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My Lexus 94 ES 300 is more than 200,000 Millas.Every day in the mornning take at list 10 minutes to be warn and start movin.After that is complete silent and ran great.But sometimes I smell like gas when I have to stop.
how to replace ball joints on 1991 volvo 940 turbo wagon
I would like a quote to replace leaf springs on my 1997 ford ranger.
What are the signs of bad motor mounts?
how do i replace the windshield washer pump
i have a 2001 tahoe when i start up no noise ,but i can drive 4 or 5 blocks and it stop pulling let it sit for a couple of minutes then it will drive i took the pan off the rear end and notice the pinion gears ...
How do you replace the rear wheel bearings on a 1995 jetta.
the evaporator (leaks radiator water coolant)i bypassed heater coolant hose temperarily.need instructions on how to replace evaperator coil
The left bolt for themista houseing broke off in the engine block. I drilled the bolt but tap broke inside the bolt and I don't know what to do about removing, it may be 1/4'' sticking out i can't grib it.
looks like a heater exhaust with a little drip coming from it is this normal
can anyone tell me why my stero and dash lights go on and off randomly. not always at the same time sometimes the lights are out and the stereo works or the other way around?
changed timimg belts water pump and all tensioners, car cranked and ran like new for about five minutes then just abruptly shut down. has not cranked since. no spark or fuel pump will not run, what is common to both o...
i changed my rack n pinion how do i center the steering wheel again?