevels, a/c, defrost

After looking through the forums I saw that the bleed valve should be at the top of the caliper. Mine are at the lowest point. Is it possible I need to switch them? I have brakes, but the pedal goes all the way to the floor. When I bled the brakes there wasn't much air.

I first noticed that it was a little hard to ship into certain gears. I thought there might be problems in the future. Well, that's now. I drove to meet w/some friends, no problem. But then when I got out on the street the car wouldn't go into second. I had to reve it up to keep from being rear ended. Second is shot. I had some luck with third taking backstreets home. I don't think fourth is there either. Do I need a whole new transmission. How much do they cost. I'm an ajunct teacher barely making it as it is!

Is this reasonable and what is a reasonable estimate. The car drives I am not having any issues that I can detect.

the motor still runs because i can still take it down some. only comes up as far as the bottom of the window opening

the "check engine" light came on. Now the vehicle is hard to start sometime draining the battery before starting. Once the vehicle starts it surges up and down for a while before balancing out, but when you turn the engine off, it won't restart without jumping it and the "surging" cycle happens again. What can cause this?

they are leaking...

AutomaTic transmission..I have no records of the car,it has 77,000...thanks!

the guys that put body on didnt get truck started. Im not sure all pass lock componet's mach. I put gas in truck and turned motor over but didnt start. What should I do next?

it swtarts right up and fine any other time that we start it up except when new gas gets injected in the tank no matter if its empty or already has gasoline in it.