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radio,horn,interior lights,clock,all stopped working at the same time. Fuses are all good!
driving and enginlight came on and went off and gauge quit also engine lite stayed off.
Just did a tune up and also bought a pcv valve just because, but I can not find the old one.
when started for the first time morning loud clicking sound. It sound like the valves but let it run for about 3minutes it goes away.
Car (70000 miles with rebuilt transmission)runs fine on street, but when I take it to the road at constant speed of 50-55 mph or a bit higher, the automatic transmission seems to become stuck in low gear. The RPM rise...
t first it seemed to be a slight grinding but after three days it became louder more present grinding noise. At best is the noise coming from the rotor warp or lack of material on the rotor itself or pad demise.
brake pedal, when depressed, reaches the floorboard,,and will not stop readily, the brake fluid is full, and not appear to be leaking. what repairs will need to be done, and what will the expense be, estimate?
My transmission cooler lines are leaking, how much should that cost to get repaired and is this normal for a car with 65k. Are there any immediate risks to not fixing this right away?
I have a 2003 Ford F-350 SD with a 6.0L Turbo Diesel. It has approx 96K miles on it. It is smoking/exhaust cooming out of the tail pipe VERY BAD and constantly. My oil does not appear to have water in it and my coolan...
truck just quit while driving got code 2290 on diagnostic tuner
does a motor out of a chevy interchange with my motor and does it have to have camshaft and crankshaft sensors to start engine
Car has 3 catalytic converters. Strong oil-like smell. Check engine light came on and would not go off. Humming sound when first putting into drive on cold mornings. Occasionally car would sometimes not start, but...
just noticed that my check gauges light would go on then cut off back and forth. I looked at my gauges and noticed that my oil pressure gauge will be fine then fall then jump back to normal. What do you think?
Why does the heater motor shake when I put the heat on high on my 1998 Toyota Camry?
The driver side headlight is out on my 06 Lexus RX330. There is also some condensation on inside of the lens which dealership says means it's leaking. Dealership says I need a new headlight and lens totaling $1,000!...