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my anti lock light, located just below the emergency brake light, which is on also, neither will go off. why? it just came on last week.
when truck go to 40mp and higher a used rear was put in and still does the same nobody can tell me what the problem is.
My vehicle vibrates at speeds past 60 miles and above, but not constant. Seems to be coming from the engine area, not the wheels. I have had the wheels balanced and the tires rotated and the issue continues.
My 2007 Vue started just fine yesterday, however, today it will not start. When I tried to start it, it made a "whiring" noise and would not turn over. What could be the problem?
I drove my 2007 Saturn Ion on sunday with no problems than we had a blizzard here in the Boston area I shoveled out my car from the snow yesterday and did not use it until this morning on the highway and to my surpris...
estimate for muffler replacement
My Volvo 2000 S80 has developed a fuel leak that is consistent with a recall that doesn't include my VIN# Is there any way to get it included since it has the same problem as other vehicles like it?
Can overfilling the gas tank cause a leak in the system?
Thank you in advance. Prior to Dec. 3rd I had taken my car in for recall..which was to update the computer, obviously no engine light was on or there would have been no service. Less than 2 weeks later the engine ligh...
For some reason or another there is a a LOUD knocking sound coming from my engine after starting it up on a cold days. It normally last for a few minutes until the vehicle is warmed up. I noticed that this only happe...
price to replace transmission or repair it..bearings may be bad per repair shop
The check tire pressure light comes on and stays on even though I just had the tire pressure checked at the dealership a couple of weeks ago.
At what point should timing belt service be done and what should be average cost?
on 12/27/10 received written notification concerning fuel gauge. made appointment with dealer in Charleston, SC. arrived at dealership, was advised vehicle was over milesage of 72,000, actual maileaage 78680. called...
Sets both a 401 and 402 code along with an intermittent 302 (misfire in #2 cyl) Changed EGR position switch and has changed problem, now an intermittent strong miss? Changed plugs and wires as well.