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I have been told it is a short in the cluster wiring?

Do I need to replace the fuel all the way back to the tank or can the line be spliced down near the frame? Will the fuel tank need to be removed?

it's a 2006 chevy express 2500 with a 4.8 liter it has ac

It runs fine in park & neutral

when i put the peddal down it feels like nothing is happeding

The outside temperature as shown in car is way too high. Is there a reset button somewhere? Thanks

What do i need to know on this?

alarm went off. battery went dead .got a new battery will not turn ther a reset button?

the gas pump and is still doing it

are there step by step instructions?

are there step by step instructions?

replaced egr still have the code. repair shop said this would take care of it. at a loss

problemis persitant. whatisthemostcomingcauseofthis

Replace the fuel pump relay when disconecting the ground the pump stops but as soon as conect back the pump starts again,the only way to keep it off is to remove the ECM fuse,so I wandering if the ecm lost its program or is faulty. I know that the oil pressure switch is a back up for the fuel pump relay in case it fails,haven't replace that one yet don't know if is faulty,will check though.
I know is an electric issue I just know the basic and is taking me to long to pin point the problem,if you have some knowledge about this problem I will appreciate if you help me out. Thank you.

This little Honda Accord speedometer wants to work only 10% of time. You maybe driving down the road than all sudden the speedometer stops working even when the cruise control is set. Is it by chance this problem is the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission that is bad. I hate to replace it if that isn't the problem. This part is about a $100.00 to replace. Can anyone please help me out with some good advice so i can get this fixed. Thank you for your time.