All of the lights are working signals, high beam , stop lights, hazards just the reverse lights are not turned on when backing up. What else do I need to check?

wheres my code connection at on my 1993 j-30

looking for some info.and help on how to repair problem.anybody have info.appreciate anyhelp.thank you

can it be the moonroof, how can it be fixed. should i bring it to the dealer.

for a 2003 2.4 L 4 Cylinder PT Cruiser

I undid the brackets but the shocks don't want to come off the little ball stud.

When I turn on my car in the mornings for a few minutes it trys to turn off and runs rough but it does not and after that it is oK.

It only happens when it is parked for like over 8 hours. I think cold weather has something to do with it but not sure.

A mechanic and a dealer changed and repair many things but still not fixed. Please write your experience and knowlege?

Thanks, Ben

I am getting a code of P0453 I think there is a loss of ground to the sensor and I'm trying to figure out how to resolve this issue. I already replaced the FTP sensor and that didnt do anything.

where can i find the fuse for the brake lights?

I'm aware of the transmission control module reprogramming recall. When I got my notification for that recall there was also a notice of "Product Update: Software Update to Improve Fuel Injector and VTC Timing" that was included in the mailing. It has something to do with oil ring deposits and consumption. Would you fill me in a little? Seems like there has been a similar problem for several years. Are they just now acknowledging the problem? How can I tell if this update has been done along with the transmission control update?

I added collant to the resevour,and now the tempeture fluctuates between half way and hot.

I have a 1987 Chevy Celebrity. When I start it i have to give it gas rite away or it dies. When I drive it I have to stay on the throttle for about five minutes (includeing stop signs where i hold down brake at same time. When parked the idol runs really high. Once in a while it drops real low then kinda up n down in between. I checked for a vaccuum leak but found none. What am I missing? Does anybody have a repair solution?

no power to anyting but the turn signal and engine does start up and runs great.

I'm not sure how to remove it.

off and on it will start working for a short time