is there a recommended way to change this part? it seems to be in really tight. i broke the old one trying to remove it.

I have done 4 oil changes and the oil is still milky,engine is running fine and no white smoke

We have replaced the alternator, igniton switch, and the starter 3 times and for some odd reason sometimes it still will not start?

came on the on broad diagnostic code is P0450 what is the potential repair problem.


My buick has a coolant leak which has had 3 different fixes done , water pump, plastic over flow tank, plastic elbow on heater pipe .....still leaks but only when engine has completly cooled down.

when I travel on the interstate in Ky at 70 mph, the traction light flashes. It will continue to flash until the engine is shut off. If the light is not flashing when I take it to the transmission shop, is there a memory that they can read?

When I press the break lightly the brake lights come on and stay on. If I don't check it when I park it for the night the lights stay on all night until the battery dies. seems to be worse when it is cold out.

do I need a new battery or can something else be wrong. I had a battery jump last week and the car started. now it won't after a jump

The truck slowly lost power and then died and will not restart

The truck slowly lost power and then died and will not restart

I have a 2003 Ford Expedition, problem is with the rear window wiper assembly, when I take the motor assembly off, and try to manually move the wiper blade, it is rear hard to move it, hence when installing new motors to it, they burn out in 6 months or less, how do I get the blade assembley that goes thru the glass to free up, so it isn't so hard for the motor asembly to turn the blade.

Turning the key on and stepping on the gas pedal it eventually will start. This dosent happen all the time

I took my truck to the Chevy dealership, but there nothing showing up on the screen from the computer to let them know what the problem is. The diesel gas line was checked, it was ok, the gas was ok, but the truck is still shaking like water is in the tank. They couldn't tell what is wrong unless a "code" is present, which nothing shows up. What now?

I like to perform my own maintenance on my vehicles and since this is my first Subaru it would be good reference.

My husband checked the oil the other day and it was ok. Today, my oil light started flashing as I drove down the highway. I stopped and put in 2 quarts of oil and finished my trip of about 10 minutes. The light came on again. I went and bought 3 quarts of oil and after checking the dipstick again, I poured in all three. On the return trip home (about 20 minutes) the car was okay until I pulled into neighborhood I live. The light came on again! The car doesn't burn oil, leave oil leakage spots, and it seemed to drive ok the entire time. Any suggestions about what the problem is and how to fix it?