This is a 2008 sicon tc, I reset the light and it came back. Some one said it is the gas cap or the prurge valve...
Not sure hot to check to see the the valva is working? What elso might be?

The problem started last winter so I took it to a Chevrolet dealership and they changed the Idle Control Valve and remapped,Cam Position Sensor, Ignition Switch. Runs great during warm weather only occurs when the temperature is in the mid to low 50's or below. It will restart when I put the car in neutral and the Idle Control Valve sounds like it is sucking air when I accelerate, and when the RPM's drop while braking it gasps when I slow at about 30 mph. Now the problem has started again with the cold weather approaching and the only common denominator is the cold weather because it runs and idles quietly during warm weather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I here the fuel pump and I also here the relay click I change the distributor,main relay,the fuel pump, and fuel filter

AAMCO did a diagnosis and says the whole transmission needs rebuilt. They say without know the parts that need replaced they couldn't give me an exact estimate. Was told approximately $1600-$2100. What do you guys think?

I went to a Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they did a visual inpsection and told me my pads had minimal wear, but overall look in good conditions. After my oil change, I no longer got the warning message. Would the problem be with the brakes or the brake fluid level?

It been goin on for a long time where if it is in park it takes wiggling steering wheel and gear shift and cursing to get it out of park but all the other gears work.

I can not remove the harmonic balancer.

Was just told by dealer they are cracked. How long should they last. Never had this problem on any other car, and another customer was told at the same time his car needed new motor mounts.

Where is it located on a 2000 ford contour?

I took my car in to check out the engine check light which is on. They said it needs a new computer module. After talk to a freind of mine he stated that it is usually a faulty wire. How long should it take for a machnic to go thru and check out the wiring for the computer and what should the charge to replace it.

my mechanic has reset lights but on test drive lights appear again along with power reduction, believes it is a short...suggestions???

I just redid my front end and its been making a clicking sound ever since only when im rolling, sounds kinda like one of those Chinese spinning rattlers, it has the manual locking hubs, and im not sure whrere its coming from cause it only happens when im going 15mph+,

Any ideas

or at a redlight but started right up. also, my service engine light just came on. I think this may be related to the fill up i got the night before and i basically over did it (don't know what I was thinking about). I probably lost a half tank of fuel on ground, etc. also it could have been bad gas don't know. However, i don't think the car stopping is related to the fuel issue. just had a tune up and oil change and radiator flush. cas barely has little over 100k miles on it.

someone told me I could clean the carbon out of my intake manifold and it would improve my gas mileage is this true ?? and if so could you direct me to a pic and details of how to do this if possible ??

i changed my water pump and when i was installing a bolt broke i had to drill the bolt out in the engine block now my car is making this loud noise help