turn signal and flashers do not work

no power to fuel pump relay but asm relay is fine

how do you remove the headlight assembly to replace the parking bulb

the e brake pulls all the way up without a problem. And doesnt hold the car from rolling.

It looks like there is a fuse box connected.

I am looking for a reasonable estimate to repair misfiring piston #2.

had a little trouble going to second gear, and reverse. notGas gauge does read right.

The vehicle starts then idles they just put in an air intake valve but it is still starting rough and idles. Every time I call them they still can't diagnose what is wrong after 1 month??? What can I do? I really need the vehicle back for work

Relaced plugs,distributor cap,rotor and ignition coil. Ran for a week and died during a big rain storm. What could the problem be?

I have removed the wheels, caliper, the axle, and the screw nut in the wheel housing. I see the bearings inside, and the rotor/hub is loose, but it will not slide off. It seems like the bearings are holding the hub/rotor in place. How do I get it to slide out?

I have a 2005 Chev Tahoe & SS Silverado and both stereo's get so hot on the front screen, back in 2007-08 the cd players I guess got so hot the cd are melted to the inside or something. Has anybody had this problem??
The cd's will not eject or do anything.

everything moves in the dash and have to shut heater off. and makes battery died

It looks like it did befor I took it to be aligned. will my tires ware out??

Sticking Compensation element? Needs to be re-shimmed? I am a mechanic (23 years) but should I leave it to Merc dealer?

ween i stop the transmission will not go into fist